Malacca Street food with GPS

We were in Malacca (or Melaka 马六甲) for 2D2N during the June School holidays. Malacca Street Food is famous in Malaysia, and we are not only talking about Peranakan dishes.

With the notorious jams and small lanes within the city center, walking might still be the best way to explore this ex-Portuguese enclave. Choose a accommodation near to your attractions, or food options.

We will share the street food and eateries (recommendations and ratings) in this post, GPS is end of the blog post. We will share Jonker Walk exploration in another post (all Melaka photos uploaded here).

Restoran Aunty Lee (+606 283 1001)

If you only have time for one Nonya (Peranakan) restaurant, Aunty Lee is the one! Just remember to make a reservation.

Restoran Aunty Lee
Yummy Chap chye

For the adults, there was no doubt the two best dishes were the humble “Chap Chai” and the succulent “Ponten chicken (or pork babi?)”. We just needed plain rice to go with these two delicious dishes, we would rate both at (4.5/5) .


Malacca Street food
Malacca Street food

Fried chicken (4.25/5) so good, we ordered a second serving. Crispy and crunchy just forget about the calories 🙂

We ordered some other dishes too (prawn, squid and otak), but we would deem them so-so only (3/5).

Empty plates can only mean one thing, our lunch was delicious!

The Daily Fix (Facebook)

the Daily Fix cafe
the Daily Fix cafe

There is always extra space for famous waffles. And Chocolate chip (4/5) and Banana (3.75/5) are popular at Cafes Daily Fix below 🙂

Yummy warm waffles with dipping chocolate or honey.

.. but this cafe is not easy to spot for first timer, we needed to go round a second time to confirm (look out for the logo NEXT KK and walk inside)

Besides the fabulous pancakes, do look out for the quirky props on the second floor. Infact this cafe is like a little museum, with many Instagrammable corners and props.


Lung Ann Refreshments (街隆安茶室)

Traditional kopi and toast is always popular with our family. Delicious and relaxing breakfast (and half boil egg) before we start exploring the city.

You might have to wait around as seats are limited. Enjoy your coffee and people-watch, many folks will follow their Google Map GPS and reach this location too 🙂

Experience and our breakfast is rated (3.75/5).

Lung Ann Refreshments
Lung Ann Refreshments

The same venue serves delicious satay (Satay Loi) in the evening.

Teo Soon Loong

(潮顺隆餐馆, +606 282 2353)

Teo Soon Loong Seafood
Teo Soon Loong Seafood

Standard has dropped. We felt the old corner location was more authentic and novelty. The oyster noodle and dessert were supposed to be the signature dishes, but were so so. We can only give (2.5 to 3/5).

Do check out Google Map reviews, they are still getting decent reviews, maybe we were unlucky?

Below map  (Google Map link) indicates the estimated proximity of each Malacca Street food eatery.

Malacca Food Map


Makhota Parade (GPS 2.187505, 102.248673 ) is in the center. We did not try those highlighted in red this trip :

1) Restoran Aunty Lee peranakan (GPS 2.186806, 102.273644 , 20min East of Mahkota)
2) Teo Soon Loong (GPS 2.197343, 102.232127 )

3) Nancy’s Kitchen peranakan (GPS 2.197565, 102.239598)

4) V Love Hot Pot (GPS 2.195785, 102.238601)
5) 新天地 -like Hawker Centre, crowded (GPS 2.196820, 102.238960)

6) Aunty Fatso (夜来香海鲜家) Seafood (GPS 2.198605, 102.234126), Long queue!

7) Jonker Walk – (三叔公 GPS 2.194977, 102.248334)

8) Lung Ann Refreshment – Kopi and Kaya Toast (GPS 2.195849, 102.249312)

9) The Daily Fix – Cafe (GPS 2.196229, 102.246793)

Additional TIPS :

-If this is the first time driving to Malacca, head North along “North South Highway” and exit 231 (Ayer Keroh) (take note exit numbers are descending, not ascending). Exit 231 is about 210km from SG, and it will take another 30 mins to reach Melaka center (near Mahkota). This 30min will go beyond 60 mins during school holidays!

-Driving in Malacca is relatively safer compared to Johor Bahru, the only challenge is finding carpark. We would recommend car pooling from your hotel (eg) or simply walking

-We got many food ideas from our friends Cheekiemonkies (here and here). There are still many unexplored corners in Malacca 🙂

-You may read about some highway driving and safety tips on our previous post.

We have uploaded all our Melaka photos (with more Malacca Street food) on Facebook (album).



2D1N Legoland Malaysia fun weekend

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We had a 2D1N Legoland Malaysia Fun weekend recently.

