Hot Star Taiwan Fried chicken

Those who have visited Taipei’s Night Market (士林夜市) before might have tried the super jumbo size Taiwan Fried Chicken.

When Daddy passed by Serangoon MRT one evening, he was caught by the same scent, some students were carrying a familer HOT STAR packaging….


Daddy goggled and identify Hot Star at Nex’s branch. Remember the brand “豪大大鸡排”, if you forget, then remember “好大”!

Yeah ! The kids are happy to bite into some chunky juicy chicken patty again. Not so, Mummy, as she remembered her Taipei experience a tad too oily.

At $4.50 each, Daddy ordered the normal and spicy version. One portion can fit two adults.

How is Singapore’s Taiwan Chicken compared to the original? We prefer the spicy version, but we felt it is more authentic to eat Taiwan fried chicken in night market :p

The skin is not crispy but the meat is tender and juicy. With every bite, memories of Taiwan street food flashes back.

Taipei, we miss you! Click our Night Market snacks here.
Shilin Night Market,士林夜市

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Bento Family Fun, not forgetting Hygiene

[ Media Invite ]

This is Boon Xin and Daddy’s Bento creation. We have been invited to Dettol’s Bento workshop at Nourish Studios earlier.

To quote from Dettol :
“We were demonstrating proper hand washing techniques and the importance of hand hygiene during food preparation. In addition, having a nutritional breakfast is important in bringing up healthier and smarter kids!”

Teacher Shirley, aka littlemissonigiri, is our Bento specialist.

Pretty, friendly, and good with instructions. No wonder everyone was paying attention.

Curious kids, they were trying to pay attention to what teacher is saying.

In between food preparation, we need to remember to wash our hands properly, Dettol is recommending 8-steps formula (refer poster below)

The last thing we need is to contaminate our food with germs from meat to other ingredients.

( Credit Dettol’s photographer Marcus )

This will be our Bento ingredients and tools.

Daddy and Mummy in action. Actually, Daddy is only posing for the camera, his only Kitchen recipe is French Toast 🙂

Nevertheless, Daddy thought the kids were “impressed”.

( Credit Dettol’s photographer Marcus )

Kids will help to pass us the ingredients, sometimes minus a mouthful!
Everyone is hungry already.

Boon Yee is curious about Mummy’s pan egg sheet.

Boon Yee is very serious about his own bento hotdog. He is designing heart and star shapes from rock melon.

With guidance from Shirley’s team, we follow the steps one by one.

Before and after, we can see our Bento slowly taking shape. Add one lettuce here, one ham there, and two flying bumble bees.

We even tattoo our group name onto the banana skin.

This is Mummy’s impression of our Bento workshop :

1) Well organized – all foods are well prepared in advance (there was extra for hungry kids too!)
2) Kids enjoyed the cutting of carrot, cheese and fruits in different shape (Arts and Craft)
3) Easy and simple step to make sandwiches Bento.
4) We learned the 8 steps of washing hands
5) We love the simple Banana crafting trick (tattoo)
6) Healthy Snack, Nice outlook, Kids will be encouraged to finish their meals.

More than competition, both Mummy and Daddy really enjoy bonding with Boon Yee and Boon Xin. They were very curious about the whole process.

Thank you Dettol (sponsor) and Teacher Shirley, for bringing Fun and Kawaii creations into our meals.

Can you tell us whose Bento’s looks nicer? Daddy or Mummy’s?

How can anyone bear to eat the beautifully crafted Bento sets?

Cleaning up with Dettol’s help, kids got an early training on keeping the kitchen spick and span. Daddy cannot cook, so he always wash the utensils.

Group photo – Thank you Dettol, for this interesting workshop. Not only did we learn the importance of proper hygiene, we even pick up some cool Bento skills.

( Credit Dettol’s photographer Marcus )

Daddy could not bear to eat his Bento, but Boon Yee did not hesitate to munch.
Bye bye hotdog bun.

Boon Yee is plesantly surprised to find ourselves in last Sunday’s Life section.

Video : Clean Hands, Healthy Minds. Watch how Dettol boy teaches us to wash our hands.

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