Mystica Night Safari

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This December, Night Safari is transformed into a magical rainforest, and visitors can see Night Safari in a different light (literally).

Luminous face paintings or tattoos anyone?

After CEO (WRS) Lee Meng Tat pours out the magic portion, all sorts of magical creatures pop up in and around Night Safari.

Love the vibrant colours and fantasy theme, but some creatures looks like mutants !

Fairy and Flamingo.

Guess who is Frog and who is Zebra?

Everything is lighted up, enchanted trees, giant flowers and towering vines gather to bring visitors into a realm of fantasy.

Video: In certain dark corners and stretches, you might bump into a fairy 🙂

Night trails are a must at Night Safari. Under the cover of darkness, we can watch how nocturnal animals go about stalking their preys.

The zookeeper threw a box of goodies for the fishing cats to explore.

.. or we can spy civet cats grab their durians( yes !) from within the colourful balls.

Click on Night Safari’s map for more trails and shows.

Do make sure the Hyenas and Leopard are not onto your scent or footprints.

Lastly, We caught the 9:30PM Creatures of the Night show. This is our first time, as we would normally be home by 9:30PM. We love it ! The interaction, clever play of lighting, and how close we can get to the performing animals (overhead too).

Kids’ eyes are glued to the stage.

Thank you Night Safari for the invitation, all of us were dusted with specks of Magic 🙂
More Mystical photos can be found on our Fanpage album.

Night Safari’s Mystical Wildlife Wonderland runs from now till 31Dec.
More activities are listed on their webpage.

Parents’ dilemma

Our kids are 10, 8 , 6 and 4 now, not exactly babies any more.
Even the smallest cutest princess (at 2 months old here) is going to K1 next year !

No wonder Mummy and Daddy kept nagging that we miss babies.
(Have you read give-us-your-babies post?)
Cycling for kids, teaching kids how to cycle

Anyway, Dumex is giving you an opportunity to reminisce.
Summit your photos at this link, the prizes are quite attractive.

This is our dilemma entry, which will affect all parents too 🙂

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
As we remove the training wheels, from four wheels to two, we realised the kids are growing more independent day by day.

As their confidence grows, they are riding further and further away from us.
We want them to enjoy biking’s freedom, yet we wish the kids will stay young and cute a little bit longer.

They are growing up too fast!
~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

On the subject of wheels and travel, Daddy Andy knows many parents will be interested in a scoot journey too, sharing this cute video from “Elizabeth Vancura”.

We are enjoying the last few weeks of December before school reopens, and we hope your family are soaking in the festive activities too 🙂