Top 3 new attractions in Singapore

Slides and HugE Aquariums, Pandas, Manta-rays and Dolphins are all fighting for families’ wallet attention. We are talking about River Safari, Marine Life Park’s Sea Aquarium and Adventure Cove Waterpark.

SengkangBabies are fortunate to enjoy the latest new attractions in Singapore, let us share our experience and recommendations with you. If we can only choose one attraction, which one will SengkangBabies prefer?

1. River Safari (河川生态园)

Highlights :
* Pandas (go early to catch Kai Kai and Jia Jia roaming around)
– we can view 7 River systems from around the world
– the giant creatures, Manatee, Catfish and Stingray
* Amazon Flooded Forest
* Mekong river tank
– Amazon Square (12pm animal show)
– River Quest (Preview in 2013Dec)

Experience :
– Interaction with rare mammals and fishes
– Pandas are too cute for everyone (if crowded, visiting time might be limited to 15mins)
– amazing experience to watch the Giant Manatee and catfish swim in their tanks !
– Kids learn about life-cycles and how animals survive in their ecosystem
– The information counters at each exhibit gave us extra knowledge about the animals
– River Safari is shaded offering visitors a relax experience
– Path is friendly for strollers
– We need a shelter at Amazon Square, it is too hot to watch the animal show at 1230

Entrance Fees : (Adult $25, Children $16 (3+).
When River Quest is ready, Adult $35, Children $23.

Click for our review or more Panda photos.
River Safari website

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Resorts World Sentosa (RWS)’s Marine Life Park (海洋生物园) has two new attractions.

2. Adventure Cove Waterpark (水上探险乐园)

Highlights :
* Rainbow Reef !
* Adventure (Lazy) River
– Bluwater Bay waves
* Slides, try all the Slides !

Experience :
– Daddy and boys’ best experience is snorkeling among 20,000 fishes at Rainbow Reef!
– Grab a tube, and go around Lazy River a few times, there are exhibits (like Rays) to entice swimmers
– simply sit on the slope and let the waves push you (Bluwater)
– Smaller kids will love Big Bucket Treehouse 🙂
– You will need minimum 4 hours to enjoy all the slides
– AVOID weekend. You do not want to queue 30min for a 1min slide
– “Lightning” will shutdown Adventure Cove, with no refund policy. Management might wish to consider some goodwill (partial) refund

Entrance Fees : Adult $29, Children $20 (4+)

Click for our review and more Snorkeling Photos.
Adventure Cove Waterpark website

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3. S.E.A Aquarium (海洋馆)

Highlights :
* Dolphins are ever friendly
* poke a few starfish at “Discovery Touch pool”
* Open Ocean’s Manta rays (Daddy can linger here for hours)
– Jellyfish (are cute!)
– Sharks
– all sorts of fishes swimming everywhere !

Experience :
– Look Left Right Up Down, there are so many exhibits fighting for attention
– Get up close with the sea creatures (maybe not Sharks)
– Play with the friendly dolphins
– Get hypnotised by the bobbing jellyfish
– kids are bewildered by the colours from the fishes
– Peep into the Open Ocean with some amazing Rays !
– The only bad thing is the crowd, kids will find it difficult to squeeze infront

Entrance Fees : Adult $29, Children $20 (4+)

Only (part 1) of review is ready, catch all the Jellyfish Photos on our Fanpage.
SEA Aquarium Website

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If we can only choose one attraction to visit, which one do we prefer?

In order :
A) The Adventure Cove waterpark
B) Sea Aquarium
C) River Safari

Video : Want to know why they chose slides over Panda? Catch this video.

But if kids are looking for fishes, Daddy thought the exhibits at SEA Aquarium would be more alluring. The game changer could be River Safari’s River-Quest 🙂

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Now, we know Singapore’s attractions are world-class but how many families can enjoy the Fun? This is the entrance fee breakdown for SengkangBabies (2A + 4C) :

– River Safari – $114
– Adventure Cove – $118 (under 4years old free)
– SEA Aquarium – $118

All receipts are above $100, not exactly cheap and affordable, and we have not factor in carpark and F&B yet. We are fortunate as we get to enjoy River Safari and Sea Aquarium for free, and Adventure Cove tickets were discounted.

