Daddy Child bonding at Dads Adventure Hub

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Last weekend was a memorable day for me and Boon Yee (no3) at Dads Adventure Hub. We had signed up for a one-day Adventure Camp with Dad, organised by Centre for Fathering.

Daddy and son got to understand each other better through Rockwall climbing, Dark-maze, high elements and a (charred) BBQ dinner.

Daddy Child bonding
Daddy Child bonding

Our playground, Dads Adventure Hub at the Tennery (Junction 10). We heard this “playground” is sponsored by Far East Organisation, the indoor facility meant families can enjoy the activities 365 days, regardless of inclement weather.

After a few rounds of ice-breaking games. We got to know the other parent-child grouping better.

Ice breaking was designed for Daddy to know more about his child too. It was embarrassing that I did not know the name for Boon Yee’s best friend and form teacher.

Our instructor gave the analogy of a lost-child, if the parent cannot tell Police or School the child’s class, teacher, best friend, or hangouts. It would be harder to conduct a search.

Let me go through some of the FUN, and confidence-building activities at Dads Adventure Hub.

I got to admit, some moments were nerve-wrecking, especially when my 28kg Boon Yee belayered me (75kg) up the Rock WALL!

Dads Adventure Hub
Rock climbing Dad and son

Yee : ” Daddy, Sit on Harness, Lowering!”

1) I am not the only Dad who had doubts when your child ask you to “Sit on harness” and crew gets ready to lower you. In my mind, I was thinking “ARE YOU SURE? ARE YOU READY? ” in between perspiration!

You should see the Dads’ faces when they touch the floor.
** Relieved and Pride! ** 

Dilemma for some of us. We want our kids to be confident lads, but when we saw the little ones struggling with the rope (literally), and Dads dangling 5 metres up (cough)…

On the other hand, I need to try very hard to conceal my own fears, and instead give my boy a broad smile and thumbs-up.  It is optional but highly encouraged to shout “Good Job Boy!” haha.

I guess we parents sometimes over-protect our kids too. Or we like to underestimate (undermine) the child’s ability.

(Disclaimer– Do not start asking your child to diy-belayer you, we had safety officers and assistant belayers at Dads Adventure Hub to make sure everyone go back in one piece)

The kids generally had problems beyalering, due to their smaller sizes haha. As the Dads descended, kids started to float and harness would made their crotch uncomfortable ooops.

Photo below proved that we can always rely on our family and community to stand by us. (Hello Winston from

To be fair, I had belayered Boon Yee up too, my adventurous boy loved the climbing and dangling experience.

2) We both love the Dark Maze. It was so dark we could not see our fingers. The illustration below is not drawn to scale or even correct orientation, but it does highlight us as guinea pigs crawling through a series of obstacles before we found the exit.

Tunneling in pitch dark zone, “swimming” under thousands of balls, and gingerly feeling our way forward, upward. The kind Organiser even  planted some SLOPES for Daddy and child to roll-over!

Under such dire circumstances, Daddy and child had to rely on each other’s judgement and navigational sense.

Daddy empowering their child to Lead the way. In life, we would not have an answer for everything, sometimes we just need to TRUST our kids’ judgement to make their own decision.

Boon Yee’s summary says it all. Teamwork!
Be it Right or Wrong turn, we can learn from our experience.

3) If high elements are too easy, we can always blindfold the child. The child would need to have complete faith in his parent to guide him across the obstacles.

Dad : “Son, grab the rope infront, stride your leg to reach the other plank, balance yourself etc etc. This was definitely a challenge for kids and adults alike!

Boon Yee struggled initially, but once he got comfortable (and confident) with my instructions, he was able to navigate through the obstacles without any mishaps.

If we fall, just pick ourselves up again.

I gave him some confidence booster before we embarked on our course.  I hope I managed to convince Boon Yee that he can count on me and family for guidance and support.

Dads Adventure Hub

4) Hello Wake UP! Our sausages burnt already. Poor boy is tired after a whole day of activities.

JOKING, our chicken wings were burnt to a charcoal crisp too! The fault was mine (not Ah Yee’s) as I sucks at BBQ. I always manage to overcook my food #DaddyCannotCook hee hee.

In Life, the path ahead might not always be smooth, but we have to put in our best efforts!

Nevertheless BBQ was fun, give us credit for trying our best. I did remove the charred skin before sharing the otah, wings and sausages with boy.


At the end of the session, parents had to expressed their affirmation for our child. I am always impressed with Boon Yee’s Big Heart and ability to forgive 🙂

My Son Boon Yee, I love you.


A big shoutout to the friendly instructors and fellow Daddy child kakis.
You guys made my Saturday a memorable one 🙂

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

On a side note, Boon Yee made me a proud Dad recently. He joined me for a simple run, but I enjoyed his companionship tremendously.

My only wish for my kids is for them to be Happy.
If they are Happy, I am Happy 🙂


If you are looking for a way to bond with your child (in a structured manner), I hope you will find Adventure Camp with Dad challenging and fun.

I did not cover some of the events and activities, as I believed some suspense would be good for you to explore with child 🙂

Check out some other bonding activities with my kids.
– Boon Kang 3D2N (Farm at Koref), our hiking explorations
Taman Negara with Boon Wee, 2D2N Broga Hill and Sky Mirror with Boon Yee

Trade-in old electronic devices and get Newstead vouchers

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I consider myself a geek techie, and I find IT shows fascinating.
We can experiment the latest technologies, be it gaming, GPS, camera, or even fitness gadgets.

