Don Don Donki Singapore new outlet at City Square Mall

Don Don Donki Singapore has a new outlet at City Square Mall. I pop by there earlier on Thursday and I morphed into a happy shopper.

I was impressed with the wide variety of merchandise.

Don Don Donki Singapore
Don Don Donki Singapore

But, the best section for me was actually the food court πŸ™‚
Let me introduce the glorious food at the end.

Image credit Don Don Donki Singapore

Floormap to help you navigate around. Many corners are fighting for your attention and wallet.

As you enter the store, exquisite melons and strawberries greet you.
Look at the variety of apples, Green, Yellow and Red.

Not your usual strawberries, the white ones are exclusive and supposed to be the nicest. Not cheap though πŸ™‚

It does remind me of Ginza’s exorbitant fruits .

Alleys of food of snacks, stack with so much variety and colours.

Ice cream anyone?

During the grand opening period, you may look forward to these special promotions.

I spotted some wacky souvenirs, Goku anyone πŸ™‚

For hardcore golfers, you can put in the loo haha!

And of course the cute Penguin Mascot (Donpen), you can spot him at every corner.

I am curious, wet wipes are gender-based now?Β 

Japanese cuisines anyone, most of the ingredients are direct from Japan πŸ™‚

One would be spoilt for choice. Should I have Unagi, Sashimi, King Crab for dinner.

We heard the sticky rice is good too, just microwave and serve.

The Japanese way of packaging is always so exquisite and delicate. It makes you feels good to part with your money.

There are two lanes for bargain hunters. Price might be cheaper (like $2 +), but the novelty of buying some authentic Japanese goods is always thrilling.

The mini food court was the highlight for me. I can enjoy the best of Japanese cuisines from these 5 stalls.

I suspect this food court will be full house during meal time. The food is that good!

Image credit Don Don Donki Singapore

Kids utensils, this food court is family friendly too.

Famous Ramen Santouka from Hokkaido.

I grabbed a Unagi bowl. Love the tender charred pieces. Very addictive, and bones are so soft ($13.80).

Below photo, the Wagyu Beef from Kelvin (Cheekiemonkie) is delicious. Soft and so juicy, everything you would expect from top notch beef.

Price is also top at $29 πŸ™‚

Fried chicken anyone, karaage is my weakness.

Special mention for Naganuma Ice Co’s cream puffs! “Typhoon” apple puffs has a real background story. Adore the custard texture and the creamy milk is oishii!

Of course, the handmade ice cream is famous in Hokkaido.

Sweet potatoes to go with your Brown sugar milk, yummy.

In fact, the sweet potato is a signature snack at Don Don Donki Singapore (and of course Japan). It pairs well with the sugar milk.

You can find other Japanese specifically side dishes too, think croquette, Omu-soba.

And because we are in Singapore, a friendly police reminder πŸ™‚

Don Don Donki Singapore latest outlet is at City Square mall, and the nearest MRT is Farrer Park. Opening hours is from 9am to 12 midnight daily.

Follow Don Don Donki Singapore on Facebook and Instagram with @DonkiSGΒ  Happy Shopping πŸ™‚

ps.. this was a media invite and I received some goodies from the store

Pizza Hut workshop, diy your own cheesy 7

[ Media Invite Pizza Hut workshop ]

I am dreaming about my next date with Pizza Hut’s Cheesy 7. As the name implies, there are whopping 7 different types of cheese packed into their latest pizza!

Cheese Lovers rejoice πŸ™‚

To fulfill my cheesy dream, I signed up Boon Xin for a Parent-child Pizza Hut workshop.Β  Maybe one day, our little chef will be able to whip out some tasty pan delights πŸ™‚

Pizza Hut workshop is opened to public and $25 registration fees apply. We heard some lucky schools were invited to make pizza as part of Pizza Hut’s outreach campaign .

Pizza making was easier than we thought. The kitchen tour oriented families about pizza workflow from Order to Preparation, Baking to delivery.Β  We saw all the Cheese used to prepare our delicious Hawaiian Pizza.

Boon Xin remembered the three ingredients for making a good dough, flour, oil and yeast.


For our workshop, we still need to rely on our hands to mold, stretch (repeat) until our dough fill up the pan. Just like PlayDoh πŸ™‚

Pizza Hut workshop
Pizza Hut workshop

It was an interesting session, parents had Fun interacting with the kids.

Boon Xin enjoyed the baking session so much, I had minimum opportunity to dirty my hand, so I concentrated on taking photos, and eating.


Add in cheese, ham and tata, our finished product. Looks nice right, only missing some greens :p

I love capsicum but girl hate vegetables, the chef has the final say. Β Β 

Boon Xin is proud of her masterpiece. Daddy is proud of Boon Xin.
One more photo before we bake our pizza.



While waiting for our own pizza to be ready (7 minutes baking), we were served Cheesy 7.

Wow! Look at the yummy cheese oozing down, we could stretch it 30 cm long. We heard cheese 7 is the same delightful “Hawaiian Pizza” base, butΒ  upsize with more cheese.Β 

However, the cheese can be a bit overbearing, would recommend more friends to share the guilt heh heh πŸ™‚

Girl got her “Pizza Hut Apprentice” certificate, I am one step nearer to enjoying our own Diy Cheesy 7 in our home.

Although our own-styled pizza is inferior to cheesy 7’s taste, I would eat Boon Xin’s homemade pizza anyday. Nothing like preparing and baking your own pizza, the sense of achievement makes us happy and proud.

Thank you Pizza hut for the Fun Invite. The staff were so enthusiastic to help families baked their own limited-edited crust. We are confident many more families will enjoy the bonding session over pizza πŸ•.

Pizza Hut’s baking sessions are available for kids 4 to 10 years old. One parent can join in the session. More details here.