Khao Kho Sea Clouds and Tanrak Talaymok Resort

Khao Kho Sea Clouds 云海 was the best experience for our family.

You might have seen the amazing Khao Kho Sea Clouds on your social media channels. Try Facebook “Travel Intern, Tripcanvas and Klook”.

Khao Kho (in province Phetchabun) is also known as Thai Alps 🙂

Personally, some of Khao Kho best attractions are :
-Khao Kho Sea Clouds
Sunrise (Phu Thap Boek, a bit far and likely need 4wd )
-Wat Prathat Phasornkaew (the famous temple)
-Windmill (farm)

Khao Kho Sea Clouds
Khao Kho Sea Clouds

We stayed at Tanrak Talaymok Resort (แทนรัก เขาค้อ, GPS 16.649768, 100.996217) for 2 nights. Had chosen this resort as they have good reviews and the 云海 looks good.

Sea of clouds (or 云海) simply refer to the thick mist or fog which forms when warm air meets cooler ground. It is more visible and thicker in a valley or over water body (rainy season the best).

We were seated at restaurant daily before 6am, just to catch Khao Kho Sea Clouds. You will noticed that special tour groups will come up to the same spot in their van “tuk tuks”!

Keen anticipation as the Sea of clouds slowly roll towards us! Spectacular, early birds catch the best views, definitely worth sacrificing our sleep.

In rainy months, the Sea Clouds can even reach the restaurant! (check out Tanrak Talaymok video! link)

Look closely and you can see the vehicles driving through the mist. We were wondering whether there are any occupants in the camper vans.

YouTube (link) Sea of Clouds at breakfast.

Non-stop selfies and wefies.

The Sea of clouds can linger for up to 2 or 3 hours. Breakfast with a nice scenic view.

Little cottage style, Tanrak Talaymok is famous for the front view of Sea Clouds, and their fresh produce (especially vegetables).

Enjoying the little plots of landscaping all over the resort. Love birds and Instagram friendly.

View from our rooms.

The reservoir could explain why the mist is constantly fascinating everyday.

Tanrak Talaymok’s Green toilet makes you linger a bit longer.

Weather temperature will drop to 20 to 24 degrees in the evenings. I was lured to take a run, but the hilly slopes nearly killed my legs!


Do nothing,  just enjoy the glorious Sunset!

We had mookata dinner on one night. There is a small night market near to (Khao Kho most beautiful) Post Office.

Street food price range from ฿35+.

There is a steamboat next door (Gps 16.631111, 100.995833). Mookata fees per head was about ฿199. (rated 3.5/5)

Perfect cuisine to warm our tummy.

On another night, we dined inhouse at Tanrak Talaymok (rated 3.5/5). Restaurant is famous for greens and tom yam. You need to RSVP early to have a spot.

Earlier, this was how we travelled to Khao Kho. We met 叔叔 at Suvarnabhumi Airport first.

Followed by a 5 1/2 hour travelling time up to Khao Kho. It might be tough for young families.

khao kho map

We might recommend some midway stopovers. Lopburi or Saraburi for sunflowers, or Khao Yai (farms) is very popular with Singaporeans!

Lopburi sunflowers (dated 2016)

Rental van (and driver) would be ฿4000+ per day.

Along the way, snacks kept us sane 🙂
Could not remember what this was, it was some fried fish, but tasted heavenly.

Our favourite convenience stall, 7-11 🙂
You can microwave your breakfast,lunch and dinner .

We stop over at PTT Petrol stations enroute. Besides the 7-11, the toilets are super clean!

Interesting sights. As you drive further north, motorcycles helmets become optional.

As we reach higher grounds, you can spot sweet strawberries everywhere. (you can pluck too). Grapes farms are available too, but depends on seasons for plucking.

We will share more about our Khao Kho activities in the next post. Meanwhile, all photos (and GPS) are loaded in Facebook albums here (day 1) and here (day 2 & 3) .

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Do follow Tanrak Talaymok Resort Facebook for the latest updates.
Hotel service is good and friendly. Very clean, one night is estimated $130 per room.

Oh, Talay is Thai for Sea, and Mok is Cloud 🙂

Do research this two blog posts for the best Khao Kho Sea Clouds experience. You might be inspired to camp too! Just imagine waking up early and catching the cloud from your tent!

