Marvel at Madame Tussauds Singapore

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Marvel at Madame Tussauds Singapore, Captain America, Hulk, Spiderman and Ironman are appearing in a new SuperHeroes 4D movie!

Marvel at Madame Tussauds

Marvel exhibition would be at the end of your Madame Tussauds tour. All visitors will start with a short boat ride to discover Singapore’s icons.

Singaporeans might take Merlion, SuperTree and MBS for granted but visitors are fascinated.


Above all, the multi cultural aspects of Singapore are always so enriching and beautiful (we are not talking about food yet!)


Kids got a chance to shake hands with VIPs. Xin told us she remembered ordering McDonalds for Obama at Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds 😛

…Of wax VIPS and Twitter followers

They can identify the bosses from Indonesia (Jokowi) and India (Modi).

But they were surprised when I told them the Presidents and Prime Ministers got huge Twitter following! (9 and 39 million respectively). Obama and Lee Hsien Loong have 98mil and 640k Twitter followers!

#AnotherWaytoImpressTeenagers haha :p

And no trip to Madame Tussauds is complete without a wefie with our Prime Ministers (current and ex). What I noticed is most of the wax models still have black hairs.


Hello PM Lee and Mr Goh.

Singapore’s first Prime Minister LKY and wife, always portraying a loving harmony.

There are many areas for kids to express their creativity and enthusiasm (or lack of haha). Whether it is Sports, or Entertainment, I told them to enjoy the moment.


Yes, you can all act Silly and have a good laugh. Do not be shy 🙂

Hollywood, Bollywood and Hong Kong stars are shining bright. They got to interview famous host Oprah.

Photo below, the wax figures for the famous couples are already separated (Brad and Angelina).


Terminator Arnie and Ah Boys to Men’s Jack.

Daddy’s fantasies, acting tiko(lusty) with Marilyn and cute with Taylor (..and embarrassing the kids again haha).


Mummy’s favourite beaus. Hello Andy and Zoe, both looking gorgeous!  Can you believe they are 58 and 50 years old already?

Cantopop anyone? Hello Jay Chou 地表最强! We got Stephanie Sun and Teresa in the background.

Wei is definitely getting a wallop from Bruce Lee, Wolverine is comparatively less menacing.


The highlight for our trip was Marvel at Madame Tussauds. Catch your favourite Super Heros and watch them in 4D action!

We are all impressed with the 4D special effects, with some fun from mist and water spray haha 🙂

Kang trying to get Captain America’s shield!

Marvel at Madame Tussauds
Marvel at Madame Tussauds

Yee and Xin’s best experience was VR Racing Experience with Hamilton and Vettel (Separate fees apply).

Vettel commented that Yee got potential to be F1 driver.


We would like to thanks Madame Tussauds Singapore for the fun invite. Do book online to enjoy more discounts, follow them on their website and Facebook for the latest promotions.

Contact : +65 6715 4000

Christmas at Gardens By the Bay

[ Media Invite ]

We love Christmas at Gardens By the Bay.

Very few places in tropical Singapore can match Gardens by The Bay’s (GBTB) Christmas celebration. We enjoyed Poinsettia Wishes (Flower Dome) and  Christmas Wonderland last week.


“Poinsettia Wishes” at Flower Dome let us enjoyed the festive spirit and atmosphere, celebrations will end on 06 Jan 2018.



With Santa’s cabin and Lavvu (a shelter), and many more Christmas trees around, we needed more family photos but there are too many photobombs too 🙂


Toy soldiers, ringing in the Christmas carols.

Look up and you might spot Aurora (Northern Lights), from 7pm daily. I love the reflections off Flower Dome’s glass roof.

Outdoors, “Christmas Wonderland” awaits.

Entry is ticketed and gated, for crowd control. Areas like the Super Tree Grove and Meadow had Christmas markets, carnivals and even a skating rink.


We changed our tokens at “fairground” and had a go at some carnival actions.


The mini train rides were popular with the little ones.  

We loved the festive moods within the compound itself.

Christmas at Gardens By the Bay
Christmas at Gardens By the Bay

The highlight for Christmas Wonderland would be ice skating.

The Luminarie Lights are attractions themselves, so bright and beautiful.  They look so radiant under the dark sky, like sparkles of stars or snow flakes.


Luminarie Lights

Only a small complain from us, there was no shelters at the Meadow area. We were caught in three sudden downpours and everyone needed to rush and hunt for covers.

Christmas Wonderland might have ended, but you can still enjoy Flower Dome’s Poinsettia Wishes (till 06Jan).

Christmas at Gardens By the Bay is always an amazing experience, do pop by our previous celebrations (2014 and 2016).

Our GBTB experiences are documented at this link.
Happy New Year everyone!

Steam Box dining, Healthy Food Fun preparation

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Steam Box dining (蒸好食), love the Chinese name (which rhymes like 真好吃 ). No claypot, nor steamboat but Steam Box.

Steam Box’s “steam-potting” is a new concept in Singapore, and this is a trend from Hong Kong. The food are freshly steamed not boiled, and there is a pot of porridge below where all the essence (sauce) dripped into.

Kids busy eating, take note of the different colour plates, which indicate different “steaming” duration.
Steam Box dining

Order anything, everything. We heard the Eight Treasures porridge is popular, but we chose a safer option (less herbal) for the kids, seafood porridge. Dim sums are available too.

If in doubt, follow Chef’s recommendation.

Steam duration, go by the colour plates (refer first photo), set the timer. We were not sure how we should start first, but after one or two rounds, the kids took over the food steaming and ordering.

Before we forget, condiments and seasoning to suit every taste bud, unlimited serving 🙂

Endless activities, kids take turn to place the food inside the tray.

Sometimes we argue over what to cook first, a fun family cooking (I meant steaming) experience.

Every time the “timer” counts down, we would eagerly lift the lid for more delicious treats. The bacon is delightful, sweet and tender not greasy at all.

Because all the food are steamed, it is less oily and suitable for everyone in the family. We would strongly recommend the fresh seafood.

Juicy prawns are ready, guess who peeled for the lucky kids!

Mushrooms for the adults, yummy!

Steam Box venue is spacious and we were quite surprised that the steam did not stick to us. There is an overhead fan extracting excess steam.

Tuck in everyone, we love everything on our table 🙂

Where did all the essence go?

Video (Youtube link) : Check out the goodness under the lid 🙂

Our seafood porridge has been brewing slowly, richness from seafood, bacon harvested.

We enjoyed our sweet porridge and lunch 🙂
Thank you Steam Box for the Fun and Healthy dining.

Healthy food option, reasonable pricing and friendly staff, we can understand why Steam Box is popular with families.

For more Steam box dining options, do follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

Phone : 6281 6939
Address : 68 Serangoon Garden Way, Singapore 555962