Our Changi Experience Studio review tells you why this attraction is underrated

This is our Changi Experience Studio review, and let us share why this new playground is a gem. I would even consider Changi Experience Studio (CES) as an indoor Virtual themepark.

Be it History, Technology or Innovations, there are so many interactive activities for the whole family. School going kids would learn through playing.

However, mention Jewel Changi Airport (Google map) and the following might come to mind first. Waterfall (Rain Vortex), the food (burgers and root float), Pokemon and the jumping nets (Canopy Park blog). Changi Experience Studio is more low profile.

Jewel Changi Airport
Jewel Changi Airport

Located on Level 4 (Lobby C).

Visitors will receive a “plain” Travel Guide before entry.Β  The magic is hidden within an embedded Rfid chip.

Once we move our Travel Guides, sensors will trigger various “digital popups”. Expect Butterflies and music too!

Changi Experience Studio Travel Guide

You start with a blank card, but Changi Studio Experience will let you bring back fond memories! Magical animations await.

Kids were eager to hover their Travel Guide over all the exhibits. It is a novelty for us, and every exhibit brings out something new and interesting.

Sneak peek of Changi Experience Studio video for awesome cool stuffs

Guests can explore Singapore and Changi Airport’s history, which is closely intertwined. We started with Seletar airport before upgrading to Changi site.

Terminal 5 will be ready in the next decade, dwarfing the other terminals. Passenger traffic capacity will raise from today 70 (or 80) millions passengers to 135 millions!

From Seletar airport to Changi airport

When Singapore has only 6 million residents, the air traffic passengers numbers are staggering!

Back to our Changi Experience Studio review.
Although we are indoor, flowers and foliage adorns every corner.

Read on as we share more fun interactions πŸ™‚

Looking at the popup animations, we feel like architects reviewing the airport’s blueprint for the next terminal and milestone.

Swipe, you can go to basement, Swipe, another hidden compartment.

Through various interactions, kids can understand how Changi strive to be the best airport in the world.

Amazing Runway is always popular with guests.

You can drive the Plane or Porsche, both are Fun and Tiring. This was a real race back in 2009. (Hint: aeroplane always win)

Follow the butterflies as we unfold more ingenuity and innovation. A simple plain “Travel Guide” serves as a popup platform for 3D performance!

These screens simulate the connections to and fro from Changi Airport, 7000+ flights per week! Bringing the world to Singapore and vice versa.

Just imagine, tiny red dot 700 square km, plugged into the world. We can just clicked and book our preferred airline, and indulge in wanderlust one hop away from Changi Airport.

Fancy a customer facing job? Then work on your smiles πŸ™‚

We were making funny faces and trying to see who got the saddest score haha. Hey, there is a leaderboard for the best smile too.

Besides learning about the airport functions, the interactive games also encouraged families and friends to participate in friendly competition.

There is a lot of replay value as kids are super competitive.

changi experience studio review
Changi Experience Studio review

Changi Experience Studio offers a few vantage points to peep at the Rain Vortex and the vast glass ceiling.

Photo below, the skytrain seem to go through a waterfall shower. Do take note Jewel’s skytrain is only available for transit passengers.

Be it zoom or wide angle, Rain Vortex looks fantastic from all angles.
Love the sight of water collecting at the top (funnel-like) or draining off below.

Watching the water gushed down this “plug” is therapeutic..

Rain Vortex looks fantastic from all angles, a piece of art and science.

Rain vortex Jewel Changi Airport

We went backstage to role-play the efforts needed to keep Changi Airport operations running.

Video : Kids having fun at CES! We share our favourite corners


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Yes, visitors not only learn but get to hands-on too πŸ™‚

The exhibits are highly interactive and have great replay value. Try collecting trolleys or x-ray spotting dangerous goods!

I will be patient with security screening in the future.

Visitors get to appreciate the unseen work behind the scenes and Changi Airport’s development milestones.

Hey, directing taxis into the bays is not straightforward too. Passengers will grumble and scold you haha!

changi experience studio
Changi Experience Studio activities

Who want to be the champion in the trolleys section? I might have accidentally bang down a few bystanders!

I suspect the kids are only here to disturb 捣乱, otherwise these junior interns would only wreck havoc in Changi Airport!

The points collected in your “Travel Guide” can be redeemed for discounts at the souvenir shop.

I forgot to mention that the Travel Guide can be customised with your name. Everytime before we start a game, we have to place our card down to “register”.

We spend the most time in this corner.Β  I know kids can be captivated for half day easily at Changi Experience Studio!

