Unusual Taman Negara activities

Taman Negara activities will keep hikers occupied, but this blog post aim to focus on two aspects :

1)  Me as a proud Father
2) Teamwork and brotherhood of rescue party

My kids never failed to surprise me during our hiking trips. From Gunung Panti to Belumut , the latest Taman Negara hike with Wei (no 1) was no exception.

Kids’ resilience, stamina, and appetite for adventures always exceed my expectations. And we parents can only validate these traits in an outdoor setting.

Family bonding Taman Negara
Family bonding Taman Negara

The Taman Negara activities (itinerary) from Meetup group SANL (Singapore Adventurous Nature Lovers) highlighted “1 Cave and 1 Tent”, package include hiking in a primary Rainforest, rapid shooting etc, I was sold.


..we are not going to forget Taman Negara anytime soon.

… an incident happened on the first night, and my boy suddenly realised he was on his own. Well, not exactly, as he can still seek help from fellow hikers (mostly Aunties and Sisters).

#Skillset –  We just need to open our mouth and ask for HELP.

Without my constant nagging ( Yup, I am guilty), Wei not only hiked to end-point with a heavier load, he even managed to make new friends. Way to go Young Man!

Photo credit SANL

The experience and memories which we brought home from the “130 Million years old” Rainforest was priceless! I have no doubts the skills which Wei picked up (independence, teamwork, networking) during this trip will mold his character into a better person.

My original intention was just to bond with him, Father and Son.

.. but ideal was dashed on the first night. Someone in our group had been injured and 7 guys were mobilised for stretcher party.

.. Part (1) – The rescue party

0700 Day 2 – As I transferred some of my baggage over to him. I remembered telling Wei “I will see you at camp site tonight“.

In actual fact, I was worried about him but I still needed to instill confidence.


Alas, it was a promise which I could not fulfill 🙁
For the next 24 hours, my group struggled to lift someone to safety.

It was tiring for us to lift and drag the stretcher and “R” to our rendezvous point, Gua Luas (Gua in Bahasa means Cave)

3 km – Distance was a mere 3km away, but it was tough to navigate the forest floor with a stretcher.

Taman Negara Map
The two caves (Gua) Luas and Kepayang are 4km apart.

We were at the mercy of the Rainforest. Muddy grounds and thorns, thick roots and trunks, leeches and insects. FORTUNATELY, the Rain left us alone!

AROO! (haha) We kept joking about that Spartan slogan to keep our spirits high and kept fatigue away.

Lost count of the number of times we slipped and lose our footing or got stuck in mud. We were bogged down by narrow paths at some sections.

6 Hours -Progress was miserably aching and slow. We took 6 whole hours to carry “R” to Gua Luas!

What kept me going was the urge to finish my task and get back to my son quickly. I was still worried for him.

We were also concerned about the main group, who had to help carry our load and hike to the camp site.

The gals formed 75% of our hiking group, posing here infront of cave Hotel before they set off on their own journey.

Photo credit SANL

You go Girl! Hiking through water and mud, small thrills for the seasoned hikers. Do read till the end for Xia’s blogpost account from the main group 🙂

Photo credit SANL

As I am drafting this blog post, four of my toe nails are still bruised (black nails), and I injured my left knee again.

My fellow stretcher party did not have it easier. TS, Leon, George, Jason and wife, Keewan and Freddy. (Special mention to two guides Farook and Captain America! and the other guides)

The first 7. Leon stayed overnight with casualty.

Other gossips :
– Leon secret stash kept us high (this is a secret among the 8 of us haha)
– Behind us, we can always hear “Darling Darling are you ok?” so mushy
– Infront, we got a 50 year old TS putting us to shame.  He was the pillar  who always single-handedly pull the stretcher across obstacles (clap clap!)
– George must be wondering how his wife is coping with the main group
– Jia Hui was R’s companion throughout. She attended to R, slept the least and carry a heavy load herself. Salute!

All of us were tired, but none dare to give up

We kept each other motivated (sometimes with lame jokes) when we were exhausted. The intensity of this 3km stretch was equivalent to my recent Sundown Marathon!

During a run, I can estimate my own pace and aim for the next milestone. Deep in the Rainforest, where is the next milestone?

A “Kodak” moment, but you will also see our tired face behind the smiles.

Photo credit SANL

1,2,3 Lift ! We could only managed 50m or 20m at every stretch, before our wrist, back, and shoulder needed a rest again.

