Desaru Day 2 – Fruit Farm

We start Day 2 visiting Desaru Fruit Farm (DFF). Daddy thought it will be educational for kids to see fruits growing on trees, instead of baskets (NTUC). We did not expect the chicken dung aroma to be so Intoxicating hee hee πŸ™‚

From our Lotus Desaru Resort, driving takes 20 min. It takes about 10min (9km) for us to drive from Resort to main road (Petronas). At Petronas junction, once we turn right, DFF is another 10min away. Click for map.

Desaru fruit farm is 180 acres, Daddy is not sure how BIG is 180acres, so he told the kids “very BIG” farm :p

There is a first time for everything. We mounted the lorry for a short 10min drive.

As we walk along, kids shouted Rambutan, Papaya, banana, etc etc. They can identify the common fruits.

Besides seeing, we need our kids to feel the texture, smell the fruit, and even taste the fruit. Sensory treat for our taste bud and nose πŸ™‚

We ask kids to smell the herbs and grass. Lemon grass smells sweet, mint = colgate, and our favourite pandan chiffon cake. πŸ™‚

Look above, we can see the thick undergrowth of vines, and gourds. Shelter from the hot sun.

Look around, can you find the “Warning signs” about the RM 500 fruit.
NO, not the Durians!

If your kids should anyhow pluck any fruits, you will know which fruit costs RM 500 !

We should let our guide pluck the fruits for us. Kids share their discovery with each other πŸ™‚

Photo opportunities, curious minds learning about the different fruits. We love our fruit farm walk.

Looking at the first photo, Boon Yee managed to salvage a baby “Durian” from the floor, and he was so proud of his discovery.

Besides fruits and plantations, Daddy like the oasis feeling. Walking along the green corridor felt so soothing.

Carps fishing, ooops should be feeding. We actually saw some kids using their hands to pet or scoop the carps! There are so many of them !

We made our way to the Zoo. Yes, we have heard friends mention about the mini zoo. It is about two basketball courts, with plenty of animals.

The geese, ducks and sometimes rabbits are free to roam the compound. Kang ventured into the hugh rabbit coop, and got stucked. The rabbits were blocking the entrance, and poor Kang could not exit :p

Please buy more food (RM 2 ) to feed the hungry goats and rabbits. The smaller goats are allowed out of the pen.

Refer to the photo above. Boon Yi is actually quite scare when Daddy took his photo. He is worried the goats will come too near…

After the mini Zoo, we mounted the lorry for the return trip. Tourists are “encouraged” to listen to honey sales-pitch πŸ™‚ Daddy took the kids out to disturb the cats.

Our tickets come with a pre-pack fruit box. Do not expect Durian or Dragonfruit ok. If you are hungry, you can actually settle your lunch at the farm.

Entry fee for Desaru Fruit Farm is Adults (RM20) and children (RM15).
We recommend the fruit farm for most urban folks, to learn, to taste and to expose the kids to “real” plantation.

Do take note that you can only tour the farm with a guide, and the tour (inclusive mini Zoo) will take up to 2 hours. For more fruits and animals at DFF, do pop by our fanpage Desaru Day 2 album.

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Hong Kong Day 5 – Food streets

In Hong Kong, you can find food, tarts, snacks, desserts literary at every corners ! Be it food streets or street food, we are spoilt for choices !

What about egg tarts, char-siew sou or po-lor bun (pineapple) for breakfast? Yummy !

In the evening, we can always rely on the delicious dessert stalls nearby. We indulge in sweet stuffs every night πŸ™‚

With our hotel Shamrock’s central location, the public transport (Train and Bus) serves us well. We can always reach good decent food within 10min walk in any direction !

Traditional Hongkong breakfast are those we see in dramas. Congee, fried fritters (you tiao), Zhu Chang Fen, and bee hoon πŸ™‚

We finish all our porridge.

The streets are always so colourful and full of life.

More breakfast and lunch options.

Even 7-11 got an impressive range of food to cater to everyone. Just pre-heat and enjoy.

After lunch, we got a train to catch. Hello, Mickey, here we come !

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Desaru θΏͺ沙鲁 day 1

The nearest resort in Malaysia could very well be Desaru. In fact, when we talk about Desaru, Lotus and seafood always come into the picture.

Together with ε€§θˆ…’s family, we were at Lotus Desaru for a 3D2N holiday during school holidays.

There is a new expressway to Desaru. Just head towards Kota Tingi, follow Desaru signboard. Once you reach “E22” expressway, it means Desaru FUN is about 70 km away πŸ™‚ The journey took us one hour from Malaysia custom.

This has shaved 1 hour off the old-route. We got a google map on our Desaru Itinerary post.

We book the two-bedroom unit at Lotus for it’s spaciousness.

A pool view would definitely be more enchanting.

Earlier, while the adults are checking into our room at the lobby, kids could not contain their excitement as the maps indicate swimming pools everywhere !

Lotus Desaru consists of a few blocks, you will need a jeepney to travel in between the blocks.

The kids do not mind πŸ™‚

In the afternoon, we start our Fun with Lazy River.

Video : Only the video can show you how much Fun we had!

The pool. Everyone from the Lazy River will be dumped here.

** Do take note that adult should follow if the kid is a non-swimmer. The exit point of the slide have some strong currents, and are often congested. Kids might crash into someone else and the current might churn the kids round and round.

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You must try the Coconut. The husk will pour gallons of water onto you ! There is a children playground, but we will recommend that smaller kids avoid the slide. Too steep and fast, we have seen kids slide and land with a big thud :p

We promised this simple slide next to COCONUT will be interesting too. It is suitable for children all ages. Kids love to go down the slide in a convoy !

Boon Xin kept covering her hands before impact. Hillarious !

The “waterfall” at the pool is always popular. Xin and Yi like to shower under the water streams.

In the evening, we decided to drove out for seafood dinner. Do take note Sungei Renggit is the nearest town with decent seafood. It is 28Km, 30min away, and road is dark, with pot holes. There are certain stretches where we cannot even see the center divider, high beam away πŸ™‚

Otherwise, once you reach Sungei Renggit, just look for any restaurant with customers. We were clueless too, and we end up with Jade (*updated 2014Dec – On our second trip, we found a Jade Garden but it seems to have been upgraded to an aircon restaurant, we ended up with “Beautiful Village”)

Our dinner was very Satisfying πŸ™‚ Daddy was curious why most restaurant is recommended by Singapore’s Channel U?

Kids looking at their seafood, before and after. Did I ate that lobster?

More updates can be found at Lotus Desaru website.

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Do pop by our Fanpage for more photos. Click for a summary of our 3D2N Desaru itinerary.

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