CaltexGO app, NO more queues

Pumping of petrol should be Fast and Convenient.

How many of us have encounter long queues (both vehicle and payment) before? Or perhaps struggle to drag a sleepy child from car to cashier?

Introducing Caltex CaltexGO, a new Mobile App which will enhance your payment experience πŸ™‚

CaltexGO app
CaltexGO app

After downloading CaltexGo, just register your account and add your credit card, and you are ready to checkout (pun intended).

CaltexGo payment is fuss free and cool! Say Goodbye to long queues.

You will see CaltexGO posters at Caltex stations. I would be one of the consumers who have been waiting too long for a Mobile App payment app πŸ™‚

I can use my CaltexGo to help me find the nearest Caltex station. But why Sengkang and Punggol no Caltex :p

Ok, let me show you how easy it is to let CaltexGo pays for my fuel.

Step 1:Assuming I have driven into Caltex Holland, I will click on “Mobile Pay”. (Drivers please remember to off your engine before using the app)

Step 2: While the petrol is pumping, key in your “pump number”

Step 3:Β  Full tank, just click on “Pay Now“.


Only three simple steps and payment made! You will receive a Successful acknowledgement and e-receipt.


CaltexGo offers seamless payment, which means busy parents have more time to run our errands πŸ™‚

We can still choose to pay the traditional way. Feel free to grab a bite at Star Mart. Do take note CaltexGo mobile app cannot be used to pay for Star Mart purchases (maybe next time).


Just PUMP and GO WooHoo!


CaltexGo mobile app will have new promotions now and then for customers. We heard OCBC’s PLUS card offers the best deal at up to 18% discount.

New CaltexGo users will earn extra 2% discount πŸ™‚

LinkPoints, Caltex Loyalty points, one app to manage them all πŸ™‚

Image credit Caltex

There is a FAQ section on the mobile app too. And the no1 question could be “Is it safe to use a mobile phone in a petrol station?

The answers can be found on FAQ section ->

From my first payment experience, CaltexGo is slick and intuitive. We heard CaltexGo is still actively enhancing their app.

I would like to recommend a few more features for CaltexGo app :
-Extend CaltexGo to pumps across Malaysia
-QR Code payment, just scan and go β›½

CaltexGo app

Our fastest and easiest way to pay for fuel – the all new CaltexGo app is here. Simply open the app from inside your car, fuel, pay and go!Download the app today from Google Play and the App Store today.For more information:

Posted by Caltex Singapore on Monday, 24 September 2018

Meanwhile, find out more about CaltexGo clip from their FacebookΒ and Website.


The Giving Family Festival 2018

[Media invite]

The Giving Family Festival is an annual event from Touch Community.

To quote from them “At the Festival, you can play together with your loved ones and develop intergenerational bonds – all while giving back to society!”

The Giving Family Festival 2018
The Giving Family Festival 2018

Last weekend, we joined many other families to support Touch Community’s initiative.

Visitors can buy coupons for the carnival games, food and experiences, and the proceeds then benefits Touch Community’s beneficiaries.

There wasΒ  a Carnival-like festival at Singapore Sports Hub.


For our kids, it was an opportunity to know more about how Touch Community is running their outreach campaign and initiatives.

Ok, we admit kids enjoyed the carnival games too.

Panels and booths help raise awareness about Touch Community organisation and how they help the community.

Earlier on Sat, a special run “Run & Raisin” had kids participating to help raise more money and awareness. Many families are struggling to make ends meet, and every little drop of donation helps.

Be it a simple meal, academic coaching or other development aids. kids should not be disadvantaged by their family background.

Image credit Touch Community

Nerf Gun is a regular event at The Giving Family Festival, so glad that we finally book a slot. Kids, Nerf guns, and we need to take down the enemies.

Nerf War is always exciting and fun. Tiring too.

The downcast sky threaten to derail the event, but fortunately only drizzle a little bit. This allow more families to enjoy the day out.

What would your kids love? Merry-Go-Round, Pirate Boat, or train ride?

There was something for kids of all ages and families.

Bouncing castle would be “happening” for the little ones.

Bouncing castle is too childish for our kids, but they are into arcade activities.


We were not very lucky in 2017, but we scored more in 2018.
We gave out two “pets” to fellow visitors, always good to share more Happiness around πŸ™‚






There are live band performances and even movie screening too.

Food and drinks are indoor inside Kallang Wave. While we enjoyed our snacks, we can watch folks rock-climbing and enjoy the aircon.

Do pop by our 2017 The Giving Family Festival here.

Thank you Touch for the invitation. Through constant engagements, I hope my kids and more families will appreciate the need to give back to society.

Perhaps they will help me to deliver food to needy families one day.

Do follow Touch for more community outreach campaigns and volunteering opportunities.
– Website
– Facebook