How to prevent car theft in Malaysia?

How to prevent car theft in Malaysia? Is it even possible?
We will try to share some tips below.
How to prevent car theft in Malaysia

We love self-drive holidays in Malaysia. The freedom along the highway, the food, the scenic beach, hills and old rustic towns. The exchange rate is super attractive but not news about car jacking.

We shared some tips about driving in Malaysia (read article here), GPS Navigation, Tolls, and Safety.

Some tips and scenarios have not changed. Example :

1) Always Park Head in to discourage towing. Refer first photo above, add steering wheel lock (and pedal lock) and hope robber will find an easier target.

2) I am still trying to find a gear-shift lock. You cannot shift the gear, and like point 1 above, I hope it will deter a potential hijacker. But it seems this lock is only available in Malaysia as there is “no demand” in Singapore :p
car shift lock
(Image credit

3) I have recently added a kill switch (On/Off) for $60. If someone managed to go inside your car, he cannot start the ignition unless he knows the switch’s location.
car kill switch
(Email me for the workshop and contact, I know it works for Japanese/Korean makes, not too sure about continental. (Disclaimer : Car distributors might claim Kill-switch can void warranty)

4) In worse case, if car is towed away. You will make a police report, and “hope” some syndicate will return your car for a ransom. (This is hearsay, I cannot verify).

We can do tracing with GPS tracker app too.
– I am using Life360 app. This nifty app is compatible with both IOS and Android smartphones. Easy to setup, and it is FREE! Touch wood if car is stolen, app will guide you to the last known location of your car.

Just hide an old smartphone in your car, subscribe to a Malaysia data plan, and pray battery does not fade before your car is recovered. As a bonus, this app can trace your kids too.
GPS Life360 app
(I tried another app “GPS tracker” but it did not work on my spare Android)

Points 5 to 7 are more common sense. We sometimes like to broadcast our locations to the whole world.
I can never understand the rationale, why do we want to make it easier for crooks to locate and target us?

5) Displaying your bags in full view, or not locking your car doors. This smash and grab Youtube (link) shows how brazen and efficient the robbers can be!

5a) Invest in window film for your ride. If your window is smashed, we hope the film will allow the window to fall in one piece, and not break into smithereens. This will prevent cuts on passengers and make it easier to “clean” your car if you intend to drive to workshop for repairs. (if budget allows, go for IR and UV protection)

6) Cute family stickers, announcing your three generation family members and pets too. Kids and grandparents are easier targets (right?), rookie crooks might just be tempted to ambush the vulnerable car occupants.
car theft in Malaysia
(image credit Google search)

7) Share your location on all your social media network, Check-in, #Hashtags, Tag the resorts and what have you. We like to tell everyone on the WWW where we are, and make it easier for people to spot us.

We can always share our recommendations and locations 48 hours after checkout. Our friends would not mind #Latergram.
social media checkin

From Honda to Toyota to Continental cars, no brand is safe.
If it is any comfort, Proton is the number 1 target.

We should always remain vigilant when overseas (not only Malaysia), and try not to make the robbers’ job easier.

Back to our first question, How to prevent car theft in Malaysia?
Short of not driving into Malaysia, we can only deter the robbers by making our car a little bit harder to crack. If robbers are determined, nothing will stop him from getting away with your car.

For those first-timers driving into Malaysia, I have more driving tips here.
Do read our car dashcam Safevue review too, cheap and good.

Your family’s safety must always be the first priority.
If you have more tips to share, do let me know.

Gaya Island Resort family activities

Bliss, do not disturb our sleeping beauty.

We are near the tail end of our holidays. Our bodies are tired after all the climbs, swims, rafting and snorkeling, read about our Fun (Sabah 8D7N itinerary.)

Before we introduce you to sensuous massage at Gaya Island Resort (GIR)’s Spa village, let us share some of the family friendly activities at GIR (Gaya Day 1 facilities listed here).

Activities for the day πŸ™‚

… Swimming!

Whether you are swimming, diving, or simply resting on the deck chair. Chill πŸ™‚
Listen to the swaying idyllic trees behind, and the waves lapping infront, close your eyes.
Gaya Island Resort swimming

I hope our kids were not too loud for the guests haha πŸ™‚

Video (link) : Our water babies went to the pool everyday

We were very fortunate throughout our Sabah trip. It is supposed to be the rainy season, but we always complete our itinerary before the rain! Even Gaya Island Resort’s downpour did not affect our sunny sea activities yeah!

… experience Borneo Lifestyle

Eat, drink play, traditional Borneo way of life, right by the Beach (Singgah Singgarung).
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities6

You can relax on hammock, pick a dance routine, or play sepak takaw. Guests and staff mingle together, Happy Hour πŸ™‚
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities5

Henna or leaf-weaving anyone? The “grasshoppers and fishes” look real πŸ™‚
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities4

… Hiking

On our last day, I brought the boys on a 1-hour Guided Nature Walk. We were introduced to Gaya Island’s flora and fauna. Our guide told us that Gaya Island used to be under the sea a long time ago, we can still spot white sand along the trail.

Termite colony, river stream, all part of Gaya Island’s protected Nature reserve.
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities9

Smell the bark, incense (for temples) is crafted from these bark πŸ™‚
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities7

Our guide (Jamie) introduced us to Tongkat Ali and Rattan.

Kids look blur when I told them Tongkat Ali is aphrodisiac, so I told them make man powerful (grin).
Rattan need no introduction, they straight away answer “cane” hee hee.

On a lighter note, Angle head lizards spotted camouflaged along the stem.
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities8

Although it is only a short 1 hour walk, the steps are steep and narrow. I calculated 3000 steps up and down, and 20 stairs worth of elevation.

Our view at the exit point, Mount Kinabalu is hiding behind the clouds.

… SPA Village

With so much activities, our body needs a soothing rub.
Lush greenery, Spa Village is surrounded by trees and mangroves, a sanctuary.
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities2

Pampered like a Queen πŸ™‚

The treatment and massage session, relaxing, sensuous and therapeutic.

Salt scrub, herbal bath, and a cool orchid soak. All the ingredients are from Gunung (Mountain) Kinabalu. This is followed by body steaming, infuse herbal blend of the many gingers from the rainforest.
Day 7 Gaya Island Resort activities1

Shiok, Detox. Soothe those taut muscles. Mummy is one happy customer πŸ™‚
Gaya Island Resort massage and spa

We leave the best for last, next us is snorkeling.
kiss choo

Gaya Island Resort allows you to do everything, or simply just relax. We could not ask for a better way to chill and relax after 5D4N of activities in western Sabah. Do pop by our Sabah itinerary and photos below:

Sabah 8D7N itinerary
– Sabah Day 1 – Street food discovery
– Sabah Day 2 – White Water Rafting!
– Sabah Day 3 – Twin Islands Hopping
– Sabah Day 4 AM – Desa Cow Farm
– Day 4 PM – Kinabalu Park
– Day 5 – Poring Hot Spring + Waterfall + Canopy walk
– Day 6 – Gaya Island Resort – Luxury Villa
– Day 7 Gaya Island Resort Family Activities

More photos have been uploaded on our Fanpage album :
Day 1 and 2 – Klagan hotel, White Water rafting
Day 3 – Water sports, Island hopping
Day 4 – Desa Cow Farm and Kinabalu Park
Day 5 – Poring Hot Spring and vicinity
Day 6 – Gaya Island Resort
Day 7 – Snorkeling and private beach
Day 8 – Hiking, Home sweet home

*All expenses on Gaya Island Resort had been sponsored.

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