Too much doubts…

We did not know whether a rescue team (the Park Rangers) would reached us in time.
Our food and drink were running low, and we ourselves might be affected by hunger and cold in the night.

To make things worse, Jason and Freddy were injured and 7 men went down to 5. Fortunately, Captain America help us in the last 500m.  Otherwise, we would have taken longer to complete our task.

1600 Day 2 – Finally reach Gua Luas, the waiting game begins

A quick 1 hour nap to recharge.  All our arms, shoulders and back, every joint was aching. Guides had prepared hot tea and plain porridge.

2336 Day 2– Fortunately, 16 of the Park Rangers filed towards us in the middle of the night. We were tired but elated to see them.

…we saw Bright Lights and HOPE!

By this time, R has also recovered slightly, and able to articulate her needs. This was a vast improvement when she first collapsed from fits.

RELIEF! Relief! Relief! Smiles all around at the cave 🙂

Taman Negara Rangers rescue
Park Rangers saved our lives!

The Rangers brought us dinner, humble Nasi Ikan Bilis and 100 plus but this was The best meal I tasted throughout our 3D3N trip.

0030 Day 3 – With R secured in Rangers’ hands, the 8 of us made our way to the jetty. We trekked another 4 km in 4 hours through the night.

0400 to 0600 – Slept at broken house near Jetty. We were KO and I woke up thrice shivering uncontrollably due to cold and exhaustion.

0630 to 0700 – Rangers (R and Jia Hui) caught up with us, and we all ferried back to the main group.

Exhausted but super relief!
Photo credit SANL

Above is the timeline for our rescue actions. I hope my own actions to save another person would embed in my kids, the capacity to reach out to help others, and to emphatise.

.. Part (2) This was our original itinerary

2000 Day 0 – We took an overnight bus from Marsiling. We took 2.5 hours to cross both SG/MY custom due to long Labour Day weekend.

0700 Day 1 – Breakfast at Jerantut (Pahang). Click for train map of KTM (Singapore to Jerantut).

Breakfast at town of Jerantut , after 7 hours bus ride.

1000 – Kuala Tahan Jetty ( official name for this location is Jeti Taman Negara, GPS coordinates 4.383445, 102.401541 ).

Kuala Tahan Jetty

This is the start point for most visitors to Taman Negara. We need to take a boat across to Taman Negara National National Park HQ.

1 hour of admin work.  Registration and declaration (of your belongings) to ensure we do not leave rubbish behind. Get ready RM 5 for camera “tax”. Final briefing from our guides etc.

Spotted many with Magnum ice creams, our last indulgence hee hee.

Taman Negara National Parks HQ
Where is Taman Negara
Taman Negara is HUGE (Pahang even bigger).

Map below, Pahang and Taman Negara surrounding. Cameron Highlands is 4 hours away in the West, and Kuantan 2 hrs to the East.

Taman Negara National Park is 4000 km2 , that is about 60 Singapore!

Point 2 is Cameron Highlands (4 hour away)

1145 – Our group of 40 convoy upriver in 4 long boats, we are going deep into the heart of Taman Negara. More land and River details here.

Boat ride up Taman Negara

Meandering up Taman Negara’s Tembeling river. 90 minutes later, we reach the trailhead for our hike (GPS 4.517222 102.475000 estimated)

Photo credit SANL

1310 – Disembark at broken house, this is our hiking start point.

Suspension bridge with a lot of holes! This mark the start of our Hike.

Hiking Fun and explorations

Orang Asli can use extracts from “ipoh” tree for their poison darts (and blow pipe).

Guide Farook knowledge sharing.

We keep seeing the majestic Malang tree, huge tree stump and white trunk reaching for the sky.

Photo credit SANL

What goes up must come down, and there are plenty of slopes for hikers to overcome. Our supposedly 8km hike was actually 12km. The first 3 km was relatively easy, minimum obstacles.  Path was flat and easy to walk.

Lovely NATURE!

The trails were ok for me, but my load was heavy. We needed to carry our dinner and lunch and enough water for 2 days. I had four 1.5l water bottle and 5 cans of food with me.

Streams come and go, offering refreshing respite. I am puzzled why everyone is so scared of mud and water, trying their best to keep their boots dry (haha). These diversions were creating unnecessary bottlenecks and delays.
Taman Negara activities

Rich ecosystem, fauna.in Primary forest.

We came across so much Elephant dungs and footprints (look at the size!), hope we do not cross path with a herd!

