Skyline Luge Sentosa

Skyline Luge Sentosa was opened in 2005 and is now a teenager. But this attraction is still drawing in endless crowds!

We were one of the Happy Faces last weekend, and did a total of 6 laps!


Exhilarating! ONCE is never Enough!

Whether you are L-Plate or Triangle, regardless of which route you attempt, everyone had tons of FUN!


At the ticketing counter, visitors will see Skyline Luge’s famous tagline “Once is never enough“. Get the bundled promotions for additional Fun.

Family bundle is more worthwhile, and we noticed there are more tracks now.


One additional tip, overtake the tourists! These folks sometimes brake in the middle and just selfie or group-photo, which is very inconsiderate and dangerous.

Skyline Luge Sentosa
Skyline Luge Sentosa

We had Fun challenging each other. It is not only speed, we sometimes need to strategise too 🙂

Saw something interesting (photo below). Photographer was riding backward-facing (tandem) , perhaps filming a VIP rider. I thought it would be cool if I can do likewise :p

Besides the energetic downhill Luge, the 300m uphill Skyride is also part of the FUN package. 

There are so many greens around us.


Up up and away, we could actually see dark clouds over the horizon.

Look around, we can see Resorts World Sentosa, Bungee, Brani and Tanjong Pagar terminals. There are so many container ships anchored South of  Sentosa.

If height is an issue, follow (no3) Boon Yee and close your eyes. Try not to look down or hope your buddy do not shake too much!

If you cannot resist taking selfies, hang on tight to your phones or it will be a 20 metres drop!

Queues can sometimes be long, express tickets are available.

Do take note that staff might stop you from taking photos at the starting point. What a pity, as I thought families would like to capture their before and after experience.

We would like to thanks Skyline Luge Sentosa for the FUN invite. Although we got a little bit of tan, it was all worth it 🙂

We will recommend that you try out the night circuits too (our previous blog post)

Video: Checkout our Skyline Luge FUN (YouTube  link)

Do follow Skyline Luge Sentosa Website and Facebook for the latest updates.

TrollsTopia, where is the Happiest place?

[Media Invite]

From now till 29 April, find your Happy Place in USS (Universal Studios Singapore) with TrollsTopia.

If only everyone’s childhood is as colourful and cheerful 🙂



Right from the entrance, flowers and bubbles thrill the kids (ok, more for toddlers). Our kiddos are a bit too mature and they needed adrenaline-inducing rides instead.

These are not the Trolls hiding under the bridge or waiting to snatch a goat :p

For Trolls fan, you can get a makeover or tattoo (fees apply), and look like a real Troll (with outlandish standing hair too!)

Trollify yourself haha 🙂

The highlight for families would be the TrollsTopia parade and stage performance.


Colourful and outlandish world, their hair always capture our attention first.

I could not recognise the characters, until Boon Xin told me who is who.

Introducing Poppy and Branch.

Plenty of Hugs and Love to go around 🙂



Before we forget, do pop inside the “Glitterpalooza” box and grab some freebies 🙂Besides the Trolls, there are many other characters to keep guests smiling 🙂

Rides for kids of every age.

It was a weekday when we visited, and the queues were long. Queues for popular rides were easily 50 and 60 minutes long.

Mummy, Transformers.


Spectators were seeking cool shelter from the hot sun, and 4D Shrek auditorium was always welcomed  🙂

We never miss Waterworld (read our previous exposure), and kids always choose the front row.

You get the best action-packed show and you get splashed too!

If you need to cool down, head to Waterworld!
Can you spot front row’s Boon Xin in pink :p

Thank you for the fun invite, Resorts World Sentosa, Universal Studios Singapore is definitely one of our “Happy places” in Singapore 🙂

More about USS’s TrollsTopia can be found at this link. Do follow RWS Website and Facebook for latest updates.

Sakura Singapore 2018

Gardens by The Bay (GBTB) is celebrating Sakura Singapore (樱花) from now till 08 April and families are rejoicing! (Sakura Matsuri event)

Matsuri (祭) is Japanese word for Festival, and Japan is already forecasting first blooms in Tokyo.

Spring is here 春天来了

If you are an anime fan, today is the last day to catch the cosplayers in action (schedule and programme link). Sorry Pikachu Parade was only one run on the 17th.

Temperature in Flower Dome is kept at a cool 19 degrees to prolong the sakura’s lifespan. Also known as Cherry blossom, the flowering will normally last around one week.

Torii gate greeted us at the entrance of Flower Dome. Whip out your cameras and phones 🙂

Besides the beautiful Sakuras, GBTB has added dolls into the landscaping.

These life-like dolls infuse a dimension of Japan into the setting. Many are dressed in intricate Kimonos!

Tea house in the center.

Introducing the stars of Sakura Matsuri, the Sakura flowers 🙂

They look splendid from all angles, I like to look up and see the sakura canopy above us. Closeups macros are even more endearing.

More wefie and family photos 🙂

Popular corners will need to queue too, but I am only piqued by the constant stream of photo bombers (we are guilty too haha!)

Japanese themed bridges, umbrellas and Torii gates add to the feel 🙂

Look closer, some sakuras are still budding

The cosplayers are attracting some attention too! The makeup, costumes, are elaborate and the actors really spend a lot of efforts to craft the desired appearance.

We must have seen at least 50 cosplayers, mostly females. I only noticed the hair and iris colours haha, purple, red, blue, white, green or orange.

Any colour except black :p

Our kids are not anime fans but we find these folks (and culture) fascinating. You can spot many more characters at hashtag #SakuraMatsuri

You can catch anisong concerts and even a cosplay parade from 5pm onwards.

Map below indicate that most of the activities are confined to three areas. Except for Flower dome entrance, all other activities are free.

Fringe activities include posing with famous cosplayers from the region and do look out for the pulsating Taito drums performance.


Refer to the first photo of no1 Wei, he is imagining the splendid spread of Sakura Blossoms in Tokyo 🙂

We hope your family will enjoy Singapore’s magnificent Sakura Matsuri too. One day, I will bring them to see the real deal in Japan 🙂

Tips to enjoy Sakura Singapore (Sakura Matsuri) at GBTB :

-It will be crowded, buy the tickets online to avoid the queue

-Take note of the ‘special events” timing, so you plan accordingly (refer link to Sakura Matsuri below)

-Carpark space will be packed, alternate carparks at Satay, Barrage will be full house too. Drop your family at Gardens by the Bay Visitor area, and try parallel park at “Marina Mall”

-Flower Dome itself will be swamped!  It will be super difficult to get your perfect portraiture, even harder to mount your tripod

-Although official cosplay activities are only on 17/18 Mar weekend. You will still spot many cosplay enthusiasts (with wings and swords too!)

-Leave the mat and picnic at home, you cannot hanami in Flower Dome :p

Sakura Singapore
Sakura Singapore

Additional links :

-Gardens by the bay Sakura Matsuri – from now till 08 April
-Do follow GBTB Facebook and Website for sakura’s blooming status

-Read our previous Sakura Singapore experiences at Gardens by the Bay, all magical! (2016 and 2017)

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