If you want shopping, Khao Kho might not be suitable for you. There are only fruit farms, no animal farms.  Just go and chill and enjoy some fresh air 🙂

If you love Khao Kho, you will like our Chiang Mai Family itinerary. Chiang Mai is still our best destination in Thailand.


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Beautiful Enoshima Island

You must visit Enoshima Island (江の島) if you are in Kamakura (鎌倉). It is 2 hours south of Tokyo, I have blog about Kamakura day trip out of Tokyo, visit our Kamakura itinerary too.

I will share more about my Kakiya Ryokan in this post. It is a budget homestay, but cosy and with a “personal” onsen too 🙂

40min (train and walk) from Kamakura Station.

From Enoshima station, walk 15 min across the bridge. 90% of the folks will walk across, a few will drive. You might wish to selfie with the famous Enoshima station mascot “birds”.

Take a slow stroll after dinner to Enoshima, or go early and enjoy an Onsen soak, Mount Fuji (only during Winter period) and sunset view. When night falls, Sea Candle is like a shining beacon (literally).

Sea Candle is the lighthouse look-alight structure. It will be illuminated in the evenings.

You might wish to be romantic and catch the sunset along the waterline too. I was alone, and trying to catch the outline of Mount Fuji (below photo right side)

Infact, Kamakura is famous for Mount Fuji and beach (or Enoden train) backdrops. Many Instagramable corners, checkout the hashtags #Enoshima and #Kamakura !

After the bridge, you will see this Torii gate,  get ready to climb (maybe about 300 steps) and there are plenty of slopes.

Enoshima Island
Enoshima Island

If you have bought the 700 yen all-in Enoden Shonan rail ticket (previous Kamakura itinerary post), you get to enjoy a complimentary escalator ride (you are welcome).

Otherwise, the 30 minute climb will let you enjoy the sea breeze and chilling atmosphere. Beautiful sceneries all around, Enoshima is alluring both day and night.

Elaborate landscaping, and a super relaxed cat.

Enoshima Winter Illumination starts from end Nov to early Feb. I am not sure whether the garden is illuminated during other seasons. (do visit Instagram hashtag #Enoshima for latest updates, there is a resident cosplay player too)

It was blooming with tulips when I visited in 2018 Feb.

Stunning colourful tulips every corner!

Pay Yen 300 for Cocker Garden entrance, this is not inclusive of Sea Candle climb. I thought the Winter illumination “gardens and lightings” are mesmerising enough, no need to pay and climb the lighthouse.

Magical! Love the lightups!

The lighted corridor proves irresistible for many couples, so romantic, so fascinating!

Enoshima Cocking Garden

I am very impressed with this setup. Think Gardens by the Bay’s  Christmas setup in Flower Dome,  Enoshima is easily two times bigger.

I stayed at Kakiya Ryokan (GPS 35.309393, 139.491292) for my Kamakura 2D1N trip. I had booked Kakiya through for $67 then (Get latest ryokan update here )

Although budget Ryokan, it has tatami flooring to keep you warm. Ryokan even comes with a free Onsen for your use (need to reserve 30 minutes-slots beforehand).

Kakiya Ryokan is ideal for walking to and fro from Enoshima.

Kakiya Ryokan

Take note Ryokan is just next to Enoden train track. Light sleepers might hear the soft rumblings of passing trains.

Super friendly hosts, who are ever obliging.

I could not remember whether breakfast is inclusive for the room. I doubt so, as room rates are already so cheap. Please top up and get delicious Breakfast and Lunch! The fish and anchovies are really yummy.

My simple bedroom.

You can soak for 30 minutes in their “bathroom” Onsen, an longer if no one has booked a slot after you 🙂

I enjoyed the exclusivity and solitude.

As Kamakura is next to the sea, residents are trained to evacuate during a Tsunami. There is a life jacket in my room #IFeelSoSafe

Day or night, Enoden charms.

This ends my charming 2D1N Kamakura itinerary. Do visit all the photos of Enoshima Island and Kamakura on our Fanpage album.

Kamakura and Enoshima Island is suitable for both couples and families, find out more about Enoshima Island from this link.

enoshima Island
Kamakura photos

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