Taman Negara elephants
Endless Elephant dungs and footprints!

Besides the constant perspiration from the humid Rainforest, we had to watch out for leeches too.  Everyone was bitten at least 5 to 10 times eeeks!

leeches hiking
Before and after, buffet for leeches

We sprayed everything to get rid of the disgusting leeches, salt, vinegar, lighter or even 风油 (medicated oil)! Once the leech dislodge from our leg, we could flick it away. We were wondering why the leeches seem to latch onto the same wound, and they love to suck from the gals’ tummy area!


1630 Gua Luas – First checkpoint after 3 hours.

One of the checkpoint, Gua Luas.

The group might have taken too much time to reach this point. With a few hours left before sunset, we quicken our pace to reach the next Cave (4.5km away).

It would be tedious and dangerous to navigate with headlights in total darkness.


1845 Gua Kepayang Besar, our “hotel” for the night

Gua Kepayang for one night stay.

The cave stay was a surreal experience, I had never slept in a cave before and this one was big enough to swallow 100 campers easily.

Photo credit SANL

Self designated toilet for males and females and make do with basic necessities. The only comfort was our bedsheet and headlight.

We quickly change and power-bath (a first for Wei again) before settling down for dinner. By now, we could hear Thunder and Rain lashing outside the cave!

Take note temperature will drop around 2 or 3am in the Rainforest or cave, we had campfire to keep us warm and dry.

Light sleepers will have problem dozing as we can hear people chattering (and echo of laughter) across the wall. Scores of bats will stare back if you dare to shine the light towards the ceiling.

Warm dinner prepared by our guides. We did not need anything elaborate, we would prefer to rest for the night.

Dinner in cave.


2000 Day 1 – We knew something was wrong when one of the hikers (call her “R”) had not reached the cave yet. Discussions were ongoing between our guides and organisers on how to extricate R.

She had a seizure (fits) and was immobilised. A group of hikers had stayed on with her to help stabilised her condition.

