Vasectomy birth control for the man

Vasectomy does not reduce your sexual performance nor your manliness.

One recent topic in Daddy Matters (closed FB group) requested for “Vasectomy reference”. The subject raised a lot of pentup (pardon the pun) questions.

We guys sometimes wondered about Vasectomy (η»“ζ‰Ž), the benefits and comparison with ligation. We wanted to hear from someone who had done it before, as we are curious about potential side effects.

Vasectomy family planning
4 kids enough for us

It is a hush hush topic as we usually do not go around asking our colleagues, neighbours or kopi kakis about birth control, more specifically sterilisation. It is just not in guys’ DNA to talk about Family Planning (Asia is still quite conservative, and in some societies, male-sterilisation is taboo)

The Dads discussed about the pros and cons of Vasectomy, doctors (Urologist) reference, and surgical fees. The online feedback was fruitful, blunt and honest, yet reserving some level of privacy.

I would find it hard to discuss birth control face to face, too much intimacies to reveal :p

Vasectomy : It is not only about our manhood and mojo (libido)

Man’s health and family planning, Vasectomy might not be suitable for everyone. I hope this blog post will clear some doubts and raise awareness about the benefits.

Perhaps, more husbands will be encouraged to take a snip for the wife and family πŸ™‚ (In case you are still clueless, Vasectomy is sterilisation for Man, there is an image under FAQ Section)


Ligation, Pill, Condom, Vasectomy etc

(withdrawal method is not birth control :p )

I did my Vasectomy back in 2009. It took me so long to blog about my experience as I am a conservative chap.

(Hint: Try not to YouTube Vasectomy as the procedure can be very graphic, I still feel uncomfortable at the thought of someone manhandling my testicles)

Most chaps (and even females) might assumed Birth Control equal Ligation. Some will expect the Mrs to stitch (ligate) after the last child’s birth.

Our spouse has to undergo the pain and trauma of childbearing, I truly believe we HUSBANDS can afford to take a few stitches for our darlings!

Read on if you wish to discover more about birth control options for the family.

1) Vasectomy Myths

– Although we are in 21st century, there are still a lot of myths about Vasectomy. Come on, go Google for the truth.

– This procedure is very common in Europe and US

– It is not castration (physical or medical), and procedure will not make you an eunuch (ε…¬ε…¬) !

– The procedure will not harm your manhood nor libido, and your testosterone level will not be affected.

– Vasectomy will not cause erectile dysfunction and you can still fulfill a husband’s sexual duties.

Let me share why your sexual experience might improve too.

2) Advantages of Vasectomy

– Faster recovery compared to ligation, and less side effects. Tying the fallopian tubes immediately after childbirth might be less effective

– Vasectomy is cheaper and faster (2 to 3 hours) compared to ligation

– Technically, the man is “infertile” as the tubes (vas deferens) carrying the sperm had been sealed/snipped

– Easier to reverse the procedure compared to ligation (although we should go in with the mindset of no U-turn)

– Procedure only requires local anesthesia, ie safer and cheaper ( will grimace more from embarrassment than pain, as you are awake and aware that everyone in Operating Theatre can see your jewels)

– No more condoms, FREEDOM for couple!

– No more counting of ovulation window ( forecasting safe penetration)

– Husband and wife can be amorous after one week, although Doctor will caution about being too vigorous (you know yourself)

– Confident that I will not produce another baby, couple can relax more and enjoy the pleasures of love making ( Hooray!)

Happy Family
Happy Family


3) So, is Vasectomy for me?

Besides the surgical procedure. There are other considerations, which will be highlighted by your specialist.

– Couple must make a conscious decision about birth control. Four kids are definitely enough for me and wife :p

– Research and shortlist the Urology clinics (and consultants) in Singapore

– Private and Public fees are different, ask whether you can claim from Medisave or insurance

– Technically, reversal of Vasectomy is possible, but we should go through with a mindset of no U-turn

– Specialist consultations will share more about the procedure and help you come to a decision. We heard stories of reversal due to Unforeseen circumstances :

a) Death of child
b) Need to harvest cord blood of new birth to save siblings
c) Re-marriage
(no right or wrong answers above)

– Some men do stray after the procedure, blame the new “freedom” (same reasoning for Viagra)

– Do Google for “Side effects” and discuss your concerns with Doctor

– Although rare, there are instances of failed Vasectomy. As with all medical procedures (and condoms), there can never be 100% guarantee



