Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao review

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This lap pool at Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao always set our hearts fluttering.
Imagine living on the first floor, our swimming suits will never be dry!
Holiday Inn Mai Khao pool

Our rooms over 4D3N were the two bedrooms family suite (83sqm). Kids were actually assigned a Junior Suite, but the room will be on another block, end up we chose two Family Suites.

Kids got their own LCD but I suspect the only console they need is the PS3!

Love how Holiday Inn makes an extra effort to ensure kids are catered to. Juniors got their own shower kit, there is a stool for them to ensure they are tall enough to brush their teeth too.
Phuket day12

If they wish, kids can choose their own cartoon linens too! Parents will be impressed with the attention lavished on details.
Phuket day13

Kids definitely have it better. Compare their bathtub with adult’s single shower head 🙁
Phuket day14

Parents will be jealous of the kids’ humongous bathtub! In case any parents wish to hijack the romantic bathtub, do take note kids will have a full view from their room :p

Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao’s Junior Suites (69sqm) also come with two rooms and yes, PS3 too. The only difference is Junior suite comes with bunk beds!
Phuket Mai Khao Holday Inn suites
* Available accommodations are available at this link

Looking at Boon Xin’s expression, our vacation at Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao has got off to a good start.
Phuket Mai Khao Holday Inn review

From the first picture above, this is the pool view from within a Deluxe room! Guests can literally leap into the pool from their living room. Official Hotel policy needs child to be above certain age before room is available for booking (just to be safe).
Phuket Mai Khao Holday Inn

Activities galore at Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao resort. There is always something going on for everyone from young to old, most activities are free.
Phuket day119

Water polo or soccer anyone?

Boys love table tennis and darts.
Phuket day117

There is always the pristine and deserted Mai Khao Beach facing the Andaman sea.
Phuket day118

Love the huge comfortable lounge. We can literally doze off and enjoy the breeze.

The open green landscaped field, kids always prefer to walk on the lawn than pavement.

Lunch at Khun Pa, decorated like a street walk eatery. Guests can get to enjoy Thai street food.
Quite authentic, I would say.
Phuket day18

The fruits are real, but the seller is trying to act cute. Watermelon or pineapple anyone?

All respectable resorts come with a Kid’s Club, and Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao’s rock. Boon Xin checkin to this fun room every day! Friendly staff and plenty of activities keep the young ones occupied and entertained.
Phuket day110
Phuket day112 Phuket day111

The huge ball pit proves a hit with older kids too.
Mai Khao Holday Inn kids club

Love this pool side couches at J’s Cafe and Restaurant. We can literally dine under the pool’s water level, just ensure kids keep their hands off the water!

Super relaxing and chill with friends and family.
Phuket day15

Our buffet dinner, seafood, grilled meat and desserts. Abundant selection for everyone.
Phuket day116
Phuket day114
Phuket day115

Movie nights on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Stars (Star gazing) are readily available from the open air “cinema”.
Phuket day11

Adults are tired after a full day, but kids still want to play Fifa on their PS3.
Phuket day1

We would like to shout Thank you Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao for sponsoring our stay and meals during our 4D3N vacation. If you are looking for a quiet and self-contained family friendly resort, we will strongly recommend Holiday Inn Phuket Mai Khao.

However, do take note that nightlife and street-food variety will not be available outside Holiday Inn’s Phuket Mai Khao resort, that would be another resort at Holiday Inn Phuket Patong.

More details about resort can be found on their Website, Fanpage and Instagram.
– Our friends’ raving reviews (Cheekiemonkies, AJugglingmum, LilBlueBottle)
– Good reviews on Tripadvisor
– Our last trip Phuket/Krabi area was in 2010 Krabi adventure (5D4N)

*Did you know Kids Stay and Eat Free! Yeah, details and T&C here)
phi phi island speed boat

We will share more fun Family activities, cuisines and even a trip to Phi Phi island soon. Meanwhile, our Day 1 and Day 2 photos and blog are already uploaded to our Fanpage albums (Day 1, Day 2 Phi Phi, Day 3, and photo Day 3 Massage and pool, photos Day 4 Yoga and Aeroplanes)

Desaru Crocodile farm

At Desaru Crocodile farm, one of the crocodiles came close to Boon Kang (camera angle). Parents need not worry as water is shallow, and crocs cannot propel their tail and rocket upward.

Buaya alert as this croc is only 5m, and weighs 400kg!

Desaru Crocodile Farm is one of the popular attractions for tourists, there are more than 1000 beasts in this farm alone.

It is about 30km drive from Lotus Desaru (or 80km from Woodlands checkpoint)
Lotus Desaru
(image credit Google map)

It happened to be Boon Yee’s Birthday when we visited, we rented a crocodile (inclusive duct-taped jaw) for him to pose. His No2 brother Boon Kang’s keep-that-BUAYA-away expression is priceless haha!

(RM2 per croc per child)

We paid a small fee (RM20) for three dead chickens. The encik (keeper) will then invite poke the crocodiles to feast, but they need to perform first.
Crocodile Farm fees

Feeding frenzy.
crocodile feeding

Waiting eagerly for the crocodiles to leap up. We suspect they already had breakfast, not many were eager. If you wish to have a feel of the crocodile tail’s strength, stand near the wall and wait for it to splash water onto you.

After watching the crocodile’s prowess, everyone heeded the warning signs. There is no doubt humans are fair game for the crocs and there will be little left when they are done with human steaks!
crocodile Farm address

Ok, taking wefie is still safe, as long as we do not lean over the wall.

We follow the Uncle as he show us the different crocodiles around the farm.

To get the crocodiles’ attention, he has a 4m pole to poke them. When the crocodiles are angry, you can hear their low frequency hiss and your hair might just stand. Imagine coming face to face with one of them when you are swimming!

This one is staring at you! It’s menacing gaze was seizing us up and down, definitely not the most comforting thought.

Desaru Crocodile farm (鳄鱼场) also harvests crocodile hide for Bonia bags. We heard herbal tonic made from crocodile meat is highly nourishing. Have you heard of a sick crocodile before, these crocs were once relatives with dinosaurs and they will likely outlive the human race.

Older crocodiles have their own enclosures. Perhaps to prevent provoking each other, these are territorial beasts.

The crocodile living in captivity can live above 300 years old! A few specimens are above 155 years old, and even 170s years old already!

We saw a deformed crocodile too. Initially Daddy thought it sustained the injury in a fight, but apparently, it was born without a tail.


We would strongly recommend Crocodile World for the kids, you do not get so close to “dinosaurs” everyday.

More details about Desaru’s Crocodile World :
Tickets – Adult RM8, Child RM4
GPS – N1.56537 E104.02647 (30 min drive from Lotus Desaru)

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