Legoland is packed with celebrations for Q4 2017. They just celebrated their 5th anniversary in September, and October is Halloween “Brick-or-Treat”.

The next Halloween weekend is on 20/21 Oct evening 🙂

2D1N Legoland Malaysia
2D1N Legoland Malaysia

Skulls, pumpkins, ghouls and other “scary” creative bricks dotted Legoland compound. (poster below, do look out for December Christmas events too)

Brick-or-Treat Halloween at Legoland

These are some of the activities you can expect at Legoland Brick-or-Treat. As Legoland is designed with families in mind, the scary antics are mild, so little ones are not spooked.

I thought the Halloween Lego bricks looks more cute than scary :p 

The Kingdom area does look difference day and night. Do take note that during “Brick-or-Treat” evenings, only “Kingdom area” is extended beyond normal Legoland operating hours.


One of the highlight would be kiddy’s costume contest (Spook-Tacular Costume Contest). Hint : We heard kids who are dressed for the horror occasion can enter Legoland for free hooray!



Photo above, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine were so adorable, the audience were full of praise and not scared. Spot a cute little witch with a bloom too.

Second (Harry Potter) and third-prized winners, congrats 🙂

The winner is a “Chinese Zombie” , who can hop very well 🙂

Then we follow the monsters horde (Brick a Boo parade) back to the front stage.

LEGO Halloween characters like Dracula and Frankenstein entertained us with some dance moves.


Many opportunities for photos, just approach the friendly “monsters” and they will obliged.

That was how we spent day one of our 2D1N Legoland Malaysia weekend.


Legoland Hotel Experience

Back at Legoland hotel, we got to spend one night in the “Adventure room”. We did mentioned before that we love Legoland’s bigger themed room (two rooms) as it can accommodate 5 or 6 easily (no need to book two rooms).



Remember the cool lift?

Everyone can be a dancing queen when the door closed !

A sunny day, and the FUN continues 😊#legolandmalaysia #sengkangBabies

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Adventure starts before we enter our room. Follow the map for a treasure hunt.

Behind the doors, scorpions and bugs await. We thought Indiana Jones would fit right into the theme.


First task for the kids, search for clues and unbox the treasure chest in our room. Lego treats await the kids 🙂

This trick always work to let the kids settle down fast.


Bunk bed is the other highlight, everyone loves to sleep at the top but only the older kids got this luxury :p (even Daddy did not had a chance)


We had stayed in Legoland Hotel’s Pirates room before (read review), and the lobby is still the main attraction for first timers. Huge mini figures greeted us at the entrance.

Kids can spot the rows (and 100 more rows) of mini-figures behind the reception too, Cool!

.. or kids can help themselves to more bricks fun at the “pits” under the castles or sailing boat.

Photo below : You may spot life-saver Boon Kang (from 2013) in the hallway too. View of Waterpark from our room.

Walk further in and Kinect will keep families entertained.

Your breakfast venue at Bricks Family Restaurant. Be prepared to queue as many families crowds the dining area! Heh, we spotted teh-tarik too, quite tasty and innovative too 🙂

Theme Parks Fun (more photos here)


Visitors to Legoland might wish to top up their day tickets by RM80 to upgrade to an annual membership (that is less than SGD $30!)

Through the rides, our kids had literally grown up with Legoland! Some rides are now deemed “childish” for them haha.   


Boon Yee looking over the horizon from his train, we did noticed many apartments had spout up around Legoland compound.


Managed to convince them to take one super-slow train ride around Legoland playground haha. 


They still prefer anything with speed and which can induce adrenaline 🙂


We heard a VR roller coaster will start cruising in November. Sounds cool, just wear a VR goggle and let the world spins and Drop around you.

Do pop by our friends’ Legoland Halloween reviews too (Life’s Tiny Miracles and WackyDuo)

Additional tips to enjoy 2D1N Legoland Malaysia:

-Book a themed room and enjoy the bundle tickets promotion

-Grab the RM80 annual membership promotion (expiry date unknown)

-If you have a combo tickets, try to enjoy the water park first (just in case day 2 should rain)

-It is possible to enjoy Wet and Dry theme parks on same day but it will be tiring for adults (not kids). It helps that the theme parks are just 5 minutes walk away from hotel

-Apply suntan lotion as it can be very hot at Legoland, and we noticed Legoland had installed huge ceiling fans to cool everyone down

-If you would like some seafood or zhi-char for dinner, drive a short 8min away to Gelang Patah (Xinmin Chu review , we love the the sweet coconut crab)

We had uploaded more photos on our Facebook album.
Do pop by for more Legoland details on their Website and Fanpage.