2200 – The rest of us get ready to rest for the night.

~~~ ~~~

0100 Day 2 – I set off with a team to resupply those stuck outside. I would hate to be in their situation, floor is wet after the rain, and it would be hard to have a proper rest.

0400 – Reached back cave at 4am and slept 2 hours before being activated for stretcher party

0730 – The 8 of us set off for our evacuation mission. We knew it would be tough, but we all volunteered as it was something we needed to do. There was a risk that R’s condition might take a turn for the worse.

..  most of us underestimated the efforts needed

We play rescue workers for the next 6 hours. Transferred “R” 3km to our rendezvous point.

A life was in our hands. We could not afford to give up halfway. There were doubts whether we could make it, but we just got to grit our teeth and carry on.


1600  – Reach cave Gua Luas, finally.



Camp site, back to civilisation.

Meanwhile, the other group had already reach camp site (Danz Eco Resort, GPS 4.390373, 102.411227 ).

0800 Day 3 – Rescue party finally reach camp site.

There are two accommodations options, camp and capsule . Capsule looks nice and posh from outside, but we prefer tent for a more authentic experience. A pity I did not get to admire the stars of Taman Negara.

Do you prefer Aircon comfort or bashing in the humid Rainforest?
Tents around our camp site. We love the outdoor feel, compared to “aircon” capsules

Camp site come with its own “beachfront”.

1100 Day 3 (Last Day) – I had hope to scale the canopy walk with Wei but he was not interested. Sucks, denying my  last opportunity to bond with him at Taman Negara :p

Photo credit SANL


Proud of you, my Son !

Back at camp and happy to see Wei well taken care of. The Aunties only had positive feedback about him. Helpful, Independent, Rugged 🙂

You know I could not be by your side because I had a higher calling, but you stood up to the test and completed the hike with the aunties.

You have shown me your independence, maturity and most importantly confidence. Although we miss certain activities this trip, seeing you grown up makes everything worth it !


Me and Wei, the tent which I never got to sleep in.


We would like to explore Taman Negara activities again, sharing some tips for fellow hikers :

a) Taman Negara is relatively easy, but distance is longer. If I compare to Gunung Belumut (1000m 6 hours up/down, difficulty rating of 3/5) , Taman Negara is (2/5).

b) Use headlamp instead of torchlight. Always free your hands, so you can break a fall or grab a branch for support.

c) No matter how short is the trek, bring extra water and night light. I did not bring night light for the rescue as I had assumed I would reach camp site before Sunset. It is very slow and dangerous to navigate without lights at night (and eerie too)

d) Get a Travel insurance (coverage during trip, and medical expense post trip)

e) Whistle – We can only shout so long before our voice is hoarse, whistle will produce audible sound for Rescuers

f) Proper hiking shoes, (or ask about Kampong Adidas) from Malaysia towns provision shops. We need good grip.

g) Pack your bag , use ABC. A for “Accessibility”, B for “Balance”, and C for “Condense”. Google and YouTube for tips, use hip (not shoulder) for support. (sample video)

h) Anti-mosquitos, spray/patches. I brought saturated salt-water in those cheap Daiso spray-containers to counter the leeches.

g ) Raincoat is a must for trekking, protect yourself and your bags

h) Ziplock bags to keep items dry

i) First aid pouch

j) SG (Coach 8 hours) -> Kuala Tahan Jetty (Jerantut) > Taman Negar Park HQ -> 90min Boat up river – Hike start point

L to R. George, Farook me and son.

Thank you to all our Guides and Rangers! Things could have easily got out of hands, if you guys had not rendered assistance 🙂

‘Teaching is best caught not taught’.

Hoping my kids can pick up some positive traits too.
– Help others but take care of yourself first
– Always look out for each other
– In stressful situations, teamwork is everything
– Naysayers will be there to discourage you, focus on the positive side

Click to see more Taman Negara activities photos on our Facebook album . Follow SengkangBabies Hiking trails here or #skbHiking)

*Read Xia’s blog account from the main group’s perspectives, their boots and “adidas” were never dry hee hee 🙂

** Keewan’s One-More-Night Taman Negara video 🙂


Vasectomy birth control for the man

Vasectomy does not reduce your sexual performance nor your manliness.

One recent topic in Daddy Matters (closed FB group) requested for “Vasectomy reference”. The subject raised a lot of pentup (pardon the pun) questions.

We guys sometimes wondered about Vasectomy (结扎), the benefits and comparison with ligation. We wanted to hear from someone who had done it before, as we are curious about potential side effects.

Vasectomy family planning
4 kids enough for us

It is a hush hush topic as we usually do not go around asking our colleagues, neighbours or kopi kakis about birth control, more specifically sterilisation. It is just not in guys’ DNA to talk about Family Planning (Asia is still quite conservative, and in some societies, male-sterilisation is taboo)

The Dads discussed about the pros and cons of Vasectomy, doctors (Urologist) reference, and surgical fees. The online feedback was fruitful, blunt and honest, yet reserving some level of privacy.

I would find it hard to discuss birth control face to face, too much intimacies to reveal :p

Vasectomy : It is not only about our manhood and mojo (libido)

Man’s health and family planning, Vasectomy might not be suitable for everyone. I hope this blog post will clear some doubts and raise awareness about the benefits.

