Crowne Plaza Changi Airport staycation

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24 hours every day, 365 days every year, Changi Aiport never sleeps.
During our Crowne Plaza Changi Airport staycation (read Day 1 here), we could literally walk the Airport Terminals in our pyjamas but we are too conservative :p

As the world buzz around us, it feels serene for us to enjoy our slower weekend pace. Yup, as fun as relaxing (and delicious) as Boon Yee’s donuts 🙂

We started the day with a marvelous breakfast at Crowne Plaza’s Azur.

Family time, bonding over fresh juices, omelette and muffins.

Kids help themselves to multiple servings of Azur’s delicious Tim Sum.

As we explore Changi Airport Terminals (1,2 and 3), this airport is always buzzing. Fantastic connections, both domestic and international, bring everyone to Changi Airport, inbound, outbound and transit. MRT, Skytrain and Taxis mean Changi Airport is always accessible.

We landed at Canopy, an indoor playground at Terminal 1. Entertainment and lifestyle options are listed at this link, and Canopy playground is Free 🙂

After Canopy, we met up with our Disney friends back at T3. As it was the Christmas month, we had toy soldiers, Mickey and friends to raise the festive spirit. There was a giant bouncing castle to thrill the kids too!

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Happiness is easy to achieve for our kids, just buy them a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Mummy and Daddy will be contented with just a cup of warm coffee 🙂

Boon Kang is happy spotting the airplanes land and takeoff. He was telling us that the Jumbo planes make more splashes (and mist) when they land on the wet runway.

For those who like shopping (not necessary Mummy), iShopChangi offers you shopping experience from your keyboard. It certainly helps that Changi Airport absorbs 7% GST too!
Shopping at Changi Airport

Did you know that Free Wifi is available at Changi Airport too? Social Media addicts Digital Influencers will be busy updating their Online persona.

Our Fun 3D2N staycation on Instagram.

One more thing about staycation at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, everything is self-contained within the “lifestyle hub”! Entertainment, food, shopping, our itinerary was never affected by the weather 🙂

Dinner at Paradise Inn. Simple cuisines to make our tummies happy.

Posing at Singapore’s Tourism office. Do take note this is not exactly a playground but the friendly staff allow us to pose with Ah Meng’s descendents and other famous Resorts World Sentosa attractions.

Kinetic Rain day or night, is always soothing. We end the evening with more slides at T3 🙂

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2014 Disney Magic at Changi Airport

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Kota Tinggi Waterfall

Selfie infront of Kota Tinggi waterfall, just in case kids thought the one at Bird Park and Cloud Forest is real :p
Kota Tinggi Waterfall

Entry fee for visitors and vehicles (Weekday rate, Adult Child RM7.50 and RM3.50 respectively)

Before there were themeparks, waterfalls were the main source of entertainment. It was definitely less crowded 30 years ago when Daddy visited. Condition was more pristine and natural then. It was free too :p

Initially, everyone was hesitant. What if I slip, why water so cold?
It is easier to navigate the rocks by crawling or even swimming gently over the boulders.

Never jump into Kota Tinggi waterfall (like those in movies) as your ankle might land in a rock crevice and get twisted. Strong currents might be hidden under pool of water.

But after getting soaked, the smiles and splashes never stopped. Daddy encouraged everyone to nudge themself under the running water. Shiok and rejuvenating!

Wow, Cool! (literally) The cold water really jolt us hard 🙂

Floats can be rented to ride the slides. We skip this as there was enough fun hiding under the torrent of waters.

Kota Tinggi Waterfall still retain its charm.

Do climb to the top tier of Kota Tinggi Waterfall. It is less crowded, more peaceful and the falls are more scenic and dramtic. Hold on tight to the kids as pathway is narrow and can be slippery.

We will recommend Kota Tinggi Waterfall if you have not been to one before. There are better waterfalls in Malaysia and elsewhere.

Video (link) : Waterfall is fun! But be careful of strong currents

Tips to enjoy waterfall :
– No running or jumping on the rocks. Walk slowly (or even crawl), it is very slippery. If kids slip, they might just pull adults down!
– Avoid waterfall after heavy rain, water from the top might gush down and sweep visitors away
– Water depth is shallow near the cascading waters but deeper in the man-made pools
– (Just in case) Tell the kids not to drink from waterfall water, Google “rat urine waterfall” effects

– No shower facility, only small cubicles to change
– No swimwear policy but locals will wear everyday clothes (jeans too) into the water 🙂

– Food. There are some side stalls selling street food near the waterfall entrance, and nearest shopping mall (Kota Tinggi Plaza) is about 15km drive away. Pack some light food (picnic) to the waterfall.

– GPS for Kota Tinggi Waterfall – N01 49.81 E103 49.96
From Woodland customs, drive 58km towards Kota Tinggi direction

Useful Malaysia Waterfalls blog –

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