How to prevent car theft in Malaysia?

How to prevent car theft in Malaysia? Is it even possible?
We will try to share some tips below.
How to prevent car theft in Malaysia

We love self-drive holidays in Malaysia. The freedom along the highway, the food, the scenic beach, hills and old rustic towns. The exchange rate is super attractive but not news about car jacking.

We shared some tips about driving in Malaysia (read article here), GPS Navigation, Tolls, and Safety.

Some tips and scenarios have not changed. Example :

1) Always Park Head in to discourage towing. Refer first photo above, add steering wheel lock (and pedal lock) and hope robber will find an easier target.

2) I am still trying to find a gear-shift lock. You cannot shift the gear, and like point 1 above, I hope it will deter a potential hijacker. But it seems this lock is only available in Malaysia as there is “no demand” in Singapore :p
car shift lock
(Image credit

3) I have recently added a kill switch (On/Off) for $60. If someone managed to go inside your car, he cannot start the ignition unless he knows the switch’s location.
car kill switch
(Email me for the workshop and contact, I know it works for Japanese/Korean makes, not too sure about continental. (Disclaimer : Car distributors might claim Kill-switch can void warranty)

4) In worse case, if car is towed away. You will make a police report, and “hope” some syndicate will return your car for a ransom. (This is hearsay, I cannot verify).

We can do tracing with GPS tracker app too.
– I am using Life360 app. This nifty app is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones. Easy to setup, and it is FREE! Touch wood if car is stolen, app will guide you to the last known location of your car.

Just hide an old smartphone in your car, subscribe to a Malaysia data plan, and pray battery does not fade before your car is recovered. As a bonus, this app can trace your kids too.
GPS Life360 app
(I tried another app “GPS tracker” but it did not work on my spare Android)

Points 5 to 7 are more common sense. We sometimes like to broadcast our locations to the whole world.
I can never understand the rationale, why do we want to make it easier for crooks to locate and target us?

5) Displaying your bags in full view, or not locking your car doors. This smash and grab Youtube (link) shows how brazen and efficient the robbers can be!

5a) Invest in window film for your ride. If your window is smashed, we hope the film will allow the window to fall in one piece, and not break into smithereens. This will prevent cuts on passengers and make it easier to “clean” your car if you intend to drive to workshop for repairs. (if budget allows, go for IR and UV protection)

6) Cute family stickers, announcing your three generation family members and pets too. Kids and grandparents are easier targets (right?), rookie crooks might just be tempted to ambush the vulnerable car occupants.
car theft in Malaysia
(image credit Google search)

7) Share your location on all your social media network, Check-in, #Hashtags, Tag the resorts and what have you. We like to tell everyone on the WWW where we are, and make it easier for people to spot us.

We can always share our recommendations and locations 48 hours after checkout. Our friends would not mind #Latergram.
social media checkin

From Honda to Toyota to Continental cars, no brand is safe.
If it is any comfort, Proton is the number 1 target.

We should always remain vigilant when overseas (not only Malaysia), and try not to make the robbers’ job easier.

Back to our first question, How to prevent car theft in Malaysia?
Short of not driving into Malaysia, we can only deter the robbers by making our car a little bit harder to crack. If robbers are determined, nothing will stop him from getting away with your car.

For those first-timers driving into Malaysia, I have more driving tips here.
Do read our car dashcam Safevue review too, cheap and good.

Your family’s safety must always be the first priority.
If you have more tips to share, do let me know.

Citroën Grand C4 Picasso

[ Media Invite ]

If you are driving the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso (GC4P) around, be prepared to get stares. This ride is a beauty, it looks sleek, futuristic, and has power to boot.

Some MPVS looks tall or boxy, but not the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso. It brings a class of elegance into the MPV segment.

Step into the spacious cabin, happy kids enjoying their road trip around Singapore.

Kids enjoy the scenery through the paranomic roof, while Daddy likes the clear view of his front and sides (lesser blind spots).

With the abundance amount of window, we sometimes have problem differentiating whether we are outside or inside the car, the (traditional) pillars, boundaries and outlines seem to have been concealed.

Rainy days will definitely hatch a different mood for the kids, listen to the rhythm of the rain.

While enjoying our ride, parents will be assured that kids are safely buckled with a 3-points seatbelt system. Child seats are secured with Isofix, and even a tether hood. There are 6 airbags to protect all occupants.

Drivers can choose auto or manual (paddle shift) to move the Grand C4 Picasso. Daddy found the auto transmission jerky at low gears, we can feel the car jerks before it engage a higher gear. This might not be ideal for passengers in Singapore’s urban landscape (read traffic lights start stop). Do take note that in auto-mode and on a slope, the GC4P might roll back slightly before moving off.

We recommend Manual mode (paddle shift) to transit between the Grand C4 Picasso’s six gears. This is where you will feel the impressive engine torque when the MPV pulls away.

Our diesel GC4P reach its maximum torque of 270NM at a low RPM of 1750!

The 7″ touchpad, which serves as our entertainment and social media hub! The 12″ screen can serve as your GPS guide, or rear-view camera when you reverse.