Perhaps, more husbands will be encouraged to take a snip for the wife and family 🙂 (In case you are still clueless, Vasectomy is sterilisation for Man, there is an image under FAQ Section)


Ligation, Pill, Condom, Vasectomy etc

(withdrawal method is not birth control :p )

I did my Vasectomy back in 2009. It took me so long to blog about my experience as I am a conservative chap.

(Hint: Try not to YouTube Vasectomy as the procedure can be very graphic, I still feel uncomfortable at the thought of someone manhandling my testicles)

Most chaps (and even females) might assumed Birth Control equal Ligation. Some will expect the Mrs to stitch (ligate) after the last child’s birth.

Our spouse has to undergo the pain and trauma of childbearing, I truly believe we HUSBANDS can afford to take a few stitches for our darlings!

Read on if you wish to discover more about birth control options for the family.

1) Vasectomy Myths

– Although we are in 21st century, there are still a lot of myths about Vasectomy. Come on, go Google for the truth.

– This procedure is very common in Europe and US

– It is not castration (physical or medical), and procedure will not make you an eunuch (公公) !

– The procedure will not harm your manhood nor libido, and your testosterone level will not be affected.

– Vasectomy will not cause erectile dysfunction and you can still fulfill a husband’s sexual duties.

Let me share why your sexual experience might improve too.

2) Advantages of Vasectomy

– Faster recovery compared to ligation, and less side effects. Tying the fallopian tubes immediately after childbirth might be less effective

– Vasectomy is cheaper and faster (2 to 3 hours) compared to ligation

– Technically, the man is “infertile” as the tubes (vas deferens) carrying the sperm had been sealed/snipped

– Easier to reverse the procedure compared to ligation (although we should go in with the mindset of no U-turn)

– Procedure only requires local anesthesia, ie safer and cheaper ( ..you will grimace more from embarrassment than pain, as you are awake and aware that everyone in Operating Theatre can see your jewels)

– No more condoms, FREEDOM for couple!

– No more counting of ovulation window ( forecasting safe penetration)

– Husband and wife can be amorous after one week, although Doctor will caution about being too vigorous (you know yourself)

– Confident that I will not produce another baby, couple can relax more and enjoy the pleasures of love making ( Hooray!)

Happy Family
Happy Family


3) So, is Vasectomy for me?

Besides the surgical procedure. There are other considerations, which will be highlighted by your specialist.

– Couple must make a conscious decision about birth control. Four kids are definitely enough for me and wife :p

– Research and shortlist the Urology clinics (and consultants) in Singapore

– Private and Public fees are different, ask whether you can claim from Medisave or insurance

– Technically, reversal of Vasectomy is possible, but we should go through with a mindset of no U-turn

– Specialist consultations will share more about the procedure and help you come to a decision. We heard stories of reversal due to Unforeseen circumstances :

a) Death of child
b) Need to harvest cord blood of new birth to save siblings
c) Re-marriage
(no right or wrong answers above)

– Some men do stray after the procedure, blame the new “freedom” (same reasoning for Viagra)

– Do Google for “Side effects” and discuss your concerns with Doctor

– Although rare, there are instances of failed Vasectomy. As with all medical procedures (and condoms), there can never be 100% guarantee



4) Vasectomy FAQ

– Hard to illustrate before/after Vasectomy, see this image

– Penile functions will not degrade. You can definitely masturbate and achieve an erection ( Sexual health topics are very subjective )

– You will be able to ejaculate fluid, just that sperm is no longer present (in Army lingo, shoot Blanks)

– Fees between Public and Private can range from $800 to $2000 (estimation from 8 years ago). If you do not mind, please share latest rate with me

– Vasectomy procedure is day surgery about 2 to 3 hours, only local anesthesia is needed

– Small incisions on both scrotums are needed to disconnect the tubes. Besides slight swelling post procedure, the external wound should fully heal within months

– Not painful, only mild discomfort

– Recovery expected within a few days, but I was told to go easy on sports

Family planning Singapore
Family planning Singapore

So if you are still wondering whether we are planning to expand SengkangBabies, you have the answer now 🙂

I hope the above pointers would help to allay some of your concerns and fears. Naturally, the No 1 concern for most chaps are post-Vasectomy performance.

You may email me for my Doctor and additional details.


This post hopes to raise awareness about male contraception Vasectomy. If I should misrepresent some processes or my explanations are vague, do correct me. Birth control is a serious topic, pardon my attempt to inject some humour into subject.

Camping In Singapore, Pasir Ris Park

Camping In Singapore was a new milestone for us.

2D1N at Pasir Ris Park, and the packing activities started one night before.
As first timers, we did not want to forget something, so we brought everything out except the sink :p

Our camping barang barang. Besides the camping equipment, we packed in SPORTs too. Bikes, skateboard and soccer 🙂

Camping site secured, goods unloaded. We got two bikes and a skateboard for our supply runs (water and snacks).

Do a quick sweep for debris or broken glass, ensure you are not under coconut tree’s kill-zone!

