Johor Mount Austin eat and play

Johor Mount Austin is only 30 min drive from Woodlands Custom. This “enclave” has plenty of food and activities to keep you busy for 3D2N.

We love the relative quiet neighbourhood (compared to KSL or City Square), Mount Austin feels relatively safe for us and our car.

We have shared our favourite food joints (food ratings) and GPS in post below, with additional links to our friend’s recommendations.

One of the recent discovery is Japanese goodness “和樂屋 Warakuya”. We first noticed this corner eatery is always packed, with queues forming even before restaurant is open. Although it looks classy, the price is very reasonable, and most importantly food fresh and Instagram friendly 🙂

We will definitely visit again to satisfy our cravings for Japanese cuisine.

1.和樂屋 Warakuya (rated 4.25/5)
(GPS 1.562640, 103.779090)

Botak did not live up to expectation. We understood that the grilling was done outdoor last time, but had to move indoor due to some regulations.

The bbq meat are designed with meat lovers in mind , we found it a bit salty. Please share your review with us.

2.Botak BBQ (3/5)
(GPS 1.559208, 103.781944)

We usually stay at Prince 33, which is even nearer to our favourite food haunts. Our family do not require any elaborate rooms, just a simple bed and shower would suffice, we seldom linger in our rooms :p

For those seeking more wifi and creature comforts, you may wish to explore nearby Airbnb options, just cross the road to our usual Mount Austin eat and shop street 🙂

3. Airbnb Premium Studio (link)
(GPS 1.560998, 103.779004)

Spacious and with a pool, simple basics for a comfortable stay.

We were there last Dec to celebrate No1 (Wee)  and No3 (Yee) ‘s Birthdays.

Glad to have Heng family with us 🙂


Beside plenty of food and cafe choices, there are much fun activities in Mount Austin for a relaxing 3D2N. We blog about Austin Heights Water Park recently (link). You can do ice skating and “bouncing ” too.

4. Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park (4.25/5)
(GPS 1.560447, 103.775236)

Johor Mount Austin eat
Johor Mount Austin ice skating

Ok, not real ice, but we still had Fun :p


We would consider arcade in 5. Aeon Tebrau City (GPS 1.548643, 103.793924) as part of our fun activities too 🙂


Creamery – one of our favourite cafe.

Mount Austin Johor Cafes
Mount Austin Johor

Ice cream on cookies, please take our money 🙂

Mount Austin Creamery

6.Creamery Boutique Ice Cream (4.25/5)
(GPS 1.562176, 103.777274)

Roasted meat anyone? The duck is succulent and char siew decent. There are a few Meng Meng (阿明帝皇鸭) in Johor.

7.Meng Meng Roasted Duck (3.5/5)
(GPS 1.559458, 103.781177)

There is a Hua Mei at Mount Austin, 5 min walk from Prince 33. You will find decent coffee anytime. Toast for breakfast, Mee Siam for lunch. Hainanese chicken chop for dinner, cheap and good.

8.Restoran Hua Mei (华美) (The original store is in JB)
(GPS 1.561792, 103.776993)


If we can only recommend one breakfast spot, it must be Gim Cheng dim sum! We always try to stopover  when we visit Johor Mount Austin, alas this place is often packed. You can find carpark space behind, but there is no table space! Do consider tabao 打包 🙂

9.Restoran Gim Cheng (4.25/5)
(GPS 1.549307,103.76485 )


More photos of Mount Austin can be found on our Facebook album (link and here). Do pop by our blog posts about Mount Austin, Permas Jaya and Bukit Indah.

We have reviewed more Johor Mount Austin restaurants from the following posts:

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– Water Adventure Park –

– GoKart in Permas Jaya, super FUN! You can drive there in 30min –

– Dayre mini-blog 3D2N Food and Fun hunt – Post One and Two

-Bukit Indah (photos on our Facebook album)

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

-Prince 33 (4/5) – Comfortable bed, spacious room (to accommodate 6). Budget price and friendly staff, central location!
(GPS 1.561274, 103.776610)

-22 Fried Chicken Factory (3.75/5) – do try the extra spicy noodles
(GPS 1.559885, 103.773971)

-Korean BBQ Gogigo (3/5), budget items but nothing fanciful.
(GPS 1.559622, 103.773667)

-Restoran KKJT (蒲种上汤街, 3.25/5)
Steam fish is popular but we did not know how to appreciate, the zhi char (煮炒) dishes are so so but over-priced.
(GPS 1.565045, 103.778000)

JWC – Just Want Coffee (3.75/5) – Slightly pricey, but we love the Instagramable industrial setup, cheese cakes and latte
(GPS 1.548983, 103.775746)

A few other “popular” stalls which we did not not try, do research their Google reviews for reference.

-Grandma Kitchen  外婆家乡小菜 (Bukit Indah has a new outlet)
(GPS 1.559728, 103.773679 )

-Kassim, Indian Halal
Nice prata, Briyani and tandori, walking distance from Prince
1.56216 103.77835

Do pop by our friends’ blog for more food joints!

Johor Kaki
BPDG (Food and family activities)
Hazel Diary (cafes!)

We have blog about Johor street food too, banana cake! (link).

Diy Travelling Taiwan

Solo travelling can be a dilemma for me. I craved for the solo trip, the sense of freedom and adventure, yet I feel guilty about enjoying the moment without my family haha.

