T-Play at HometeamNS

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This is not Changi Airport, but an indoor playground in the West.
This is T-Play at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok.

The Jumbo jet greeted us as we step into the playground during the Mar school holidays. There were many kids already running around and exploring the playground.

T-Play at HomeTeamNS’s tag line is “Fun in Motion“, and you will agree that the Transport- themed indoor playground will keeps kids moving along (literally).

Immigration counters, train cabin and Space shuttles!

Get ready your Passport and E-ticket to a world of fantasy and Fun (socks are needed)

A lot of tunnels for kids to hide.

Kids could not keep still, they can Run, Jump, Bounce non-stop.

Look outside and you can see real cars (L-plates) and a cute Hometeam-themed swimming pool (Police car, fireman etc)

Although T-play space might not look huge, but cleverly designed floorplan allowed us to maximise Fun, and kids got a lot of space to run around.

As kids stay mobile, parents can remain static at one corner with a sofa couch and enjoy some free time.

My kids loved this swing inside the train cabin, and could go endless rounds. Had to remind my kiddos not to do zipline or monkey-swings in our real MRT :p

Mini rock wall.

Video (link) : Catch the kids inside the Playground!

Who say T-Play is only for kids :p
T-Play has a poster somewhere “Adults friendly” (I am serious!), so parents can try the slides and obstacles too haha 🙂

The bigger “sister” (Admin) will entertain the kids by playing hide and seek or catching. At certain interval, they will organised games for the kids too.

Little ones can play with foams at this corner
T-Play at HometeamNS

T-Play indoor playground is very popular with families, especially during school holidays.

For more details about T-Play at HometeamNS, follow their Website and Facebook. Do refer to screenshot below for admission fees.

(image credit T-Play)

Opening hours :
Mon to Thu 1pm to 7pm
– Fri 1pm to 9pm
– Weekend and PH 10am to 9pm
– School Holidays 10am to 7pm

Address : 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7 S(659003)
Tel 6705 9494/95

Family outing with Canon

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Recently, we enjoyed a family outing with Canon.
Happy siblings spotted at an old playground at Dakota.

With our Canon Powershot G9x and fellow blogger friends, we hop between playgrounds and heritage sites.

First stop – Dakota Seal catwalk 🙂
Dakota Seal playground

We had featured this old school playground earlier (link), and the kids were eager to try the “fireman” pole.
Dakota Playground

Photography Theme – Angles

To the kids, Seal is just another playground, situated in an older estate.
20160415 Canon Claudia

We hop onto our bus ride for the next leg of our journey, wondering where will Canon bring us next?
20160415 Canon Claudia4

Second stop – Everton road

Pet some dogs or cuddle a chick. Everyone had fun clicking and posing away 🙂

Photography Theme – Like Real

Third stop – the famous tilting Train at Tiong Bahru Park
Tiong Bahru Train playground

Weather was extremely hot, but it did not bother the kids. Swings and Merry-Go-round 🙂
20160415 Canon Claudia6

Photography Theme – Action!.

We had fun pulling each other along on the flying fox.
20160415 Canon Claudia5

Organisers did not forget to demonstrate some old-school games (and gems) to kids. Zero-point, shuttlecock, these were some of the games the parents played during their recess (decades) ago 🙂
20160415 Canon Claudia3

(Somewhere in Tiong Bahru)
As we got some time to spend, we caught some old comedies from 王沙野峰 (Wang2 Sa1 Ye3 Feng1).
20160415 Canon Claudia8

Boon Xin pretending to sell kueh4 kueh4, and some heritage murals at Tiong Bahru.
Tiong Bahru Mural
(images from Iphone)

Last stop is PoTeaTo.
Poteato cafe

After a hard day of playing, we needed some place to chill, and perhaps print out photos from Selphy 🙂
20160415 Canon Claudia10

We need to shout out PoTeaTo’s delicious Mac and Cheese, and Salmon canape! We could not stop snacking after one helping 🙂
20160415 Canon Claudia12

Thank you Canon and sponsors for the invitation, and Claudia (TheLovingMum) for coordinating, our family had an enjoyable morning.
(image from Iphone)

The photos above (unless otherwise stated) are taken from our nifty Canon Powershot G9x.

Canon parenting bloggers
(image credit Claudia)