Cool temperature, English scones, hotpot steamboat, strawberry, Boh tea

Cameron Highlands, here we come.

Thanks to sponsors Strawberry Park and Rogue Communications, SengkangBabies will be enjoying 3D2N in the highlands. We will be singing our Singapore pledge (09Aug) at 1500m above sea level.

We last smell Cameron’s Strawberries in 2005, Daddy love the English cottages and delicious scones. Can you imagine a hotpot steamboat in sub 20 degrees? Or watching the sun rise over the green misty Tea valley?

We will extend our holiday with two nights at Malacca, savoring Peranakan dishes and Jonker Street desserts. We stayed at Holiday Inn in 2010, and we love the infinity pool.

While you wait for our Cameron photos, Daddy will recommend you to try some handmade cookies at KAAMP. Click for some cute chefs in action. Fyi, the cookies taste and look nice, none was leftover for breakfast.

On a side note, did you know Doraemon will be born 100 years from this year, ie 2112? Do pop by Doraemon fanpage to catchup with upcoming activities.

Finally, Majulah Singapura !!!

Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool

At Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool, what did Boon Yi do to make Daddy so angry again? Daddy also threw him in Malacca’s pool ! Read on to find out why we are hanging out at Marina Bay area again.

Click on video for a preview of SengkangBabies’ Water FUN !

Some of the icons spotted in and around MBS, including our Merlion friend.

Actually, we had pop by Jiu Jiu’s Marina Bay Sands (MBS) staycation last month. When Daddy told the kids that we can swim in the world’s tallest swimming pool, kids agree to behave immediately 🙂

Daddy brought Kang up to skypark for a sneak peek first. The weather is HOT, and we can already imagine ourselves soaking in the pool !

Skypark is really lush with greenery. Hello, this is a roof, but it is also an oasis, and not your usual concrete and mortar. So NICE !

Everyone must pose next to the “edge” when you up in MBS’s infinity pool :p

Although there is a safety gap beyond the wall, we would advise parents to ensure active kids do not try to scale the wall. There are also lifeguards on duty.

There is a wading pool for the younger ones

Needless to say, Yi and Xin truly are water babies too.

We went on a weekday, and it was already quite crowded. It will be hard to imagine how crowded the pool will be on a weekend. Forget about doing your laps 🙂

From the front, you can view Singapore’s Central Business district..

On the other side, we can catch the paranomic Gardens by the Bay. We did a short introduction about 29th Jun’s opening yesterday. This garden will be a nice picnic spot for families 🙂

Click for more Skypark and Swimming photos at SengkangBabies fanpage.

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