Durian Delivery for your durian cravings


For the longest time, I had hesitated to order Durians online.

I am a traditional buyer, I still prefer to poke the spikes, admire the racks of durians and throw the husks into the huge baskets. Eating with friends at a side table seems to be more “original” and joyful 🙂

Besides, how do we know online vendors will pack the best durians for us? Who can assure that the packed durian flesh are of premium quality?

Durian Delivery might just change our Durian shopping habit.

Their air-tight packaging left no pungent clues behind. Totally odourless, and no one will suspect if you smuggle a few boxes into the train (just saying) :p



How do Durian Delivery ensure their Durian’s quality?

They have their own durian plantation in Malaysia and their own fleet will ensure durians reach your home in 6 to 12 hours.

Considering congestion of 2 hours are not uncommon at the customs, this 6 hours delivery time frame is even more admirable. The trucks are air conditioned so your durians reach you in the best condition.

Customers only need to pay $10 flat rate per trip, or enjoy free delivery for orders above $200.

Our Mao Shan Wang (貓山王) delight.

Pack and delivered by Durian lovers themselves, customers enjoy 400gm (estimated) of goodness at their door steps 🙂

We all love the “Hand-Picked Royal (Old Tree) MSW Durian”. Slightly sweet with a bitter after taste,  delightful. Durian Delivery is proud of their signature durian, read more here.

If you need fresher Durians,  visit a Durian farm :p

Durian Delivery
Durian Delivery

On a side note, anyone eats Durians with their rice? You should try it once, the white rice taste so much better with a coating of durian flesh 🙂

(The Mrs and kids did not agree with me)


Everyone know about eCommerce (Taobao, Ezbuy, Lazada), I need not elaborate on how you can order quality durians at DurianDelivery.com.sg

WhatsApp or Text Durian Delivery: 93874394
Time: Daily between 10am – 10pm
Email: admin@duriandelivery.com.sg

Go online, Order and checkout, then track your Delivery, it is so easy to satisfy our Durian cravings.


*Last two images credit Durian Delivery


2018 Chinese New Year goodies

2018 Chinese New Year goodies are ready for sale 🙂
All handmade cookies are from our baker friend Ah Thong.

2018 Chinese New Year goodies
2018 Chinese New Year goodies

2018 Chinese New Year cookies ordering is now available till 31 Jan 2018.


Email your order/enquiry (Subject:2018 CNY Cookies) to teo.mengchoo@gmail.com

–> Orders above $100 get free delivery in Singapore
–> We need a deposit of $20 for every order of $100
–> Listed price is Singapore $nett
–> Last Order date is 31 Jan 2018 (last delivery date 05 Feb 2018)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

If you are a first time customer, we would recommend our Love Letters and Pineapple tarts.

This is our 2018 Chinese New Year goodies catalogue.

Pineapple tarts
CNY Pineapple tarts,Pineapple tarts pricing

Spring Roll

Kue Bangkit

Honey Corn Flake
Chinese NEw Year Honey Corn Flakes

Kue Lapis
Chinese NEw Year Kueh Lapis

May Prosperity and Health follow you in 2018 !

ps.. Apologies, we do not cater for sampling (old 2017 CNY cookies sales)

The Soup Spoon Cartoon Network Cafe at Punggol Waterway Point

[ Media Invite ]

The Soup Spoon Group has a Cartoon Network  cafe (themed) at Punggol Waterway Point.

Cartoon Network  fans would go gaga over Ben10, Powerpuff girls, We Bare Bears and Adventure Time! The cute menu itself heightened our expectations.


Even I am impressed at the efforts taken to make our food adorable.


Look at the cute milk shake! I could not resist a Ben10 root beer float! Must Order 🙂

The highlight for the cafe are the indoor decorations, featuring the wall cartoons and overhanging characters. It really brings our dining experience up one level.


You might be able to enjoy Cartoon Network screening at one corner too.

While waiting for their food, kids can doodle their own cartoon creations. 


Our dinner did not disappoint. “Adventure Time waffles”, We Bare Bear steaks, or Ben10 pizza.

Never mind if we got the food item names wrong, the themed food are too cute to eat. Wait, we must feed our Instagram first 🙂

The Soup Spoon Cartoon Network
The Soup Spoon Cartoon Network

As the main course roll out one by one, they all put a smile on our face. We have not even tasted the dish yet but the cartoons are a Plus factor.


The food is actually quite appetising, Kang loved his Grizzy Beef Burger 🙂  

Do order the chicken drumlets 🙂

(r) Finn’s Black Pepper Seafood Pasta

Our appetiser and desserts (Milk shakes) really stole the show.


Please ask for deserts to be served last. Otherwise kids would be too engrossed in finishing their milk shake and desserts before their main course.

Cartoon Network Cafe
Cartoon Network Cafe


If you are a Cartoon Network fan, do head down to Punggol waterway’s “The Soup Spoon Cartoon Network Cafe” soon. Take note Cartoon Network decoration and themed food is only available at Punggol branch.


We would like to thanks The Soup Spoon for the fun and interesting invite, we had fun taking photos and enjoying our dinner.