We always try to feedback that the fees can be more affordable:
– we know gardens and parks are nice (and free), but families might want to enjoy some Singapore attractions occasionally
– We are not expecting $3 entrance fees like Taiwan’s Zoo, but $20 is on the high side
– Singapore attractions might be able to provide pro-family promotions once a year (per family), with up to 50% discount
– Singapore’s attractions can definitely go out to target residents, besides the tourists
– This discounts mean a drop in profits, but companies’ bottomline should still be healthy
– More affordable tickets must mean more family-bonding opportunities, Yes?

What do you think? Do you believe Singapore attractions are too expensive?
If Yes, Help to feedback through your own channels, MSF, Reach, Newspaper forum, chat forums, or even blog about it.

We would be honoured if you share our article :p

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Not every attractions in Singapore is costly, just pop by our “Places of Interest” recommendations. We do lament the lack of time (and sometimes energy) to bring the kids out. And from 2013 May onwards, a few Museums will waive entrance fees YES ! (Fanpage I ♥ Museums)

My Golf Kaki academy

[Sponsored event]

A few Saturdays ago, Wei and Kang were invited to putt at My Golf Kaki Academy. Daddy thought this was a good experience, after all, he only know a little bit about “birdie”, and we met Tiger Woods in Hong Kong.

Daddy is a greenhorn when it comes to the gentleman’s game.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, Boon Kang mimic driving the buggy.

Our pro (coach) Gabriel and Jay show us the correct grip and posture for the swing. We need to build a solid foundation before we can tee off effectively.

We told our Pro that the nearest we got to a golf course was on Nintendo Wii’s PGA tour. The online version did not have so many rules and regulations 🙂

With Practice comes perfection. Although we are not hitting the bull’s eye yet, slowly but surely, we pick up momentum and technique.

Brothers learn that Golf can impart positive traits like Discipline, Determination, Focus, and Perseverance. Tiger Woods started his golf career from 3 years old !

Daddy joined in for some fun too.

For the next stage, we pop by a mini field to learn about putting and chipping.

Kids must remember to use less force (no longer Full Swing), just aim for the hole and lightly tap.

It looks easy when we see the pros in action, effortless chip, roll, and goal. Somehow, the slope and gravity are against us. Despite the warm humid atmosphere, we rally each other on.

Our first time stepping on Tanglin Public Golf Course. The first hole is 96m away, kids are tired already ooops.

Thank you My Golf Kaki Academy for the invite, we had a fun afternoon with our fellow kakis. More fun photos are available from SengkangBabies and MyGolfKakiAcademy Fanpage.

Do pop by Daddy M (Wacky Duo) and Edmund (EdUnloaded)’s experience too.

To quote from My Golf Kaki Academy’s PR contact :
“Golf is not only a physical but also a mental game. At my golf kaki Academy, we hope to develop and nurture an interest for golf through the teaching of golf skills as well as the introduction to golf etiquette and core values. Honesty, respect and courtesy are some of the core values which we want to impart to students with the aim of building their character and shaping their learning experience in positive and meaningful ways.”

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Interested to know more?

Golf Kaki Academy’s beginner course (6 weeks) starts from $22.50, which is heavily subsidised. The course details are available here.

The bloggers’ two hours session was actually a special golf-clinic, which is available for private booking (minimum 10 students).
1. Safety Briefing and Warm Up (10min)
2. Grip, Posture, Alignment and Aim (10min)
3. Half Swing Basics (25min)
4. Full Swing (25min)
5. Putting and Chipping (25min)
6. Mini Chipping and Putting Game (25min)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Address : 130E Minden Road, Singapore 248819
Operating Hours: 7am to 7pm daily. (last tee off at 5.45pm)

Contact Number: 6479 6670
Fanpage :