Monster Jam® is roaring to Singapore

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This August 19, “Family entertainment” grows to Monster Jam® proportions at Singapore National Stadium!

Monster Jam Singapore

Monster Jam® is all adrenaline and suspense, pure RAW power and action!

Think Gigantic wheels, crazy rides, creative and outlandish paintwork!
Expect donuts, drifts and perhaps flips and crashes!

Read on, we have x4 tickets to giveaway 🙂

Video (YouTube link) : This is what spectators can expect!!

What comes to mind when you hear Monster Jam®?

Super-sized wheels, both in terms of dimension and engine power.
Imagine Rides running wild in pit, crushing other cars, leaping over dunes and sometimes somersaulting!

Did I mention crazy suspensions yet? Monster Jam Trucks can JUMP! Expect Sand and dust when the donuts and drifts kick in!

Crazy flips and rides overturning and turning tortoise are very common. I suspect some visitors will be looking forward to the spills, wheels coming off and crashes too!



El Toro Loco at Singapore Sports Hub

Come 19 August, if you step into the Pit, be awed.

Imagine National Stadium, converted into a dirt track, with humps and littered with scrapped cars. Wow! Families will be screaming in excitement!

– Loud and powerful 1500 Horsepower engines!
– Go for drivers’ autographs and photos. Each ride and their drivers are celebrities, each has a personality. Hey, I just knew some of the Monster drivers are females, YES Boon Xin go 🙂

– Go feel and touch the Monster Jam® machines. Each weighs up to 10 tons! Each wheel is 350kg, with tyre size of 43″ inch! I told the kids our MPV’s tyres are only miniscule 17″ inch.

Monster Jam® is celebrating its 25 years anniversary this year, and 10 rides will be roaring to Singapore.

Image credit Monster Jam®


Thanks to our sponsors, Boon Yee has Scooby-Doo and Max-DTM (11-time world champion) in his hands.

Some of my boys will be rooting for Megalodon ( Shark fans), you can get more information about Monster Jam Trucks and riders at this link.

Image credit Monster Jam®

Tickets (pricing from S$25 to S$120) for the one-night event is already on sale from

Do follow Monster Jam® on their social media for latest updates.
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

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We have 4 x Category A tickets and pit-passes (worth $300) to giveaway.

1. Contest is on our Fanpage and Instagram
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3. Leave your name and email on our Fanpage (or you can message email address to us)

4. From the 10 rides listed in pictures above, tell us which is yours or child’s favourite Monster Jam Truck?

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7. Contest ends 07 Jul 10 pm, and one winner will be randomly picked

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What we like about Singapore Night Festival 2016

This is the last night for Singapore Night Festival 2016. In case you are looking for some Fun and happening activities for the family tonight, we have listed our favourite activities below (from last week).

Let us hope the Haze will fade away this evening.
Singapore Night Festival

Video (link) : Night animations and buzz around Singapore Night Festival 2016

National Museum, I would prefer the light show at SAM (Singapore Art Museum)

SAM lightings are more attractive, we see forest, aquariums etc 🙂
20160820 Night Festival

But the most happening buzz should be along Armenian street, which is closed to traffic on Friday and Sat during SG Night Festival.

Drums and percussion (Street Beats) literally jazz up the street, so much energy and showmanship. If you miss their performance, just walk ahead and wait for the members to catch up 🙂
20160820 Night Festival2

We saw light sabres in the crowd too haha 🙂
20160820 Night Festival1

Parkour anyone? Outside Peranakan Museum.
20160820 Night Festival3

All the museums nearby are opened to the public (except SAM). We decided to visit the stamps at Philatelic Museum.
20160820 Night Festival4

Besides understanding Singapore’s history and heritage through stamps, you can follow one of Shakesphere’s act too.
20160820 Night Festival5

Year of the Monkey, you see “them” everywhere in the museum 🙂
Singapore Philatelic Museum

Lots of interactions and photo opportunities for the whole family.
20160820 Night Festival7

20160820 Night Festival8

Even the loos are Bart adorable.
20160820 Night Festival9

We end the evening with some refreshing dessert at Rochor Original Bean curd (2 Short St, S188211).
Rochor original Beancurd

More details (and showtime) about Night Festival can be found on their website -> and Fanpage. Most of the activities are free (including Museums entries)

NDP 2016 at National Stadium

NDP 2016 at National Stadium.
No Red Lions, Flypast, or Big bang fireworks.