To be honest, the wanderlust in me tells me that the best holiday is the one without an itinerary. Backpack style, own-time-own-target OTOT.


鼻頭角 BiTouJiao


To travel on my own is a luxury. We parents tend to focus everything on our kids and family first, and sometimes we neglect our own aspirations :p

Our kids are now bigger and I am glad that they prefer an adventurous itinerary over a 3D2N shopping trip, this really allow us to stretch our travel options (checkout our Chiang Mai or Sabah adventures!)


Biking, hiking, snorkeling, hot spring (they call it 泡汤, literally dipping in soup!) Too many family friendly activities in Taiwan.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

While researching for Taiwan attractions, we came across Round Taiwan Round (RTR, 玩島玩旅行社).

Besides the family friendly attractions, your usual 西門町 Xi Men Ding, 清境 Cing Jing or 阿里山 Alishan, RTR has more unique tours on their menu.

-Plucking Strawberries and Grapes in Miaoli
-White water rafting in Hualian
-Hiking in He Huan Shan or Taroko
-Para-gliding near to Sun Moon Lake!

There are a few ways to enjoy Round Taiwan Round’s packages. Whichever method is your preference, the website and detail descriptions make itinerary planning easier. We can even select a Mandarin or English speaking driver.

1)Private Tours – which offers total freedom, comfort and flexibility

Sky Walking in Nantou sounds cool!

2) Shared and custom itinerary, carpool with other tourists. Tripool allows you to choose your favourite attractions. Sharing can be more affordable for solo travellers and families.

Round Taiwan Round will recommend the best route to optimise your travel time. Sample “shared” Taichung and Nantou tour.


Tripool (sharing) gives you more options to customise your itinerary, but  is only available for Jiufen and Taroko at the moment.

Sample Jiufen attractions which you can pick for your Tripool itinerary.
Just pick 5 or 6 attractions for a full-day itinerary (all looks interesting!)


Round Taiwan Round
Round Taiwan Round jiufen
3)Even if you are totally clueless, RTR has a “Smart Itinerary”.
In three easy steps, create your own itinerary!


RTR has an online agent to help with your queries too, itinerary planning cannot be easier.

Instagram #SengkangBabiesTaiwan


Photos above are from my recent Taiwan trip (Facebook album).  The other photos should credit Round Taiwan Round .

If you are in need of some travel ideas crowd sourcing, do pop by Round Taiwan Round (Facebook and Instagram) for more inspiring ideas.

RTR makes travelling in Taiwan so easy, I might be tempted to extend my Taiwan holidays 🙂

ps.. GPS for sights above, top to bottom:

-象山 Elephant Mountain trail head (GPS 25.027377, 121.570769)
-鼻頭角 BiTouJiao (GPS 25.128797, 121.923279)
-十分Shifen (GPS 25.042294, 121.776472)
-基隆山Keelung Mountain trail head (GPS 25.111730, 121.847446)

Jonker Walk Malacca

Jonker Walk Malacca (雞場街) is the place to be when you visit. The lane will be closed to traffic in the evenings and stalls will line the streets.

Do take note Jonker Walk night market is only open on Friday, and weekends.

Many tourists will meet at landmark 三叔公 (GPS 2.194958, 102.248342). This red building has a few floors selling local delicacies (土产).  

We would recommend starting your Jonker Walk Malacca trail at around 1800. It will be very crowded by 1830. It might be a good idea for kids to enjoy some light dinner (street snacks) beforehand.

Jonker Walk Malacca
Jonker Walk Malacca

Food, shopping, little bit of sight-seeing. Now that our kids are bigger, they are more adventurous when it come to new food and experience 🙂


We took our time to tour the night market, and pinched our dinner here and there.

Ear rings and accessories for the girl. There are a lot of toys to attract the kiddos too. Karaok anyone, you can peep inside the clan associations.

Jonker 88 (GPS 2.196664, 102.246669) would be one of the tourist hotspots. The iconic chendol would be a welcome respite from the merciless Sun.

YES, we are recommending you to visit Jonker 88 before Jonker Walk (market) opens at night, otherwise no seating space.

Jonker 88 is next to the muscle builder.

Food, drink, tidbits, something for everyone to enjoy. And we can still takeaway (打包) cheese tarts back to our accommodation.

A few stalls are selling watermelons! They literally use a “cream mixer” to mesh the inside for us to slurp. It took us a while to finish the whole watermelon. Fun novelty!

Some stalls will even make a sling for you to carry (just like handbag).

Some other interesting “food” eye candies along Jonker Walk Malacca.


These buns look cute, but taste-wise so so. The cute designs won us over.

Souvenirs anyone?



We spotted a static Golden Uncle. Drop a few spare bucks and Uncle will dance (moonwalk) for you. The gold glitters will rub off your shoulders too 🙂

The other entrance to Jonker Walk Malacca (GPS 2.197860, 102.245316). This stage will have some performances too. 

When the sun sets, the fanciful (and loud) rickshaws roam the streets!

Malacca rickshaws

Do pop by our recommended Malacca eateries in an earlier blog post too. More photos of our 2D2N trip uploaded on Facebook.


ps.. as with all night markets, try not to bring the strollers along. Plan for minimum 2 to 3 hours to enjoy Jonker Walk. Wear light as it will be crowded and hot.