4) Vasectomy FAQ

– Hard to illustrate before/after Vasectomy, see this image

– Penile functions will not degrade. You can definitely masturbate and achieve an erection ( Sexual health topics are very subjective )

– You will be able to ejaculate fluid, just that sperm is no longer present (in Army lingo, shoot Blanks)

– Fees between Public and Private can range from $800 to $2000 (estimation from 8 years ago). If you do not mind, please share latest rate with me

– Vasectomy procedure is day surgery about 2 to 3 hours, only local anesthesia is needed

– Small incisions on both scrotums are needed to disconnect the tubes. Besides slight swelling post procedure, the external wound should fully heal within months

– Not painful, only mild discomfort

– Recovery expected within a few days, but I was told to go easy on sports

Family planning Singapore
Family planning Singapore

So if you are still wondering whether we are planning to expand SengkangBabies, you have the answer now πŸ™‚

I hope the above pointers would help to allay some of your concerns and fears. Naturally, the No 1 concern for most chaps are post-Vasectomy performance.

You may email me for my Doctor and additional details.


This post hopes to raise awareness about male contraception Vasectomy. If I should misrepresent some processes or my explanations are vague, do correct me. Birth control is a serious topic, pardon my attempt to inject some humour into subject.


.. updated 2017 Aug – One of my reader highlighted SGH procedure is now $2000 (Please verify)

Training for my first Marathon, 8 tips I pick up along the way

While training for my first Marathon (Sundown Marathon 2017), I learn a lot of things over the last 3 to 4 months.

(Image credit

Am I training enough for 42.195km?
Am I happy with my own efforts?
Am I READY for a Marathon?
These questions keep following me along my training journey.

I like to challenge myself but 42km might be a stretch. The training journey has been time consuming, involves a lot of sacrifice, self doubts, and mostly tired body and soul.

Yet, I keep surprising myself with my own determination and enthusiasm. Little milestones like improved stamina and pace make my day and motivate me to keep trying.

I have listed some other points which come across my mind during my own training routine. Please feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations with this novice runner πŸ™‚

Training for my first Marathon

1. Why 42km?
I only started running more actively from 2015, 5km progressing to 10km (2016). Never liked to run, was not even sporty, the only motivation then was to pass IPPT.

I am 43 this year, not exactly young and energetic anymore.
Kids are now more independent, if I do not seek out my dreams (or bucket list) now, then when?

More importantly, I wish to impress some life skills upon my kids.
** Do chase after your Dreams, nothing is impossible, and we must at least TRY our best.

As a bonus, if I keep fit myself, I hope to take better care of my family.

2. YouTube preparation
Do not laugh, but I do not have the luxury of having a coach.
Internet is my teacher.

Tons of tips on Breathing, Running style, Hydration, Stride, Eat (gel) and nutrition, Recuperation etc. You can even Google “Marathon race day tips” to get last minutes tips! (Trim your nails ok).

Overwhelming load of information, and some interesting anecdotes.
(I guess no right or wrong answers)
– Are pacers good or bad for you? (since everyone has own pace)
– Run day or night better?
– Tapering and duration (got Tempo, Slow, Easy Run techniques!)
– Some recommend Run 7km and Walk 1km to prevent muscle fatigue and cramps

I believe this is the most neglected component in my training programme.
Family and work commitments keep us busy everyday.
Running takes up whatever precious leftover time, and we sometimes sacrifice our sleep (and rest).

If I should fall sick due to fatigue, there goes my gains and it Sucks.
I am still trying to place more emphasis on having enough rest.

4. Do something else besides running.
Swim, steps up your block, cross train, circuits, aerobics, yoga or hiking.
Develop all the other muscles (core) and improve your flexibility, it will help with running.

It is more Fun than running too :p

5. Have FUN during the training journey.
I will remember the training journey more than the Marathon finishing line, so might as well add in some Fun factor.

a) Plotting your own running path with Google Map.
– Running along the water ways in CBD (Kallang Basin, Marina Bay map)
– Park Connectors Kallang to Bishan to Sengkang (map)

The only challenge is the lack of water-points along the way (so I pop by MRT, Library, Coffee shop for a quick sip).
My legs are connecting all the parks and gardens πŸ™‚

b) I would prefer to run with friends, running alone can be boring.
I am motivated by fellow Dads (IG @NickPan.Runs, @IsaiahKuan), we are all busy with family and work but we encourage each other towards our own goals πŸ™‚

6. I can do it!
I cannot believe I am running 40km to 50km per week!

Still not enough as those training for Marathons should ideally run 50km and above, and get used to distance of 25km and 30km. Some say the real Marathon starts at 30km (YES, the mental block or the WALL!)