You can also buy your Fun photos too.

Love the virtual butterflies floating on the ground. Follow them to explore more technology.

changi experience studio animations
Changi Experience Studio animations

If you are a music lover, be amazed at Garden of Harmony.

Our guide told us that the symphony here is like the whole of Changi Airport working together as an orchestra, putting up the best musical performance πŸ™‚

It is all about teamwork at Changi Airport.

The landscape has a mystical feel, a bit like Avatar. Projections left and right immersed us in a musical forest.

With your Travel Guide, stand at different spots to play bassoon, flute, percussion etc. Everyone will start flapping their Travel Guide to ensemble an electrifying symphony.Β 

Marvelous performance πŸ™‚

In the Finale, visitors took off to a destination is an outer-space space pod somewhere in the galaxy.

We caught a Virtual tour bird eye’s view of Changi Airport from the atmosphere, with all the heat signatures traversing the globe.

Jewel Changi Airport raised from T1’s carpark, establishing a lifestyle node within Changi Airport. So, space travel from Changi Airport might not be that far-fetched an idea :p

Many folk would first notice Canopy Park before Changi Experience Studio, just look at the social media postings. Canopy Park’s play areas, the Instagramable shots are very visual and captivating.

However, I actually prefer the various interactions and learning opportunities within CES. There are so many booths which supports family participation.

We hope you our Changi Experience Studio review will be useful for your reference, and your family will enjoy CES as much as we did. More photos of CES (photos) and Canopy Park have been uploaded on our Fanpage.

changi experience studio photo
Changi Experience Studio photos

Click for Canopy Park photos.


Additional Tips for visiting Jewel Changi Airport:

-Do follow Changi Experience Studio website and Jewel Fanpage for latest updates
-CES opening hours is from 10am to 10pm

-Tickets pricing starts from $19 and $13 for adult and child/senior respectively. Visitors need to select their entry time-slot

-Parking fees in Jewel is more expensive. We park at T2 and walk over to Jewel. 4 hours parking costs at Jewel and T2 are $18.60 and $9.60 respectively.

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ps.. We would like to thanks CAG for the fun invitation to Changi Experience Studio

5 things we like about Sinar Eco Resort review

Our Sinar Eco Resort review hopes to share more about family friendly activities. We have heard a lot about Sinar Eco Resort (GPS 1.440437, 103.521374, check Google Map for more resort photos).

The location is deep within Palm Oil Tree Plantation, and Pekan Nanas is the nearest town. If you hike Gunung Pulai (which we hope to do one day), Pekan Nanas is a popular gathering point before/after.

Before we share the Fun part, let us get logistics out of the way first. For some reason, GPS directed us to a dirt track.

Google Map screenshot

Refer above collage of Google Map screenshots.
Top photo is correct, we should turn left after we spot (in sequence) “Public Bank Pekan Nanas-> Petronas petrol station-> Mosque”.

The bottom collage photo was where we landed based on Google Map.
(hey Google, I drive an MPV not ATV)


Fortunately, Sinar Eco Resort has shared a navigation guide for us. Set your Google Map to “Public Bank Pekan Nanas” (The pineapple icon).

Sinar Eco Resort map
Sinar Eco Resort map

From Public Bank Pekan Nanas, drive straight for another 500m (passing Petronas and mosque before turning left). It is a 9km drive through Palm Oil Tree plantation.

The big Pineapple infront of Public Bank

Do watch out for potholes and uneven surfaces. The road will converge from 2 lanes into 1 lane as we go deeper. As Mobile signal might be patchy, look out for the blue Sinar Eco signboard.

No wifi. Reality strikes when we check in. Although it is not 1995, but you can rest assure there are plenty of activities in Sinar Eco Resort for 3D2N.

Read on for more Sinar Eco Resort review on the activities.

1.Freedom, be spontaneous
(The farm is safe for kids to explore)

The menu offers Bike, kayak, swim, Atv, tractor, rabbit and chicken, billiard, karaoke, horse riding etc. Try everything πŸ™‚

The menu does not tell you how to relax and do nothing, just lepak and enjoy the peaceful surroundings πŸ™‚

We would recommend getting the bundles for more savings.

Sinar Eco Resort activities
Sinar Eco Resort activities

Before we continue, let us share one of our favorite activities at Sinar Eco Resort, ATV and buggy ride (mud is complimentary but fun!)


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Guests would need to check-in at the main block. Our accommodation was at this block, smaller sized families might enjoy the “containers stay” novelty (up to 4pax).