Simple yet elegant dashboard.
Citroen Grand C4 picasson interior

What about space? At nearly 4.6m long, our Grand C4 Picasso has enough leg room for second and third row passengers. Headroom is not an issue, Daddy is 1.81m and does not need to crouch.

Citroën designers have enabled us to fold the seats with one-hand motion.

Independently adjustable seats allow us to fold down the second and third row seats to transport bulky stuffs (record 537 litres VDA, biggest in its category).

(image credit Citroën Singapore)

Small compartments, for concealing all your tissue boxes and water bottles. There are enough usb and charging points for all your electronic devices.

Cool comfort for second and third row passengers.

We love the shape of Citroën’s Grand C4 Picasso. Oval and sleek, it does look futuristic. We felt it looks more like a sedan than an MPV.

Besides looking nice, the cabin is well insulated against outside noise. Our GC4P was stable and quiet even when we are cruising at 100kmh. When it is stationary, you will only hear a tiny bit of Diesel engine rumbling.

Sleek and modern headlights, both front running light and back, eye catching design.

Video : Why do we say the new Grand C4 Picasso is chio (pretty) !

Video : C4 Picasso has almost identical features

Steering wheel is packed with gadgets, bluetooth, cruise control and other volume knobs.

SengkangBabies love to watch aeroplanes, and seeing them fly overhead in our GC4P is a different experience. It seems so near to us.

Video : Plane spotting. Jetstar! SIA!

We have a few wish lists :
– power window is not sensitive to touch. There is a risk that kids’ hand might be accidentally sandwiched when we close the window.
– boot door needs to be more sensitive. Once the boot door is closing, you need a hard knock before it stops. Children might be too weak to stop the closing momentum. In a multi-storey carpark with low overhead railings, there is a risk that you might not be able to stop the boot door earlier (bang!)

** we heard Citroen’s Anti-pinch feature will mitigate the scenarios above

A few other advantage of Citroën Grand C4 Picasso :
– 1.6L e-HDi turbo-diesel engine has an impressive mileage of 25km per litre
– Stop&Start technology reduce carbon emissions by up to 15%
– Citroën full range of Euro V diesel models stay within COE Cat A (more savings)
– International awards and reviews

Citroen Grand Picasso comparison

We would like to thanks Citroën for letting us experience French design and flair!
Most families should find the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso a fun and cool ride.

More details about Citroën Grand C4 Picasso :
Citroën Singapore website
Citroën Fanpage
– pop by for more road trip photos on our Fanpage album

Volvo invited us for some Cross-country Adventures

[Media Invite]

We did not ask Yi to pose Victory, but he automatically flash a V for Volvo!

Last week, Volvo has sent a First-class ticket for SengkangBabies to indulge in Scandinavian adventure, on their cross-country V40.

Adventures start early for our kiddos, kids were eager to dismantle the bikes for some cycling fun 🙂

V40 is a handsome hatchback, the side and rear profile offers an eye-catching rugged exterior. No, we do not need the scenic Scandinavian landscapes to imagine the Fun Factor.

*image credit

Video : ..but in case you need to experience the Scandinavian lifestyle on a V40…

Volvo’s product specialist Robin, highlighted some of the features of our V40. Daddy is most impressed with the safety features (look under this page 4 & 5 about “Safety”). The Swedish designers are so passionate about safety they even engineered a pedestrian-airbag, so that nobody will smash into your windscreen!

Volvo’s IntelliSafe (Radar and camera system) will detect impending collision with cyclists and e-brake automatically. Read more about Volvo’s IntelliSafe Technology.

After learning more about the V40, off we go to attempt a 0-100km in 8.5s seek our Adventure. Kids are chirpy and they love their panoramic roof 🙂

All too soon, we reach our destination S.E.A Aquarium (RWS’ Marine Life Park), shall we take a photo before we embark on our fishy Adventure 🙂

Pirates and Starfish ambushed us.

Kids are beaming non-stop, every fish tank got some surprises 🙂

Did you see the friendly Dolphins? We wonder whether the dolphins are checking us out, or the other way round? Love the bobbing Jellyfish, cute and mesmerizing !

With so many variety of fishes, no wonder Boon Yee is learning how to scuba.

We have heard so much about Open Ocean. But when we stand infront of the paranomic Glass Wall and peep into the deep blue…. [speechless]

Video : Majestic Manta Rays gliding around. So Graceful !!

Shark Seas, get up close to the top predator. Kids ask whether our diver friend is safe?

Need we ask Boon Yee and Boon Xin whether they enjoy themselves?

More photos (total 192!) are available on our Fanpage. Do pop by Twitter #VolvoAdventure to find out who else were having fun with their Volvo 🙂

Thank you Volvo for the adventures, we had a fun family morning. In case you need additional manpower to review your XC90, keep SengkangBabies in mind :p

More information :
– Volvo website and Fanpage
– Marine Life Park Sea Aquarium

*disclaimer – some of the Volvo features listed above might not be available on a V40, please check with your friendly Volvo sales.

** Do you wish to compare Adventure Cove Waterpark, Sea Aquarium and River Safari?