Fun at Giggles

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A few Sats ago, Boon Yee and Boon Xin were invited to Fun@Giggles. All respectable indoor playgrounds must be equipped with balls pit right 🙂

Located at Marine Parade, opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Mall, we followed Giggle’s bunny to find our own burrow of Fun!

Fun@Giggles is located on the 2nd floor, next to ANZ bank.

Every kids need to register on Ipad first 🙂

Admission fees for weekdays are for unlimited play, and weekends subject to 2 hours cap.

After taking a few minutes seconds to warmup, Boon Yee and Boon Xin wasted no time to trial the obstacles ! Daddy hated his Standard Obstacle Course (SOC), he wonders why kids love to punish themselves :p

Slides are adults-friendly but beware, the other kids will be staring at you !

And so we climb, jump, slide, balance and enjoy our morning workout.

The friendly staff brought the kids attention to this “orange arch” called Sona. We have to press a button for SONA to tell us a number sequence, then proceed to step on the numbers with our feet. It is all Fun until the third round, timer countdown runs faster, more numbers to remember, and your limbs are weak after all the hopping haha.

(Hint, tag team with your buddy to beat the system)

Fun@Giggles offer both Static (painting) and Mobile (motorcycles) Fun, kids can alternate between the two activities.

You can choose any ride and race with your friends. (Sorry Adults, motor racing is a kids-only activity)

At another corner, parents can help to inspire the kids in their arts and craft pursuit. It is a good opportunity for kids to catch their breathe after all the slides, Giant Balls, and Hide&Seek.

Front and rear view, although Fun@Giggles definitely has a lot of corners for kids to hide and explore.

Another highlight with Fun@Giggles are the friendly staffs. The big brothers and sisters will help kids with the different Fun stations, rock climbing too. Parents will feel safe to leave the kids behind for one or two hours.

If balancing act is too simple…

..what about some acrobatic activities ?

Video : Fun@Giggles got so many Fun stuffs, and friendly staffs 🙂

Happy Kids = Happy Parents“. With four kids, we can guarantee this statement is True.

The balls pit might be shallow, but balls are balls, and kids will try their best to camouflage themselves within the colourful balls.

In another room, Fun@Giggles’ Parties are very popular. Click for party details.
party venue giggles

Bye bye Fun@Giggles, kids left their playground with more than a few Giggles 🙂

You might be interested in some of the events conducted at Fun@Giggles too, eg First-Aid-for-Infant-and-child. We would like to thanks Fun@Giggles for inviting us.

More Fun photos can be fun on their gallery or SengkangBabies Fanpage.

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Pricing details :
Age: Free admission
If the child comes in for free, adult pays $2 per pax

Age: 1 to 2 years old
Weekdays: $12 for unlimited play
Weekends and Public holidays: $12 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $4

Age: 3 to 12 years old
Weekdays: $20 for unlimited play
Weekends and Public holidays: $20 for 2 hours. Subsequent half hour $6

Two adults free admission with every paying child. Subsequent adult pays $2 per pax. Pricing for School Holidays will be the same as Weekends and Public Holidays.

Socks are mandatory in the playground. Fun@Giggles do not take hygiene for granted. Read more about how playground is disinfected daily.

More details about Fun at Giggles :
Address : 87 Marine Parade Central, #02-500B/C, Singapore 440087
Open Daily 10:00 – 19:00

T : (65) 6345 4947
Email –
Website –
Fanpage –

Giveaway contest for two entrance tickets :

1. LIKE Fun@Giggles fanpage and SengkangBabies
2. Leave your Name(compulsory) & email on our Fanpage(you can message email to us)

3. Two winners will be randomly picked on 13 Nov 11pm

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