Boon Kang has pass his cycling test

If you are staying in Sengkang, and you see Boon Kang wobbling along on his BMX, Daddy is suggesting you to stand one side first. Kang is triangle-plate, and still need to fine tune his balancing department.

It was not too long ago that he got into an ‘accident’ :p

Our No2 Boon Kang has come a long way, considering cycling was second nature for our eldest boy, Boon Wee. Boon Kang took longer to conquer his fear. We started his training last Sep. Remember our bike-family album?

Actually Daddy was too lazy to bring them cycling…
We even had to practise in multi-storey carpark to encourage Kang.

It is fun to watch Kang trying to catch up with Wei.

Look at Kang’s smile. It Shouts volumes of his quiet confidence. He has finally graduated.

So what’s next?
1) We have already equipped adult’s bikes with seats, so Mummy and Daddy can piggy back youngest two.
2) From Npark’s cool Park Conector, we have identify a nice cycling track from Sengkang to Punggol. Read our cool Punggol Promenade post.

Just a few more centimetres…

Our kids attend swimming lesson every Sun, and one of the perks is their free play after their classes.

In case you are new to Sengkang, these colourful slides are awesome, and attract both kids and adults.

There is just a small problem, someone fall short of fun by a few cm 🙁

Daddy know it sucks when you can see your bros playing, and you just wait at the end, clapping and cheering … Daddy is eagerly waiting for the day when Kang can finally slide down Sengkang’s slides !

Kang, eat more vegetables and exercise more, ok?
(Hint, he inherited Mummy’s genes)

Singapore is always too safe, we have done some crazy slides in Penang, check it out 🙂