Sometimes, it can be very hard to drag myself out for a run.
I know I will always feel GOOD after a run, otherwise I would feel guilty about my excuses :p

7. Efforts, Sacrifice
42km needs 5 hour to complete ( assuming a pace of 7min/km)
10km needs 1 hour (pace of 6 min/km).

Can you imagine the amount of practice time needed for a Marathon?
(Running 50 km per week is 5 hours gone!)

Whether my preparation is sufficient or not, there is no turning back.
I must try my BestΒ Training for my first Marathon.

8. Final weeks

The final week is likely anticipation and anxiety (nerves).
I must remind myself to Relax and try to enjoy the journey and experience.

[Updated 14Mar] – Last Lead-up run 25km on 11th Mar, I will be trying to keep up with the 5.30Hr pacers (pace 7.30). My own slow jog at pace 7.00.
running with pacers

On race day, I need to remind myself to run at my own pace and not to go faster due to the surrounding vibes and adrenaline.

Hi, my name is Andy and I am a father of four kids.
I am actively trying to use Sports to engage my kids, to be sporty and resilient.

I will be running 42.195km with Sundown Marathon on 25th March.
I am still training for my first Marathon, and all blessings and Good Lucks are most welcome πŸ™‚

I am helping Ren Ci Hospital to raise Fund, hoping to give back to society in my own small ways. Do consider donating to Ren Ci’s worthy causes here –>

Follow me on my running journey Instagram Hashtag #training42sundown2017 or Family runs (blog link)

Wishing everyone Happy Running and Healthy Lifestyle !


**Updated 2017 Apr – Ran 42km under 6 hours hooray!


2017 for us

Hello 2017, new challenges await but we will be ready πŸ™‚
If there is only one thing I need the kids to know, Be Brave and Adventurous.

That applies to everyday life, pursue of our own aspirations and of course PSLE (cough!) There will always be obstacles and hurdles along the way.

Persevere and do your best, know that family is behind you all the way.

PSLE for No2 (Boon Kang) would be the most anticipated event in 2017 #NoStress haha πŸ™‚
We do not need our kids to be top in their class, as long as they put in their best efforts.

Rest assured that Mummy and Daddy will walk together with you through rain or sun.

Family is growing so FAST when we browse through our photos! Just look at how tall No1 Boon Wee is now (1.77m!)
When you look through your Instagram and Facebook activities, it is amazing all the memories that we can packed into 2016!

Seems like we just bid 2015 adios not so long ago and 2017 is already here.

If I use the analogy of our fledgling Olive-backed Sunbird(Sunbird nest along our corridor), kids would have their own lives (higher studies, soldier and careers) in a decade and less!

Yes, kids are very noisy and quarreling with each other too, but I know I am going to miss all the “noises” when they are at home “lesser”. Truly, Days are long and Years are short.

The proudest thing which I have done for the kids is to inculcate a love for nature and sports. Sports build up their characters and make them more resilient.

I always tell the kids and my friends, there is never a “free” time.
If we parents do not lead by example when we are able and mobile, then when?

Any sports will do, just let them enjoy the great outdoors! Families will enjoy some bonding sessions too. (Links to Hiking, Cycling, and Running)

I would like to demonstrate to the kids that anything is achievable, but I got to admit 42km Marathon is a crazy harder target :p

If I can squeeze in the time and effort to attempt a Marathon (Sundown Marathon in March 2017), kids can be brave to dream BIG and own their Aspirations.

On a side note, when our family gets more adventurous and robust, our travel itinerary has more options!
We are no longer confined to city comforts (and shopping), we can do more exploration and non-mainstream activities.

Cheers to more camping and hiking trips, Yeah!

If the Mrs is reading this, I have not given up hope of having a couple trip with her. Nothing elaborate just 3D2N, we can pack the kids off to a staycation with their ε€§θˆ… πŸ™‚

After spending so much time and energy on the kids, we deserve more couple time too, just you and me β™₯

How, Meng Choo?

Bitter or sweet, all are memories from 2016.
From our family to your family, Happy New Year and may 2017 brings you Health and Happiness πŸ™‚