First Family Karaoke session

First Family Karaoke session !

Family Karaok
Family Karaoke

Never mind if we cannot croon.
Never mind if our kids will fail Sing! China  (中国新歌声) auditions.
Everyone can still have Fun!

You need not sing like 向洋 Nathan Hartono or 董姿彦  Joanna Dong to enjoy Karaoke!

Ok, if you are the ones in our room, you better sing along (out of tune or whatever,we do not discriminate) or cover your ears haha :p

We were initially shy, so I had to be thick skin and led the way. As I croak along, the kids saw the Fun potential and started chirping in.

The rest of our 2 hour session is all laughter and memories.

Whether it is oldies or yuppies, or even Kpops. Songs from yesterday brought back so much LOVE 🙂

Choose the songs and sing to your delight. If you cannot understand lyrics, just follow the chorus.

Some of the songs we sang :
Kiddy (Baby Shark! haha or 拔萝卜!)  ( 萝卜radish song got 6 mil views!)
邓丽君 (月亮代表我的心)
One Direction (Story of my life , Best Song Ever, Live while We’re Young)
Ed Sheeran (Perfect)
Hebe (小幸運) ♥
高明駿 王馨平(今生註定)
許志安 許慧欣 (戀愛頻率)
蘇永康 陳潔儀 (愛得正好)
Extreme (More than words)
Firehouse (Love of a Lifetime)
Group (笨小孩) (别想不开,老天自有安排,老天爱笨小孩 wahaha)
张学友 (只想一生跟你走, 情書)
周华健 (爱相随, 朋友)
梁靜茹 (暖暖, 勇氣)
劉若英 (後來)
張國榮 ()
光良 (童話, 第一次,掌心)
庾澄慶 (情非得已)
張棟樑 (當你孤單你會想起誰)
TFboys (左手右手) Young singers with catchy songs, no wonder 17 mil views!
Charlie Puth (One Call Away)
Maroon 5 (Sugar)
Abba (I have a Dream)
The Carpenters (Top of the World)

Difficult songs, we just enjoy the lyrics 🙂
林俊杰 JJ (修煉愛情, 小酒窩, 她說)
周杰倫 Jay Chou (屋顶 , 說好的幸福呢 ,說了再見 ,安靜,告白氣球)  ♥ (那个人不就是我梦里那模糊的人)

We had earlier sang at Teo Heng KTV (Ci Yuan) if you are itching to have some FUN, just go ahead and book a session.

The room packages are very affordable, we paid $30 for a 10-pax room two hours. Families can even bring their own lunch or dinner at no additional surcharge.


Two hours pass in a flash when we are having fun, we hope to do another round of Family Karaoke.

Additional Tips to enjoy your Family Karaoke Session

1)Book early as weekends are packed

2)Shortlist your songs beforehand, it is hard to use Teo Heng’s system to search by singer, before scrolling through his/her song list

Finally, special thanks to David (Instagram @Doting_Dad) and eccentric friends for reigniting our Singing passion haha. Click on this IG story to see how the Uncles Sing, Rock and Dance with wigs and props!)


Hope you will have FUN Singing along too 🙂


Fun under Science Centre Circus Big Top


[ Media Invite ]

Kids weightlifting at Science Centre Circus Big Top.


Circus! Science Under The Big Top is performing from till 18 March 2018 at The Annexe. There are 18 exhibitions to showcase.

Circus Big Top
Circus Big Top


Circus act is not only about trapezium and juggling or clowns, we learn about many other acts. More importantly, we have a better appreciation of the science and hard work behind successful acts.

Balancing 3m above should be the most popular act for families 🙂


Video  (YouTube link): SengkangBabies in the Circus


There are some acts which shout “Do not try at home! “

Like flying out of a cannon! We always thought it is cool to be blasted from a cannon, until we read that performers had perished from incidents.

The angle of the projection, the projectile speed, all this matters to land a circus performer safely into a net.


Flying trapezium and somersaults are not suitable for me, Thank You.


Swallowing a sword gives me the chills! What if we slice or pierce ourselves ouch! In comparison, it is definitely safer for Boon Xin to contort herself into a box.

..or for kids to beat Atom Ant’s strong charisma 🙂 


Unicorns might be a myth but some folks who might be disfigured or handicapped are sometimes paraded as objects.

One of the tallest person of all time.


Can you spot the minuscule fleas! Amazingly, some circus have a troop of fleas trained to perform and entertain!

Tickle our funny bones, mirrors and clowns.


Giant shoes, weird faces and more clown props on display. I always get spooked by the sinister clowns!

Yup, Hollywood likes to portray some clowns who go around killing! I would hate to be spooked by a clown in the middle of the night.


The animals of the circus. 


…and the cosplaying humans. I found a mini ewok too.


Visitors will learn about the Science under Circus Big Top too.


How can music change our moods?  


.. how can our nose  distinguish food and stuffs?


Through Science Centre Big Top, we got to experience the tricks and science behind an act. There is a lot of Hard work!

We now have a better appreciation of the “magic” behind a circus.

Do pop by this link for more updates about Circus! Science Under The Big Top