Before we venture further, you need to register your camping interest at Nparks website (and get the AXS receipt) beforehand. Registration is free.

Once you arrive in designated “Area 1”, and identify your choice spot, proceed to setup camp.

1)Pull the four corner

2) Slide in the rods diagonally, more hands work faster.

3) The rods-intersection at the top (roof) will meet at 90 degrees, ensure a good knot so tent will not deform. We hold all four corners and bend the rods towards the ground (ready to be hammered in).

4) Knock the pins into the ground (with mallet or shoe) to secure the four corners. It can be windy and we do not want our tent to fly away.

5) Tata, our camping tent completed! The final step is to cover our roof with a “rain fly” shelter (blue colour), in case it rains.

We took 30 min to setup our camp and 15 min to pump the air beds.

Camping In Singapore

Time for some fun sports activities. Add Kites, swimming or hammock for more options. Waterbombs anyone? We spotted some otters too.

Meanwhile, Daddy took a short nap on his comfy sofa 🙂
I jokingly told the kids we had to rotate sentry duty.

Our camping furniture, the 4-legged seat is much more comfortable than the tripod seat. Mosquito coil and headlamp is a must, get an overhead lamp (30W should be bright enough) which can provide illumination from the roof.

Handphone’s flash light might be too glaring.

Our 8 men tent is spacious for our whole family. Enough legroom for 1.8m Daddy too 🙂
We would recommend a layer of tarmac for additional cushioning against rough floor, and perhaps protection against small rain. Have a small mat in front of entrance so kids will not bring sand into the tent.

Airbed is a must (not optional) if you are no longer a teenager, or unless you like the sensation of pricky mimosa or pebbles along your spine!

Toilet and shower facilities. We are in Singapore, so a lot of our creature comforts are readily available, including 4G, food and sanitation.

No wonder some say camping in Singapore is Glamping (Glamour + camp) hee hee.

Our zhi char (煮炒) dinner, delicious chicken wings to sweeten our virgin camping experience.

Surprisingly, the humble Maggi was the highlight for our camping trip. We did not BBQ this round, so a mini “campfire” with army-style mesh-tins got the kids excited!

Yummy Maggi and hotdogs, kids are glutton, blame it on all the nice food 🙂

Hope they do not assume all camping experience are always so “luxurious”, I will only pack sardines and jam+ bread for them next time.

大舅 visited us and brought durian supper haha, muffins from our lunch.


YEAH, our camp experience was a major success, securing 90% satisfaction from 5 out of 6 campers. (Shall not let you know who is less enthusiastic about outdoor camping)

Most of us love the GREAT Outdoor and Freedom!

No3 Yee still wish to zen out the morning chill.

Packing up, Pasir Ris Park is still very quiet, with the occasional joggers and cyclists.


Thumbs up for our camping experience,  I hope there will be many more “staycations” soon.

Video (Youtube link) : Teamwork 分工合作, we get everything done faster

Additional tips for Camping In Singapore :

– Number 1 rule, do not litter.
– Number 2, do not eat or fart inside the tent

– You can grab most of your camping needs at Decathlon, Beach Road or Winning.

– Camping cost (estimated): $125 8man camp, x1 Airbed $25, Pump $13

– If camping at Pasir Ris Park Area 1, nearest carpark is “Car Park A”  (GPS 1.379728, 103.959770). Car park rate 2230 to 0630 maximum $4, $0.50 per half hour other timings.

– Bring a trolley to cart your heavy baggage and equipment along

– Our staycation was too warm overnight, perhaps we should face the tent-opening towards the sea for additional breeze. Add 3 to 4 usb fans to ventilate the tent.

– This might be common sense, pitch in daylight and under shade. It will be challenging in low light to find the strings, hooks and alignment.

– #CommonSenseToo, ensure tent-opening facing away from BBQ fumes

– Go easy on the tent’s zip and anti-insect mesh, kids might pull too hard and jam the zippers

– Organise the Tent interior, food, toys, beds so everyone know where to find their stuffs. We would recommend phones and chargers to be kept in those waterproof 10l duffel bag (in case in rains at night)

– For security reason, adults should sleep nearest to tent entrance. In case someone goes to the wrong tent or kids sleep-walk or someone thought your bikes are OFO or Obike.

– Families might like to camp within 10 minutes walk to toilets, in case you need the loo at 3am

– Bring your camping permit with you, in case Police spot checks.
– Standby socks and pants or spare blanket in case weather turns cold

– Light sleeper bring ear plugs along. We were entertained by Aloha’s Karaoke till 2am and overly friendly (and loud neighbours) who were fishing till 3am!

– Wake up earlier the next day (like 5.45am) to catch a glorious sunrise

** Camping and hiking list for your reference.


First timers will struggle to setup a tent, it is not intuitive for me and there are no user manual.  You might take up to 60 minutes for first setup.

We had to hone our pitching skills at a Sengkang knoll before we went LIVE at Pasir Ris :p

Camping had not cross our mind earlier, until we saw Tan family’s camping village! (read here and their helpful FAQs here). Hope to join them one day 🙂

– Pop by our first camping experience at White Sands shopping mall here
– More photos uploaded on Facebook album
– Instagram itinerary hashtag #skbCamping

Camping In Singapore is a FUN experience for our whole family. We would like to try camping at East Coast Park or Sentosa (available during 2017 Mar holidays) next.