Jalan Alor Food

Mention Jalan Alor food and Chicken Wings come to mind.
Jalan Alor Chicken Wing

If you are visiting KL (Kuala Lumpur) for the first time, Jalan Alor might be a good bet to start your dinner. It is about 8 min walk from Bukit Bintang Monorail station.
Jalan Alor photos

Map. Bukit Bintang station is smack in the heart of happening food and shopping zone.
Map of Jalan Alor
(image credit Google Map)

Boon Yee’s own restaurant, we are curious about the huge jar’s content 🙂
jalan Alor6

Sugarcane, coconut, KL is hot, replenish your water. We packet some fried chicken home for supper.
jalan Alor5

Jalan Alor is really packed every evening. Spotted a lot of tourists. We recommend families to reach around 5.30pm to have an early dinner. It will be more difficult to find a seating place after 6.30pm.
jalan Alor4

Busy street with lanterns above, and handicapped folks singing a tune or two.
jalan Alor7

Restoran Wong Ah Wah or WAW (with Mickey mouse lookalike emblem) is at the end of the street. WAW consists of 5 stalls!

And it all started with Wong Ah Wah (maybe KL’s most famous) chicken wings. According to a Taiwan TV variety, 5000 wings are sold every night!
Jalan Alor Food

Surprisingly, our kids prefer the non-spicy stingray more than the chicken wings.
jalan Alor2

Roasted Pork noodle. It got too sinful after the 5th mouth :p
jalan Alor

Try it for the novelty, but you must not count the lard calories.
Jalan Alor food


Calamari is recommended.

Frog legs

At WAW, you can sit at any of the 5 stalls, we believe the menus are offering the same food. Our total damage came up to RM140.

Price is considered cheap compared to Singapore, but Jalan Alor is meant for tourists and the price here is slightly higher. What it offers is a one stop convenience to savour all the good food. Yummy experience!
Streetfood KL

Before we head back, we thought we should try some durians. Bad choice, we chose a watery durian which sucks. Should have spent more to buy Mao Shan Wang, but there are better place to try durians.
jalan Alor3

We bid Jalan Alor good night, but crowds are still streaming in.

Additional tips :
– GPS N03.14468, E101.71374
– Opening hours of Jalan Alor food street seems to be 24 hours (cannot confirm)
– Due to the crowd, we felt relatively safe walking along Jalan Alor
– Hold on to the little ones, as cars can still drive slowly along the street
– More food photos can be found on our KL Day 2 photo album

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E&O residences review

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This pool is an Oasis at EO Residences! No wonder kids wish to go swimming every day.
We are impressed with the amount of lush greenery and landscaping all around us.
EO Residences pool

It took us about 4 hours to drive North to KL city (including lunch), familiar landmarks like Petronas Twin Towers and KL Towers can be spotted over the horizon. It must be at least 10 years since we last visited KL (Kuala Lumpur).

Most of the time, we bypass KL(吉隆坡) on the way to Genting, except 2010 Sunway Lagoon, and 2013 Kidzania (PJ).
KL Day 1 E&O6

This time round, we were invited to KL’s E&O Residences for a 3D2N stay. It was a good opportunity for our family to catch up with what KL has to offer.

E&O residences is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur metropolis, yet we are insulated from the bustling streets, traffic jams and hot weather. Luscious landscapes, water bodies ensure guests enjoy their vacation and rest.
KL Day 1 E&O8
KL Day 1 E&O4

Lobby checkin.
KL Day 1 E&O2

E&O Residences’ 2-bedrooms suites are 1400 sq ft, just look at the spacious hall.

Bedroom and dedicated study room, did I mention wifi signal is good and free?
KL apartments

Elegant and luxurious bathroom.


Good thing about apartments are they allow you to cook something light, or wash and dry, and yet we can always rely on room service (just like hotels) to clean up if we are lazy 🙂
KL Day 1 E&O13

Video : Boon Xin is too short for the basin (hahaha), and swimming pool FUN!

View of KL Twin Towers (Petronas) from our room, Towers look magnificent, day and night.
KL Day 1 E&O7

Kids quickly make themselves at home, it means they are comfortable with their rooms 🙂
Friendly staff at E&O gave the kids some toys and drawing kits in case they need additional activities.
KL Day 1 E&O14

Who could resist the alluring green view from our full screen window. The pool is so inviting!
KL Day 1 E&O

Kang loves the pool, so do we! You will notice that the pool is fringed by tall trees, providing shade and that sanctuary feeling.

E&O Residences’ pool comes with jacuzzi pools and a view of KL Twin Towers.
KL Day 1 E&O10

Kids help themselves with the jacuzzi pools.
KL Day 1 E&O9

Boon Xin is trying to tip toe and show you she is 1.2m tall. Smaller kids will need to bring float along to enjoy the pool.
KL Day 1 E&O11

There is a mini playground corner next to the gym. While parents jog on the treadmill, they can keep a close watch over the kids.
KL Day 1 E&O12

Love the feature wall. Just follow the steps to fold a boat or an aeroplane.

Relax on the swinging beds, do not swing too hard after a heavy meal :p
Needless to say, this swinging beds are very popular with guests.
KL Day 1 E&O5

Lush green landscape all around us, can you spot KL Tower through the roof?
KL Day 1 E&O3

Monorail station Rajah Chulan is just a 10min walk away. Just hop one stop to Bukit Bintang, where food and shopping awaits! Think Lot 10, Sungei Wang, Berjaya Times Square, and many more food options.
KL Day 1 E&O1

Thanks to E&O Residences, we have rekindled our interest in KL and realised 3D2N is not enough to explore KL. Get the latest updates from E&O Residences Website and Fanpage.

Additional tips to enjoy KL :
– leave the car in the carpark and take public transport. GPS is not always pinpoint accurate, as the streets are too closely interlinked. Long detour if you miss one junction. Even locals will tell you to take the train.

– One station from “Rajah Chulan” (nearest to our apartment) to “Bukit Bintang” (for shopping and food) cost RM1.20
– E&O Residences is 10 min walk from KL Towers, and 15 min from Petronas Twin Towers (refer E&O map)

– the one-bedroom suite at E&O Residences were fully occupied during our stay, do enquire early to make your reservation

– do pop by our Malaysia road trip and safety recommendations (Genting, Cameron, Ipoh, Melaka, Cyberjaya, Legoland etc)

E&O Residences logo

We will share more food options on day 2 and 3, meanwhile, our 3D2N photos are available on our Fanpage (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)

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