Autumn Harvest at Flower Dome

[ Media Invite ]

We were invited to Gardens By the Bay’s  (GBTB) Autumn Harvest. Pumpkins were strewn everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. Love the spread of orange and yellow hue through Flower Dome.


Autumn Harvest

What comes to mind when we think of Pumpkins?

Halloween? Pumpkin soup (南瓜)?

Or perhaps the mice which can turn into a Pumpkin carriage in Cinderella?

Look at the Golden Harvest, I am curious where did GBTB flew in so many varieties of Pumpkins! GBTB brochure highlighted “Season of Abundance”.

Take a closer look, some of the pumpkins have painted faces haha, quite adorable too 🙂

We got to know that Pumpkins originated from Greek, and it meant Large Melon. A special breed “Atlantic Giant” can weigh 1 ton!

(L) Jack and the beanstalk folk tale and (R) a busy elf crafting a pumpkin house


Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, you will not miss this huge 6m tall fruity statue. Very creative vegetable and fruit giant, how many fruits can you identify?


These Pumpkins and scarecrows definitely look spooky, especially in the evenings. Spotted some psycho Joker face too! I guess they will be recycled for Halloween haha 🙂



Besides visiting the Pumpkin harvesting in Flower Dome, we got an opportunity to design some Pumpkins too.

Pumpkins need not be Orange in colour (haha), and kids were invited to stretch their imagination. Did I mention these pumpkins are heavy, easily 3 to 4 kg.

Who say Pumpkins must have two eyes :p
The boys’ green “Monster Inc” inspired pumpkins, I suggested adding some spider legs too. It comes with a headset for some pumped-up music juice too.

Pumpkin infused arts and craft. Families had Fun decorating the melons, we got some creative inputs from Elves too haha (IG @ThePartyElves)

I was half expecting some Pumpkin ingredients in our refreshment :p


Presenting SengkangBabies Pumpkins, we did not bring the pumpkins home. We found a delightful video Pumpkin fertilisation and harvesting too, YouTube link.


Besides Autumn Harvest, Flower Dome never fails to amaze us, love the other flowers and decorations too. 

If you are a fan of Autumn (sorry no Maple leaves yet), or Pumpkins, do pop by Flower Dome soon. “Autumn Harvest” display will end on 29 Oct 2017.


Do follow Gardens by The Bay website, Facebook and Instagram for the latest update. You can expect the beautiful Mid-Autumn lanterns to shine again from 22 Sep.

Do pop by our Gardens By The Bay outings here.

Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty

[ Sponsored ]

To celebrate the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie, a new set of Ninjago kits were released. We were gifted the awesome Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty.

I had wanted to build the boat the boat with the kids over the weekend, but kids were addicted and constructed the boats in under 5 days!

I would prefer Lego over Smartphones any day 🙂

Working hand in hand, one person took charge of one section. We see the sections connecting, from sampan upsize to boat and then a full scale old Chinese junk ship.

This ship would not sail without teamwork and collaboration. I understand from Mum that the kids managed to solve all the constructions between themselves, with minimum supervision.

5 days, 2200+ pieces, weighing a hefty 2.7kg.

Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty is an impressive ship!  No one would dare to disturb the heavily armed Ninjas.

Ninjago Destiny's Bounty
Ninjago Destiny’s Bounty

What we like about Lego is the simple yet detailed instructions. Kids can always celebrate a mini milestone, before embarking on the next segment.

Kids are learning about Project Management, the Lego way 🙂
Breaking down complex tasks into digestible modules.

Ahoy, these anchors can really move!


The honorable Sensei with his staff and Jay checking out the lavatory :p (comes with toilet paper too!)


Video (YouTube link) : Checkout how Ninjago Destiny Bounty sails the sea and its hidden compartments!

Ninjago Destiny Bounty in details. There are certainly a lot of corners for the Ninjago characters to hide.

Zane never miss with his crossbow.


Cole looked intimidating with his sledge hammer!

Ship “commander” Nya standing right at the tip of the bow.


Lloyd keeping watch, ready to drop anchor.

Kai steering the ship.


All the Ninjagos are in good hands, and we trusted engineer Boon Xin to construct a robust and strong boat.


Ninjago Movie premieres from 28 Sep 2017, and this is a short trailer. The soundtrack “Bad Blood” rocks!

From 28 August to 10 September (11am to 9pm), head down to Plaza Singapura to attempt to defeat evil Warlord Garmadon!

Video (YouTube Link): #NinjagoChallenge preview

This event is open to all Lego Ninjago fans, do pop by Lego Facebook for the latest updates.


Monster Jam Singapore Rocks!

[ Media Invite ]

Monster Jam Singapore came and go, but not before converting National Stadium into a mud pit, not before rumbling Kallang with their turbo-ed engines! Look at the gif and video below to get a feel.

Pit Party Ticket holders could enter the arena earlier to get up close with the Trucks and drivers. The wheels behind us each weigh 350kg!Monster Jam Singapore

We all know what will happen to these brightly coloured rides. Scrapped!

Moto cross fan, future Rossi 🙂

This Dragon sure got nice eye lashes, the wings did look impressive in flight 🙂

Monster Jam Singapore was popular with boys and Dads naturally, but even gals and Mums were impressed. They only complain that the Monsters are too loud haha 🙂


Very LOUD! But the engine roar kept us in suspense! I told them it is not Monster Jam if it is not LOUD 🙂 

Look at Monster Mutt’s tongue.


The Shark Megalodon was never too far away, love the Fins! During the race, we noticed the snout (and rows of teeth) always drop off haha. 

The show proper started at 7pm and lasted for 2 hours plus. Donuts And somersaults, mud spills and thrills, total destruction inside National Stadium!

We cheered the Monster Jam Trucks as they show off their styles!

This Scooby is a female version? Too feminine and the tail looked realistic.

Scooby pretending to wag her tail 🙂


Grave Digger was one of my favourite, it could really fly and even the “decal” drop out in the last moments. Too fast too furious.




There was a segment for motorbikes, and the stunts kept us on the edge of our seats. Super exciting, the motorcycles must be 4 or 5 storeys up and a fall would mean a hospital stay! I told the boys they must be skillful on BMXs first.   


Because flying up and down is too mainstream, the bikers twist and contort their bodies. Feels like aerial Yoga, but they made it look easy!

Crazy stunts but ultimate Fun!


Even our MCs can boogie 🙂


Recovery is part of the fun. Or should I say we look forward to crashes and overturning too haha. What a spectacle!



Bright Orange El Toro looks fierce, and with horns to match its attitude! 


Awesome suspension and huge wheels to absorb all the punishing landings! 


More leaping Monsters. Amazing how these 10 tons machines can defy gravity! It must feel like Roller coaster rides inside the cabin. 


Max-D, Monster Energy, and challengers are trying to break highest leap record or what? 


You must watch the video to see how these monsters do a 360 degree Roti Prata flip! The crowd soak up all the Spills and Thrills!

Encore Encore!


Video (YouTube link): Monster Jam Singapore Rocks!

Spectators love every decibel of the action packed stunts from Monster Jam Singapore.

Crowd taking one last wefie with El Toro outside the Stadium. 

Monster Jam Singapore is a huge success! More photos uploaded on SengkangBabies Facebook album.