However, the best part of the show is watching the kids enjoy themselves.
Singing, Cheering, Reciting the Pledge, Mari Kita (National Anthem Majulah Singapura).

When did they memorised the lyrics (link) for Tomorrow’s Here Today? (I even have problem remembering the tongue-twisting song Title)

Nevermind, kids are showing us Singapore’s future is bright 🙂

Seeing Alethea and Boon Xin enjoying themselves, can I nominate them for the BEST motivators award?

Band 53a crooning NDP 2016’s theme song.

Military band.

Huge LCD screens all around ensure we never miss any action. Motivators are decked in white to rah-rah the audience and raise the tempo.
for blog1
for blog

We enjoyed all the segments and goosebumps. Nothing like singing favourite Singapore songs together 🙂
Patriotic families NDP

Two items are memorable, hand-signing of “Count on Me Singapore!” and Kallang Waves (endless haha).
Sign language Count on Me Singapore NDP

Video (Link): NDP 2016 “Count On Me” Hand Signs (Not easy for me to coordinate my left right hands haha but give us points for our enthusiasm)

To be truly successful, Singapore must embrace everyone in the society.
NDP 2016 Singa

Proud Singaporeans.
for blog5

Contingents form-up.
for blog4

When the Chinook flypast with Singapore flag (look at big LCD ok), sing Majullah Singapura with Gusto!
I want the kids to be proud to be Singaporeans, hope they will not take our Nation’s peace for granted (especially in these uncertain times).

Some folks will get to Pull the Singapore flags up the seats!

Stand-in President reviewing Guard of Honour.
for blog2

Feu-de-joie (Indoor), super LOUD as the blanks echo around the stadium 🙂

Sky turning dark, but the atmosphere and mood indoor is electrifying.

March past

Police and soldiers file onto the steps, symbolising everyone need to play a part to keep Singapore safe.

More smiles
ballot tickets ndp 2016

Shine wrist band, SHINE! Thousands of little lights will be synchronised off our wrists 🙂

Twinkle Twinkle little stars lit up the National Stadium, so NicE!

Folk hero “Legend of Badang”, and a Singapore Stone 🙂
Badang performance ndp 2016

Story telling, Ah Gong sharing Singapore’s growing years.

2065 Singapore, is that our home in the sky?

Look at the “rolling” multimedia screen below the stage, as children paintings (and aspirations) are projected, the performers form the shape too. Impressive act!

Fireworks seem a distance away (over at Kallang Basin).
Fireworks National Stadium indoor

Rousing audience, indoor fireworks too! Indoor fireworks feel closer and definitely more impactful! Let us sing patriotic songs together again 🙂

Video (Link) : NDP 2016 theme Song by 53A

We can see the Singapore flag projected onto the roof.
for blog8

Happy family, NDP 2016 went beyond our expectations, Kudos!
NDP 2016 at National Stadium

Thank you to all the volunteers and participants for such a splendid performance!
Funpack comes in Red and White, and they got water proof cover too, Cool.
Funpack ndp 2016

Video (Link) : Songs , and more Songs

NDP show and performance is always better when we participate with buddies, Cheekiemonkies 🙂

This was our NDP 51 preview (NDP 2016 at National Stadium), and we are sure more families will enjoy the upcoming previews too! Gather more details and highlights about NDP 2016 on their website and NDPeeps Fanpage.

– SG50’s NDP celebration was poignant because we lost Mr Lee Kuan Yew
Old National Stadium (Kallang Stadium)
– More NDP parades here
– Nearest MRT is Stadium, followed by Kallang and Mountbatten stations
– (updated 27Jul, Leisure Dome carpark no longer available from 30July onwards)
Leisure Dome carpark will still be available but expect jams (Carpark 4 and 5 reserved for NDP)

– More photos uploaded on our Fanpage album.

Have a Good 51st Birthday Singapore, we LOVE you!