This time round, Newstead would like to encourage me to trade-in my old notebooks, tablets, or smartphones and get some Newstead vouchers.
(image credit Google)

Do lookout for Newstead’s upcoming campaign “Gift Your Tech“, which will run from 05th Dec 2016 to 27th Jan 2017. Just nice for Singapore to spring-clean their electronic gadgets before Chinese New Year (28th Jan 2017)

For some of you out there, Newstead might be new to you, but most folks will recognise nübox and stores.

As the leading IT retailer, Newstead wish to raise awareness for “e-waste” recycling in Singapore, in line with National campaign to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle“.

Newstead will be offering vouchers for your trade-in products!
These vouchers allow you to purchase new items at all Newstead stores.

1) The vouchers are valid for a year and you can combine as many of the vouchers to get a new items.

2) Even if your machine is going to be scrapped (no recycle value), you will still get a book value of discount vouchers.

3) For machines that can be traded-in, 20% of the trade-in value of your item will be donated to TOUCH Community Services.

4) We can be assured that Newstead will dispose our equipment properly. If we throw away the notebook ourselves, we might not realised lithium battery might leak out corrosive chemicals.

There are so many WINS to trade-in your old machines 🙂


Another topic which I learned from Newstead is the protection of data in your electronic gadgets.

We need no reminders that our hardisks contains our photos, emails, perhaps confidential (passwords) materials or even privacy (address, mobile number). Imagine what would happen if unscrupulous vendors use our details to hijack our accounts or blackmail us?

We have seen newspaper reports of some folks getting a re-work smartphone, and voila you can see the previous owner’s data. Not cool!


Simply “Emptying your Recycle Bin” will not be sufficient to eliminate the data permanently.
I hope you had at least reformatted your notebook or reset our phone to factory-setting before exchange or trade-in.

We have always seen how CrimeWatch or CSI detectives extract data from “crashed or damaged” hardisks (forensics).
As part of a value-add service, Newstead and its partner for this campaign, PC Dreams, will perform data cleansing on all donated devices. (Ditto for all traded-in devices as well)

PC Dreams ran a quick demo to prove their point.
We surrendered one Usb stick and “Seagate File Recovery” was able to retrieve “deleted” and hidden” files from years back!

With Newstead’s campaign, you’ll have peace of mind when you trade in or recycle your IT devices.

I am NOT comfortable at all seeing how the engineers can extract so much data from a simple USB drive.
Imagine what he can “salvage” from a computer hardisk!

I have already prepare a few old notebooks and phone for trade-in. Newstead “Gift Your Tech” starts on 05th Dec 2016 and these are the participating outlets.

–> Newstead stores are Suntec L1, Suntec L2, Marina Square, Jurong Point, NEX, Causeway Point – Asus & Lenovo, Sim Lim Square

Wakeboarding Fun at Singapore Wake Park

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We were introduced to some wakeboarding fun at Singapore Wake Park.

For newbies (aka us), “wake boarding” consists of two words. Board is the platform which you stand on and Wake is the waves created by motorboat, except there is no motorboat at East Coast Park lagoon 🙂
singapore wake park

As we walked towards Singapore Wake Park, anticipation grip us as we could see folks having fun in the lagoon.

Singapore Wake Park utilised a cable-ski system instead of motorboat to pull you along, generating the same adrenaline kick. More details about cable-ski here.

Located at East Coast Park (next to Hawker centre), this lagoon is now a wake boarding site surrounded by lush greenery.

Grab your helmet and life jacket, leave the fancy (professional) surf boards alone, they belong to the regulars.

All Singapore Wave Park users need to sign a Liability Waiver Form before we can play in the lagoon 🙂

The lagoon is split into two sections, one for beginners (System 2) and the other is for (Full size cable). Both cable will pull you along, beginner’s speed can be adjusted and instructors will be on hand to guide you.

The smaller ones can start with knee board, which will give them a sense of the “pull and jerk” while maintaining their balance.

All the kids fare better than me, as I could not even balance pass the first set of cone! Of course I did not admit my balancing sucks, but I told the kids they are good because they always practice with skate board and scooters :p

One advantage of Cable ski systems is you can literally wakeboard day and night (motorboat wakeboarding might be dangerous in the evening).

Sashaying like a model on catwalk? We definitely had a lot of laughter and fun as we cheer each other on!

The board can be taller (and bulky) than the kids, and sometimes they might have problem pulling themselves out of the water, I would recommend one parent to be on standby to help the kids.

Video (link) : Wakeboarding fun at Singapore Wake Park!

You will be hungry after all the splashing, head over to Coastal Rhythm for some tasty finger food. Our overall favourite is actually the Nicoise salad, fresh and crunchy. Kids love Mac ‘n’ Cheese (Boon Xin picture below).

Enjoy the scenery and action while you snack 🙂

We have been talking about Beginner on the System 2 so far. To promote to the “Full-Size cable”, you must be successful three times consecutively on the System 2. No one is talking about flips and sommersaults yet…

We hope you will have better luck (and balance) than us.

Singapore Wake Park rates are listed in image below, do take note of 2 for 1 opening promotion, which ends 30th Nov.
(Image credit Singapore Wake Park)

If you are looking for something unique to try in Singapore, we will definitely recommend Singapore Wake Park. More photos had been uploaded to our Fanpage album.

Do follow Singapore Wake Park website and Facebook for the latest updates.

Contact : +65 6636 4266
Address : 1206A East Coast Parkway, Singapore 449891
Opening Hours : Mon to Fri 10am to 10pm, Sat/Sun/PH – 9am to 10pm

By Bus: Board buses 401 (operates only on Saturdays and Sundays) and 197 from Bedok Interchange. Alight at Laguna Park and walk 1km through the Pedestrian Tunnel to Singapore Wake Park.

By Car/Taxi: Via ECP highway, exit 7A and take the Laguna Flyover into East Coast Park Service Road. Park at Car Park E1 and walk 500m to Singapore Wake Park.