Volkswagen Tiguan, please bring us off road

Handsome and masculine, our courtesy Volkswagen Tiguan brought us around town (and countryside) in style. The new VW Tiguan outline gave a distinct yet refined image.

Little vehicle commanders


Be it Urban or Rural backdrop, this ride is always in style.

One might take a second look at the sharply defined contours, the running leds present an imposing presence.


VW Tiguan refused to be subtle.


When you start the car, “SengkangBabies profile” gave us a pleasant welcome. Our ride can customise multiple profiles for different driver.

You can programme your driving style, display and seats, etc. I would hate to re-tune all my favourite settings.


A touch of class and luxury inside the cabin.

Techie drivers would love the abundant automation and infotainment features in this ride, but the “traditional” me got a bit intimidated with all the buttons :p

Touch screen infotainment console paired with Apple Carplay, let music stream into the Dynaudio speakers for a surround experience.


Paranomic sunroof is always the kids’ favourite. Besides a seamless top view from front to end, they keep bugging me to let natural air flow in!

Designed for creature comforts, aircon “on demand” for front and rear passengers. We heard Tiguan’s biogenic filter (unique for SUV line) can prevent pollen and allergens from entering the cabin. This would be welcome news for those who suffer from allergy.

Flip a tray out for your colouring book or even Ipad, kids would be entertained though the journey.


Abundant boot space (600l) for our family. We could easily load shoes and blading gears for our sports outing. We can even fold the middle row to accommodate one or two junior bikes.


“Safety and convenience features”

The Tiguan R-Line comes with VW’s new feature, “Adaptive Cruise Control“. The auto system will help maintain a safe distance from the car infront, we heard “Front Assist” will even brake to prevent an accident.

Volkswagen Tiguan pick up 5stars in euro NCAP tests, making it one of Europe’s safest cars.

Picture below (top left), the Head-up Display unit is pretty cool, we need not look down to check whether we are speeding.


All round sensors will warn the driver if someone is driving too near, so we can take defensive actions.

The sensors also help us to safely navigate our car into tight parking lot. We appreciate the 3D drone-like top view of the car, showing Tiguan’s four corners (and blind spots). Otherwise, we can always auto-park with “Park Assist” (both parallel and vertical parking is possible)

Be it a family car (comfort and safety) or executive SUV (for off-road thrills), Volkswagen Tiguan performs well in both segments.

Our R-Line 380 TSI 2L petrol engine delivers maximum power of 220ps (between 4500 and 6200 rpm) and an impressive maximum torque of 350ps at a low 1500 rpm.

We kept our Volkswagen Tiguan busy with more family activities 🙂


We would like to thanks Volkswagen for the courtesy car, travelling was definitely cooler and more stylish over the weekend.


Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line

Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line is retailing from $192,000 (COE inclusive). More photos and specifications can be found on VW website.




Recommend Dashcam car camera

I was researching for car camera recently. Google “Recommend Dashcam” or “Popular Car camera” and 20 brands pop up easily! After my requirements gathering and shortlisting process, I have some tips for dashcam shopping.

dashcam recommend

Have you seen footages from “Singapore Reckless Drivers” before? It is getting more stressful to drive on the road and perhaps a dashcam can provide some assurance.

1) The first question : What are your dashcam requirements?
1a) Motion sensor – do you need your camera to standby after engine off( prevent hit and run, vandalism)
Car battery is tapped, any motion and camera will start recording (also known as parking-mode).
1b) If you constantly park under the sun, ensure good camera quality. Under Singapore’s hot weather, recording quality should not be adversely affected, and dashcam should not overheat.
1c) Decent video recording at night (no use having a camera which cannot see the carplates infront)
1d) Do you need HD (high definition) recording?
1e) Do you need front and rear camera?
1f) Dashcam should be able to capture a wide angle, at least 120 degrees

2) The second question : Your budget?

There are dashcam from $30 to $400. If you add two dashcams (front and back), price might go up to $600. I thought the high-end dashcams are ridiculously priced. Robbers might even be tempted to smash and grab the dashcam!

Ironically, the most expensive car cameras might not garner the best results!
IT-Shows do have promotions for Dashcam, but the brand/model might not be your shortlisted unit.

Do enquire whether dashcam package includes :
2a) Installation? (might cost $30 to $50 to setup one camera, concealing the cables)
2b) External battery source? Refer 1a) above, there are instances of Dashcam which drain car battery! External battery source or voltage-cutoff device might mean an extra $200 to $500!

3) Additional considerations :
3a) Which dealer more reputable? Some might even consider getting export set direct from Korea (example)
3b) If buy from QOO or Taobao, how do we distinguish original from fakes?
3c) Most dashcam runs on 12v, need to connect to cigarette socket or 12V powerbank to run (most powerbanks are only 5V). To prevent flat car battery the next day, you can consider getting a 12V powerbank ($70 and above)
3d) Research, compare, research again. Customer reviews are vital, but everyone will say their own dashcam is good 🙂

It is a competitive market, if manufacturer do not have an Internet presence, other “top brands” will always be shortlisted. Do a Google and some popular brands listed.
“Blackvue, Iroad, Thinkware, Safevue, Marbella, ITB100H, Garmin, DOD. Even GoPro and China replica SJ4000” can be used as car camera! I was using my GoPro Hero3 before I got my dashcam.

More research :
– SGcarmart top cameras (link)
– Dashcam comparison (why no Safevue?)

safevue f178 car camera
(Image credit CEF ideas)

I got a Safevue F178 for myself, and these are my plus and minus points :
+ $66 only!
+ Decent video quality day and night
+ Fisheye lens offer paranomic 170 degrees angle!
+ Safevue is running on 5V, and I can just use any powerbank usb slot
+ 20000mAh powerbank cost $30+, and can record 1.5 days of video footage! (ideal for weekend cars or traveling period)
– Every 2 days, I need to swap the powerbank (this option is better than a flat battery)
– Safevue F178 does not come with motion-sensor, thus I let my camera record 7×24! So far no over-heat issues.
+ If unit spoil, I will just grab another unit. For the price of an “atas” Blackvue DR650, I can grab 9 SafeVue F178!

Video (link) : Our night recordings

If you ask me to recommend dashcam, I will just say there is a camera for every requirement.
This is not a sponsored post, Happy shopping 🙂

*updated 2016 Jun
Car thefts prevention
– Driving Tips for Malaysia (First timers)

HTC One Max and Zoe

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HTC One Max has been with us for three weeks now.
Daddy LOVES the long lasting battery and Zoe’s special effects!

With so many features to explore, the extra huge battery with 3300 mAh capacity is a godsend. The phone can easily lasts us one day plus.

Viewing of videos on HTC One Max’s huge 5.9inch screen is always enjoyable.
HTC One Max review

HTC Zoe is an innovative tool to enhance your photo and video experience.
Checkout what other ZOE features are keeping us entertained 🙂

Always Smile– You can “control” each Face until everyone is smiling, Cool!

Taking a Selfie could not be easier. “Voice” and “Smiles” to auto-trigger your camera 🙂

Sequence – Feels like Timelapse effect, stitch all the action photos together into a continuous flow.

Object Removal– No more photobombs yeah !

Slow Motion is epic, look at the Fire trick in video, Wow!

It can immediately enhance the final video, Daddy still has a lot of ZOE tips to learn.

More HTC One Max and Zoe features can be found on HTC’s Website. More funky ZOE tutorials here.

Thank you HTC for bringing us so many Fun photo and video features!