Zoo Deepavali

Over the Deepavali holiday, we pop by at Singapore Zoo with our friends Heng family. Zoo is always one of our best playground, and having a “corporate card” helps 🙂

We thought we have seen almost everything, from “rainy days“, to “wagon-fun
Video : Then this creature from Fragile Forest’s undergrowth came out to say Hello ! (looks like salamander)

Everyone were amused, even the ducks haha. It just goes to show our Zoo always has something waiting to surprise us. Even Mousedeer’s three generation family came out for some greens buffet, they look so adorable !

We did highlighted the bats, lemurs and mousedeer in an earlier post. Fragile Forest is now our regular haunt.

What other animals did we see?

We hope Boon Xin now knows what to do when she sees a snake? Run or Freeze?

Video : What are the other animals which caught our attention?

Kids relax and cool down at the water play area 🙂

We are going to Zoo Hoo again. If you are asking us what is Zoo Hoo, do pop by our 2010 post. “Zoo Hoo” lets your child roleplay in the Zoo for one whole day !

Do take note Zoo Hoo only runs on the weekends, from 24Nov to 16Dec.
Gather more updates at this link –> http://www.zoo.com.sg/events-promos/zoohoo-12.html

A few days after our trip, we heard news that Sheba, our tropical Polar Bear has died.
Kids were sad that such a beautiful creature is gone, RIP.

If your kids love animals or farms, do try our recommendations :
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Animal Resort (Jalan Kayu)

As usual, do pop by for more fun photos at our fanpage album.

Marina Bay is our playground

Loving Marina Bay is a month long event to celebrate Marina Bay’s events and transformation through twenty amBayssadors. We are the photographers and bloggers who have captured some fragments of Marina Bay’s memories

SengkangBabies is honoured to be one of Marina Bay’s amBAYssadors.

From this tag cloud, you know Marina Bay is always happening for us ! From GardensByTheBay, MarinaBarrage, to MBS and Merlion fireworks, our kids have covered so much milage around Marina Bay (POSB, ColdStorage Kids Run and Maybank). When Singapore Army brings their toys to Marina Bay, we never miss the lighlights like AOH and NDP mobile columns !

Our long history with Marina Bay..

Now, try to imagine why we have problems picking our best experiences at Marina Bay?

Back to last Sat’s Loving Marina Bay event. It was an opportunity to catch up with old buddies, and make new friends. You can find out who else is featured at this link.

*Photo courtesy from Darren Chin.

Daddy’s favourite photo is Andrew Ng’s Funfair and..

Kelvin‘s rockstar son, Ayden !!

Slideshow of the other amBAYssadors. Each entry offers more jaw-dropping photos and perspectives. Daddy is really humbled that our blog is featured 🙂

SengkangBabies’ photo compilation are from “wishing spheres“, “Merlion Hotel“, “Gardens Skywalk” and “Barrage soccer“.

We would be equally proud if any of the photos below are shortlisted 🙂

In 2013, we hope to get tickets to F1 and NDP parade (four years without tickets), and that should add to our to-do lists in Marina Bay 🙂

Loving Marina Bay‘s photos displays are not only about modern MarinaBaySands or GardensByTheBay. It is also tracing the history from old Clifford pier. Hey, when we mention Marina in the 80s and 90s, it was referring to Marina Square and not Marina Bay 🙂

This is one of the better videos to see how Marina Bay has transformed.

We are familiar with the Merlion, Flyer, Helix bridge, MBS and Esplanade, but Daddy thought the unassuming “The Float” was actually the platform which brought big scale events to the Bay. With NDP, New Year countdowns, RiverHongbao or F1 races, we can always spot the Yellow/Blue/Red/Green rows of seats. Build to “temporary” host events with the demise of National Stadium, The float has become a central point of events.

If the iconic buildings are the organs of Marina Bay, then the people and events will be it’s lifeblood. Marina Bay is the place to be seen, or to soak in the atmosphere.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Andy is a proud father of four, and he calls his kids the ambassadors of Fun. He started his family blog to dispel the myth that Singapore is boring and to document his kids’ childhood. Kids’ growing milestones bring his family a great deal of pride and fond memories and he hopes to share their joy with more families via SengkangBabies. The family is honoured to be Marina Bay’s amBAYssadors as it happens to be one of their favourite playgrounds. There are so many activities for everyone from three to eighty years old!

(Video credit Darren Chin)

With the quote above, Daddy is telling more people to pop by Marina Bay with friends and families. A few events have been lined up to engage the public :

– photography workshops and competition
– heritage walks and more

* Do drop by Loving Marina Bay link for the details.

Click for more photos from SengkangBabies’ Fun albums.

ps.. we wanted to surprise the kids, so we did not tell them about our “poster and booth”. SengkangBabies are now mini celebrities at Marina Bay :p