2017 Chinese New Year cookies

Christmas is not even here, and we are planning to welcome Chinese New Year 2017 on 28/29 Jan. Our homemade 2017 Chinese New Year cookies (from our baker friend Ah Thong) are ready for ordering.

2017 Chinese New Year cookies ordering is now available till 11 Jan 2017.

You may browse our 2016 CNY cookies post for comparison.


Email your order/enquiry (Subject:2017 CNY Cookies) to teo.mengchoo@gmail.com

–> Orders above $100 get free delivery in Singapore
–> We need a deposit of $20 for every order of $100
–> Listed price is Singapore $nett
–> Last Order date is 11 Jan 2017.

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If you are a first time customer, we would recommend our Love Letters and Pineapple tarts. (Apologies, but we do not cater for sampling)

This is our Chinese New Year cookies catalogue.

Pineapple tarts
CNY Pineapple tarts,Pineapple tarts pricing

Spring Roll

Kue Bangkit

Honey Corn Flake
Chinese NEw Year Honey Corn Flakes

Kue Lapis
Chinese NEw Year Kueh Lapis

May Prosperity and Health follow you in 2017 !

Seafood Paradise now at MBS

[ Media Invite ]

Since 14 Sep, Seafood Paradise has moved from Defu Lane to MBS (Marina Bay Sands). Although new location is more upmarket, you can continue to enjoy family friendly services.


New venue is not exactly fine dining, but classy. We can still use our hands to enjoy our seafood 🙂
We noticed service is prompt and polite, and plates were regularly changed.

Unlike some other restaurants in MBS, kids are welcomed in Seafood Paradise.

“Crispy Kang Kong topped with Cuttlefish in Homemade Seafood Sauce”, slight spicy but very addictive.

This was our appetiser, I have never tried fried kang kong served this way before. Love the Kang Kong crunchiness texture which goes well with the cuttlefish’s chewiness.

($14.80 (small), $21.80 (medium), $28.80 (large)

Our “Australian abalone” was heavenly. Sweet pan-fried succulent, simply delightful.
Love the freshness and chewiness, this dish was a hit with our kids.

( $28 per piece (approx. 60g), $38 per piece (approx. 120g)

“Poached Canadian Live Clams in Hua Diao Jiu”, kids found the 花雕酒 cocktail too strong hee hee.

($38 (small), $57 (medium), $75 (large)

Our kids prefer fried fish, and they all like western style fillet.
Kids sometimes find steam fish too fishy, but not this “Braised Wildlife Fish with Supreme Soya Sauce”.

We finished every morsel of flesh on the fish, the sauce really add flavour to the whole dish. If there is a family favourite dish, this fish will win it!

( $8 per 100g, depending on type of fish chosen )

Crabs are the signature dishes at Seafood Paradise, and we heard Chilli and Butter crabs are the most popular.

Presenting “Singapore Chilli Style Sri Lankan Crab”. Fresh and spicy, the fried buns allowed us to scoop up the fragrant gravy. Go easy as it can be spicy 🙂

Next up was “Bee Hoon Sri Lankan crab”. The crab’s essence has been infused with the bee hoon (with strong wok-hei flavour!). Order this dish to please the little ones 🙂

Signature Creamy Butter Dungeness Crab topped with Coconut Crumbs.
Butter crab was too creamy for us, we still prefer drier version of butter crabs.

Or perhaps, we should have the butter crab before the chilli crab.
This chilli crab might have overshadowed the butter.

(All crabs prices are seasonal)

Customers can order their live seafood, and choose their own cooking preference too.
Aquarium for the kids, pick your dinner.

Dessert is “Chilled Lemongrass Jelly in Lemonade and Sour Plum Juice”. Very sour and yet refreshing ($6.50).

While we were enjoying our sumptuous dinner, there was a never ending queue at the entrance (even till 9 pm).
Good food, reasonable price, Seafood Paradise will be popular with families.

More about Paradise group :
– Website – www.paradisegroup.com.sg

– Address – No. 10 Bayfront Avenue
#02-03 Marina Bay Sands (Level 2 Dining)
Singapore 018956

– Contact – Tel: 6688 7051

Srisun Express Tissue Prata

Our kids love Roti Prata but Tissue Prata is new to them. I have seen epic taller-than-humans Tissue Prata before in KL, and had been trying to find something similar in Johor (without success).

srisun exress tissue prata

That is, until I went “Walau!” (exaggerated but authentic expression) at Mummy Delphine’s IG photo (@LifeIntheWeeHours)

These huge pratas are so near to our neighbouhood! You should ask Delphine how they cut down the Tall Tissue Prata, read their RK Eating House experience here.

Alas, our prata is size “S” from Hougang. We realised the Taller-than-human Tissue Prata is only available at Serangoon Garden’s branch.

But the smaller prata turn up to be a blessing in disguise. Kids found the Tissue Prata bland and only snack on a few slabs. If we had ordered the Epic Tissue Prata, I would not be able to finish it.
srisun hougang

The chocolate banana prata ($4) is delicious and slightly mushy, we love the combination of chocolate and chewable banana.
srisun exress banana chocolate prata

To my surprise, something crop up when we researched Tissue Prata.
Giant Ice Milo tower, all 3 litres of goodness!

srisun iced milo tower

Intrigued with the Tower, kids were waiting for condensation, then splash each other with water droplets!
Crazy, but I guess this is one way to relieve post-exam stress (my excuse).

Srisun Express got Bandung Tower too! The whole Tower can fill about 10 to 12 mugs!

Hooray! Exam is over, time to celebrate and party 🙂
If you want to surprise the kids, Epic Prata and Iced Milo should do the trick.

For more IG “supper” photos, do hop to Instagram hashtag #SrisunExpress or their Fanpage.

Additional details :
– Srisun Express has two branches in Hougang and Serangoon Gardens
– Srisun address – Hougang (530212), Serangoon Gardens (555952)
– Halal eatery
– Srisun Express is open 7×24
– Contact number : 6288 5747
– The TALL Tissue Prata, and Honeymoon prata (looks delicious) is only available at Serangoon Gardens
– Price is reasonable

Staff were friendly and even brought kids to see the “chef” flip prata haha 🙂

Food 3.5/5
Value for money 4/5
Experience (Novelty) 5/5

We should be visiting the Serangoon Garden branch soon 🙂