We have documented all our Legoland adventure at this blog tag “Legoland Malaysia“, we hope your families will enjoy your 2D1N Legoland Malaysia Fun too.

Thank you Legoland for the fun invite 🙂

Chiang Mai Elephant Jungle Sanctuary – never ride an elephant again

Chiang Mai Elephant Jungle sanctuary (EJS) is the best activity in our Chiang Mai itinerary! If you love elephants, you will get an opportunity to get super close to these gentle giants. (TripAdvisor review)

Chiang Mai Elephant
Chiang Mai Elephant

There are a few no-ride elephant venues in Chiang Mai, we chose Elephant Jungle Sanctuary because it seems to be more active in Instagram.


The tickets are not exactly cheap, so we need to make sure that our tour operator is reliable.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is about 2.5 hours drive from the city (near to Doi Inthanon). Majestic mountain ranges beckon to us over the horizon.


On a side note, you might have stopovers at rest points (R&R), do look out for a famous local cuisine, braised pork leg. It looks plain and ordinary but super succulent and tasty!

Back to the elephants, EJS estimated GPS location is 18.658668, 98.648556. Do take note Elephant Jungle Sanctuary do not entertain walk-ins. You must secure a booking through their website or phone, and a 4×4 pickup will pick you up from your hotel on tour day itself (if your location is 5km from old city)

Visitors have to change into “tribe” uniforms, and undergo an orientation. Operation of EJS, feeding protocols, and simple commands for the elephants etc.

Image credit ES


We learnt why EJS promotes No-riding policy because Asian elephants’ spines are not meant for carrying loads or humans. We might end up hurting them. Secondly, Elephants (and animals) which are trained to perform and entertain might be subject to abuse for them to “conform” to instructions.

We do not wish to harm these majestic beasts’ wellbeing.


Elephants have big appetite, they can consume up to 300kg of food every day! We know they were always happy to receive more bananas!

Chiang Mai Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

We do not need to peel the skins, Elephants consume them whole. And please save the bananas for the elephants, not humans :p

Bon Bon means “lift your trunk” and feast on bananas. These elephants are so adorable, do pardon their slightly mushy snouts haha.

Image credit ES

Some of the elephants were rescued from manual labour like logging or farming. Some were chained before and subject to other forms of cruelty.

In Chiang Mai Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, the operators depend on tourism receipts (education and awareness campaigns), and donations to let the elephants retire peacefully.


Both kids and parents enjoyed the elephants interactions!


Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
Image credit ES

Part of the package includes “mud bath” and “showering” with the elephants. Wow, their huge surface area means we need to work fast. Elephants use mud as a form of sunscreen and shield themselves from pesky mosquitos.

The guide did warn us that elephants can coconut “lingo for shit”  into the pool without warning. And Elephant poos are enormous lump of Yucks!

Image credit ES

The guides and crew were all friendly. “One” bringing Xin cross the bridge, and “Mario” acting wacko haha 🙂

Image credit ES

The crew are very considerate too. If they noticed you are too clean, they will cake you with mud. Natural spa treatment yeah 🙂

Image credit ES

Majestic yet gentle beasts. Elephants easily weigh in excess of 500kg, do not stay in their blind spots!


Elephant love to bath, humans had fun too, Songkran style! Did I mention the waters in the hills are cold.

Image credit ES


After bathing the elephants, we trek back to a waterfall. Do take note of the strong current and chilling water.

Video  (YouTube link): Checkout waterfall and elephant mud spa. Highly recommended for families 🙂

A trip to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary provided us with an educational yet enriching trip. Our kids understand they should never ride an elephant again.

Image credit ES

Lunch at EJS was simple yet one of the best during our Chiang Mai stay (no exaggeration!) . Simple vegetable and delicious curry fused perfectly and everyone requested for second helping.

Chang beer is optional, and Chang means Elephant in Thai 🙂

Dining spot offers a scenic view of the waterfall.

You will get dirty with mud and sometimes a little bit of poo.
You will feel cold, and shiver at the waterfall.

But showering and feeding with the elephants will bring back everlasting memories. We will never forget our friendly encounters with the elephants.

What a mammoth experience 🙂

Do take note that baby elephant might not always be available. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary have different camp visits everyday, and venue might be slightly different.

A half day tour is more than enough. EJS do have 2D1N itinerary.
– Fees – Adults THB 1,700 (about SGD $65), Child THB 1,300
– GPS 18.658668, 98.648556
– Do take note transport will be provide by EJS, you cannot drive in yourself
– More photos of EJS on their Instagram and website

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

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