Have fun learning at Happy Sparks

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From 10 to 13 of November, bring your child to Happy Sparks and have Fun Learning and Exploring.

Organised by Times Experience, Happy Sparks is an edutainment event for families and children aged 3 to 12. The theme is “Ignite, Inspire and Innovate” and Happy Sparks aims to promote learning through play and technology.

Because it is not just about education, you can look forward to entertaining singing and dancing competitions. Who knows, you might just witness Singapore’s next young star!

If your child has difficulty learning Mandarin, the parenting forum on Saturday is a must-attend. Pick up tips on speaking Mandarin at home from speakers like Diana Ser and moderated by Eeva Chang Mei Hsiang from 88.3Jia FM.

I popped by Happy Sparks website earlier and these are some of the workshops and activities worth checking out.

1) Fun Workshops (Fees apply) :
– The little ones can create musical moments with Beatboxing or Ukulele
– Parents can gain useful tips to handle problem-solving (for Upper primary Maths)
– Toddlers can indulge in some play sessions (indoor playgrounds) with parents

2) Interesting Activities (FOC) :
Magical Chemistry – Concoct your own potion anyone?
Brainy Arkies, a new mobile learning app by Marshall Cavendish Education that encourages learning and building through play
Media Star – Nurturing tomorrow’s media professional?
Motivating Your Child to Learn – Pick up tips on how to motivate your child to learn
Marine Discoverers’ Skit – Learn about Singapore’s marine biodiversity with your child

The full four days itinerary are available at this link -> http://www.happysparks.com/programmes, and Registration is already opened for interested participants. With Happy Sparks less than a week away, seats for many of the workshops are filling up fast so register now!

(Image credit Happy Sparks)

Besides studies and curriculum,you can participate in fun games and get an insight into your child’s abilities.

3) Explore “Happy Expedition” which has up to 10 game stations. All you need to do is complete 5 of the 10 stations to enter a sure-win dip. Find out more here.

4) Parents might be keen to discover your child’s SMARTS at the MI Zone.
Learn about Multiple Intelligence and find out your child’s SMARTS with a simple test. You can take it online or at the Multiple Intelligence Zone. Then present the results for a free evaluation! There will also be fun booth activities and discounts on classes by education vendors.

(Image credit Happy Sparks)

Doesn’t some of the activities above sounds interesting? Visit the Happy Sparks website for more details!

– Event: Happy Sparks
– Date 10 – 13 November 2016
– Thursday to Saturday: 10am – 9pm, Sunday: 10am – 8pm
– Venue -Singapore Expo Hall 4B

What has Boon Yee learned from his Arts class

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In our home, Boon Kang (no 2) is always the most creative.
He loves painting as it allows him to express his imagination and thoughts.
(Boon Yee with his Argentina idol Messi)

But we heard from heART Studio that Arts do not only improved a child’s artistic skills and passion, Arts encouraged a child to focus and be patient too.

We decided to send Boon Yee (No 3) to attend heART Studio’s curriculum.
Boy was a little hesitant, I can imagined his inertia.

Boon Yee is a very active boy and he will be the first one to volunteer for soccer or basketball curriculum, but he might struggle to sit down for extended period of time :p

Drawing and painting is not exactly his comfort zone.

From scratching to outlining to different tones of colours and even shading.
Everything has a sequence. Kids are sometimes impatient, and they might skip some steps after losing focus.

Boon Yee has already finished one term, and from his weekly assessment, Teacher Erma can already see some improvement. I do notice he is fidgeting less in class now (haha).


I asked Boon Yee what he likes about Heart Studio so far.

1) Teacher is kind and polite. He is referring to Teacher Erma.
Whenever Boon Yee has problem focusing, Teacher Erma will patiently guide him to finish his assignment.

2) He is looking forward to more art classes. Boon Yee is confident that his arts passion will be improved further with teacher’s guidance. He is always eager to “showoff” his artwork to me and Mommy 🙂

3) He loves to see his cartoon characters comes to life, from scratching, outlining and putting the finishing touches. Spongebob, Star Wars’ BB-8.

Boon Yee has a lot of freedom to decide the backdrop, colours to his art work. His artwork can be as abstract as he wanted.


Weeks after weeks, we see Boon Yee completing more “masterpieces” from his arts class.
Boon Yee is now paying more attention to his artwork and in class.

Through Arts, he is slowly but surely molding his own character.

Emicakes Compass One gave us another excuse to celebrate

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Sengkang Babies love cakes, and with Emicakes new outlet at Compass One so near to us, we can always craft another excuse for a celebration 🙂

Any celebration will do, be it good academic results, gratitude towards Mommy’s hardwork or even belated Birthday.

When it comes to celebrations, kids can come up with 101 reasons hee hee.

Baked with love, we got some chocolaty flavours from Emicakes. #EmicakesOnTheGo (the cups of ganache) are something new for us.

We still prefer Emicakes’ delicious chocolate Truffle 🙂
Not too thick and creamy, the chiffon crunchiness is tantalising for us.

Boon Kang savouring his Chocolate slice.

Emicakes latest outlet is now opened at Compass One #01-05.

Durian Puffs, always delectable and inviting. Emicakes’ Mao Shan Wang is also highly recommended, read our previous review.


Do drop by Compass One’s outlet for some exclusive promotions till end September.

Thank you Emicakes, for another opportunity to celebrate some family moments, our “Birthday girl” hee hee 🙂
Do follow Emicakes Website and Facebook for the latest updates.


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