Documenting our memories with Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600

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Since our last Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 post, we have been busy scanning.
Timetables, Lego instructions, and even kids’ art masterpieces.

ScanSnap SV600 is an award winning scanner that scans without direct contact. Newspaper, magazines, photos, and name cards, it can scan anything!

Timetable is useful for kids to plan their own schedule and school materials. Since the older boys have their own smartphones, it might be a good idea to keep a soft-copy timetable for easy reference.

With a soft copy, I can also keep track of their schedule. Are they really attending make-up classes or playing basketball :p
scanner timetable

With one-button operation, everyone can start documenting their own memories into soft copies.

Boon Xin’s Alvin (Chipmunks) and Totoro art canvas are scanned easily in under one minute.
20160620 Fujitsu Nuffnang demo5

Noticed her art pieces are all A3 sizes? Normal flatbed (for home use) might need to scan the art pieces twice to capture a full picture. ScanSnap SV600 can also scan anything which is up to 30mm thick.

Video (Link) : Pokemon scanning on the Go 🙂

ScanSnap manager offers some basic picture editing tools, example cropping or upright your scanned images.
20160620 Fujitsu Nuffnang demo6

If necessary, you can attached your image in an email too.
scanner features

I thought Boon Xin is satisfied with the scannings, but she digs out more art pieces to scan!
20160620 Fujitsu Nuffnang demo7

Do pop by Youtube of Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 to see “VI technology” in action. We understand the “overhead” camera will keep everything in focus during the scanning sweep. Some scanners will only focus on a small section.

Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 would be ideal if it comes with wireless feature like it does with the iX500 🙂
More Fujitsu ScanSnap features can be found at this link.

Clean and Green Singapore

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I always try to impress upon the kids to cherish Singapore.

Although Singapore is just a little red dot, there are many pockets of greenery which keep the city alive. Singapore is called “City in a Garden” for a reason, and we love the interconnecting park connectors and gardens all around. Even the ponds and waterways are now accessible for water sports 🙂
Punggol Promenade cycling

Be it Cycling, Hiking or even Jogging, residents can always find an activity to bond and keep fit 🙂

When we love our surroundings and cultivate a sense of ownership for our living environment, the younger generation will also learn in our footsteps.
Bishan Park

Those who have visited Taiwan and Japan before will realise that there is a “lack” of bins in public areas, yet the streets are so clean! The culture of holding on to their litter till they dispose of it at home is engrained in them through their upbringing. Japan and Taiwan residents also subscribe to the value of recycling.
cute dustbins, create awareness

I look forward to the day when Singapore can adopt the same habits as the Taiwanese or Japanese. But the truth is, Singapore still lack civic mindedness. If not for our hardworking cleaners, rubbish and thrash (perhaps rats) will greet us in the morning. Kudos to our hardworking cleaners!

Here are some examples of the negative behavior we can see around us :

– People throwing litter such as cigarette butts and tissue paper from high-rise buildings
– Dog poo, left behind by owners who are not responsible enough to scoop and bin them
– People who conveniently leave their food waste and drinks behind after their gatherings at the void decks
– Residents conveniently dropping mail pamphlets from letterboxes onto the ground
– Neighbours who leave their rubbish in the lift, assuming someone clear it up for them
rubbish in lift

Very often, the bins are less than 1 meter away and every instance is a teachable moment, a reminder for kids to keep Singapore clean. How I wish Singapore can be rid of such inconsiderate behaviour.

Every little effort counts, some of the activities which we are doing to keep Singapore clean :
– Binning our litter
– My kids always reminding me about the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), in turn not creating so much rubbish for the environment!
– Returning our trays at fast food restaurant

A Clean and Green Singapore means we all get to enjoy more outdoor activities. Imagine if the waters were dirty, you really wouldn’t want to be anywhere near it, would you?
keep singapore clean

I am proud of friends who consciously pick up litter along the way. I am constantly reminding my kids to take care of our environment. Let us all be considerate and keep Singapore clean 🙂

You can do your part too! If you are interested to become a volunteer and help keep Singapore clean, you can email the Public Hygiene Council at to sign up today!

Combat eliminates pests in our home

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We treat our pets well, kids snack and we always drop morsels of biscuits or crackers lying around. Pets find our home conducive.

Hold on! Cockroaches cannot be pets, they are pests!
And 小强’s nest (Xiao3 Qiang2 affectionate name for the creepy crawlies) might contain up to 200 cockroaches Yucks!

Kids lend me their toy cockroach for some OOTD shots :p

For a while, we notice cockroach nymphs appearing in our kitchen. Even after we smacked a few of them, they keep appearing!

The worst fear is we do not know how many more exists, as we cannot find their nest!

Although the nymphs are not big enough (not flying yet) to scare off human landlords, cockroaches big and small are capable of hosting and transmitting bacteria and diseases like Salmonella and E. Coli.
Cockroaches fluids and droppings might even cause allergic reactions leading to asthma symptoms.

It is hard to discourage snacking at home. If you face similar scenario at home, cockroach (and ants) baits might be the next option. We got a few packs of “Combat® Roach Killing Baits Strips and Combat® Ant Killing Baits Strips” to try at home.

Both the Cockroach and Ant baits come in small strips measuring 6cm by 1.5cm. This means we can squeeze them in tight corners, out of sight and away from kids or pets. We pasted these baits in strategic areas like at the back of our cabinets, door frames, corridors and next to rubbish chutes.
20160614 combat1

cockroach bait

It took about 3 to 5 days to confirm the effectiveness of Combat® Roach Killing Baits Strips. We noticed a sharp reduction in the sightings of cockroach nymphs. Then we saw a bunch of dead cockroaches behind our cabinet.

Ants did not fare any better, they are not exactly our favourite pets. They are always appearing through the cracks in our wall, cabinets. No matter how we patch and seal the cracks, ants will still appear.
This is very irritating and frustrating!

We placed the ants bait along our corridors (10 to 30cm apart), and ants were immediately attracted to the bait.

Is the bait sweet or what? The ants went back to their nest, and we have not seen them again for the last 48 hours.
We suspect the queen had already been poisoned. Once we remove the queen and the nest, we have remove the source of pest infestation.
ant baits combat

Both Combat® Roach Killing Baits Strips and Combat® Ant Killing Baits Strips work similarly. Cockroaches and ants will bring the bait back to poison their queen or female roach. This secondary kill will wipe out the pests in a domino effect.

Combat® Roach Killing Baits Strips is easy to use, minimal mess and continuously target the source of the problem day and night. Seeing how effective Combat is against pests, we have place a few strips in our car too.

combat anti pests

More details about Combat Roach Killing Baits Strips and Combat Ant Killing Baits Strips can be found on their website.

– Combat Roach Killing Bait Strips: $8.95
– Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips: $8.60

Combat Roach and Ant Killing Strips, together with the rest of the Combat insecticide products are available at supermarkets, hypermarkets DIY stores, petrol marts.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Thanks to Combat®, we have 20 packs of “Combat® Roach Killing Baits Strips and Combat® Ant Killing Baits Strips” to giveaway.

[ 10 winners will win a pack of cockroach and ant bait each ]

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5. Contest ends 01 Aug Jul 10pm, and ten winners will be randomly picked