Cycliq Fly6 and Old Coach Road (NZ)

I got a new toy for my bike.
Cycliq Fly6 is capturing the rear images and videos as I pedal 🙂

[Hint:Read till the end for a Fly6 giveaway]

The primary purpose of Cycliq Fly6 is for road safety promotion. As we cycle on the road (or even pavements), maybe we can remind some reckless drivers (and cyclists) to keep a safe distance.

The tagline for Fly6 is “Feel Safe. Record your Ride”.

I brought the Cycliq Fly6 for my recent New Zealand cycling activity. I am impressed with the quality and stability of the capturing device. Infact, it captures even better videos than my “old” GoPro Session 5!

In the last video (Old Coach Road), check out the Image stabilisation feature (6-axis, I guess this means super-stable). Although my route was paved with gravel and cobblestones, the camera shake was minimal.

Rain or shine, my Cycliq Fly6 kept recording non-stop in 1080 Full HD mode, for up to 5 hours.

The camera lights kept me and my bike illuminated in the evening or rain. Drivers can see cyclists from far, better visibility means better anticipation and safety.

Video: Dry run of Cycliq6 around Sengkang Riverside Park (YouTube link)

I would like to mount the camera on my kids’ bikes and see where they roam :p

Perhaps parents would like to capture how the kids are behaving behind their back? I know my kids used to perform stunts and dares behind us :p

Cycliq Fly6 will give me an opportunity to correct kids’ cycling habits.


You may find out more about Cycliq cameras from their website.
Fly12 is the front-facing camera.

Unit is retailing at $259 SGD (MicroSD is not inclusive).

I only have one wishlist, I hope the mobile app would be able to preview the rear-facing video.


Video: Amateur cycling at the majestic Old Coach Road. The rear view Fly6 gave an interesting perspective of the route (YouTube link), and my fall :p

I had a fall at the 1.15min mark, and camera could “lock” the sequences before and after (pretty much like a blackbox feature).

NZ is famous for nature hiking and cycling, you may checkout Old Coach Road here (it is part of 6 Day “Mountain to Sea” Route!) . The iconic bridge is called “Hapuawhenua Viaduct”, and trains ran through it before.

[Giveaway]:Thanks to OCBC and Cycliq, we have a set of Cycliq Fly6 (and 32Gb MicroSD)to share

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ps.. Cycliq Fly6 is designed to give you an alibi should an incident happen. Riders must still practice safe cycling on the road or in the mountain.

Ride safe, have fun!

Our Cycliq Fly6 was sponsored by OCBC Cycle and Cycliq.
You may visit out cycling trips with OCBC Cycle here.

Skechers Friendship Walk 2018 Singapore

Skechers Friendship Walk 2018, this is the first time Singapore is hosting this walking event.

Skechers Friendship Walk 2018 is about celebrating Families and Friends 🙂
No need to run, it was a 5km easy walk.

But the weather had other plans. Persistent rain kept us indoor, I meant under the bridge.

We had fun participating in the carnival-like activities. Kids were challenging each other to complete the tasks first.

Family had Fun engaging each other.

Video: This is our walk through the drizzle 🙂

Skechers Mascots were spotted walking up and down. 
The walk was delayed 45 minutes. It was still drizzling and overcast, but the worst is over. Families and friends were eager to pace the scenic riverfront view along Bayfront and Gardens by the Bay East.

Rain or sunshine, we are always game, just wear a cap or grab an umbrella 🙂
Spotted many smiley faces, and the smaller kids were happy to be exposed to the elements.

There are three obstacles along the 5km route to challenge the kids. I figured the obstacles are a bit too squeezy for adults :p

The obstacles near the end point were all muddy oops, but our kids just dashed through without hesitation (guess they missed their Spartan race)

The rain never really left us. Families soldier on together, good opportunity to let the kids know that the real world is never perfect.

Do not wait for opportunities to drop at your feet, go out there and chase your rainbows!

It is always easier to travel together when we have siblings and BFF along us (Well, most of the time :p )

Always look at the positive side of things and remember to have FUN!

As we walked towards the end point, the sun is setting over Marina Bay skyline. However the overcast sky denied us a spectacular Sunset.

Interesting “end point”, many folks took their time to pose.

Walkers end the evening with a movie treat 🙂

View of event venue from an elevated angle.

I brought the family up Benjamin Sheares Bridge for a night view, no sunset though.

And that ended our first Skechers Friendship Walk 2018 event 🙂


ps.. We were invited by Skechers Singapore for this walking event