You can check out the accommodation rates and photos on Sinar Eco Resort website.

Sinar Eco Resort
Sinar Eco Resort Containers stay

We stayed in Nature Breeze room for our family of 6 pax. There is a common hall per floor.

What I like about Sinar Eco Resort compound is the abundant green foliage. From our hall, you can see the cafeteria across the carpark.

First activity for visitors would be a tour around Sinar Eco Resort. The friendly hosts will drive you around.

Families will get a flavour of what resort has to offer.

On subsequent days. Adventurous folks can choose to cycle behind. It is just a short 15min ride to cover the resort.

2.Farm animals, big and small

Animals big and small will be spotted all around.

Cowshed has a lot of dung, but kids enjoy feeding the cows.

Johor Family friendly farms
Johor family friendly farms

The goats and horse sheds would be much cleaner πŸ™‚
You can opt to feed the baby goats with milk too.

Johor Farms
Johor Farms

Feeding carrots to the horses, they look majestic and strong. But kids are always wary of the slimy tongues.

johor farm stay
Johor farm stay

Many hungry goats, and there is one huge alpha Billy.

It stands taller than Boon Yee (no3).

Do look out for cute calf too.

Farm Animals johor
Farm Animals johor

Most dogs are caged, but a few will be roaming the compound. Harmless, and they do not fight with the cats or goats.

Most of us urban folks have few opportunities to get close to live poultry in Singapore. The chickens, ducks and geese welcome us to their enclosure.

Sinar Eco Resort
Sinar Eco Resort

I thought chicken coop look like Melbourne’s colourful Bath Houses, but we did not spot newly hatched eggs. Feeding the chicken was fun, if only we can try to catch some of them.

Kampong Family

Cats are the most popular section . Maybe Sinar Eco Resort should let the rabbits out…

Milk for the goats, it is not for human consumption.

Farm animals feeding Johor
Farm animals feeding Johor

3.FOOD, never go hungry πŸ™‚

After feeding the animals, we need to feed the humans too.

..and there are 5 meals per day! All meals will be served at this glass cafeteria.

Delicious and healthy home cooked food, breakfast porridge was my best dish.

You can top up RM20 (per pax) for a BBQ dinner too.

I teased the kids whether the wings are from the same chicken we saw earlier?

Weather was very unpredictable during our stay. We got frequent showers, but there are plenty of inhouse activities to keep us occupied.

4. Plenty of activities!

Kids play billiards every night!

Movie screening and you can buy fireworks too.

But your family (especially the kids) should enjoy the ATV rides.
Dirt and mud is part of the game, so choose some dirty clothes beforehand.

Driver need to be minimum 16 years old. ε€§θˆ…’s family enjoyed the spins too.Β 

ATV johor photos
ATV Johor photos

The buggy ride feels like Guards’ Light Strike vehicles.


ATV is RM25 and Buggy is RM40 per three rounds. Although the laps are small, go for the novelty thrills!

buggy rides johor
Buggy rides Johor

Coated in MUD!

Wait, there are more activities for your selection. The children pool and train playground for smaller kids.

Sinar Eco Resort review
Sinar Eco Resort review

Swim, jump, hop, cycle. Anything which pleases the kids and families.

Β Β Β Β Β Β Β 

River cruise happens every evening around 5pm. It is more relaxing than kayaking. Explore the river downstream.

If you run out of ideas, you can get your models to pose for Instagram too :p

5.Family Friendly resort

Beyond the activities, guest can expect top notch servicing and smiles from Sinar Eco Resort staff. Genuine and friendly, they go out of the way to ensure our kids have a wonderful time.

Our kitchen Auntie was super chatty and help us buy jackfruits on her errand trip. By the way, Pekan Nanas is famous for pineapples.

Thank you Sinar Eco Resort for the wonderful hospitality. It was a relaxing 3D2N stay for us. Kids are asking whether we can smuggle the cute kitten home πŸ™‚

Do pop by Cheekiemonkies’ review for more photos.

Our 3D2N Video (YouTube)

More details about Sinar Eco Resort:

-Contact : +6013 757 2434
-Website: https://www.sinarecoresort.com
-Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SinarEcoResort
-GPS: 1.440437, 103.521374

-Room rate (per night per pax) : Adult RM 220, child RM 200

Sinar Eco Resort do offer transport shuttle from Singapore too, do give them a call. More photos uploaded to our Facebook album .


ps.. our Trip is sponsored by Sinar Eco Resort. In case you wish to explore more attractions nearby, click on Kukup (village life), Legoland and Gelang Petah (Seafood) for your research