Halia’s 4 course set Dinner for Mummy dearest

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Last week, Daddy was invited to a food tasting session at Halia (Botanic Gardens).
Halia is Malay for ginger (teh-Halia got it?), and that could explain why our cuisines and even mocktail always carry a tinge of ginger.

We start with a refreshing Halia Jive. This is Halia’ signature mocktail.
Ice blended fresh ginger, fruit punch, orange, honey ($12)

Halia is surrounded by lush greenery, offering secluded intimacy to it’s diners.
(photo credit to Halia)

In the evening, Halia is lighted by natural lighting and candles, it will be an experience to go alfresco with friends or family. We definitely love Halia’s landscaping setup, very condusive for chit chats, over sumptuous fine dining !

This Mother’s day weekend from 11-13 May, Halia has something in store to pamper our Mummies. A special four course dinner awaits her.

Halia’s 4-course Mother’s Day set dinner is priced at $140++ per person with the beef main course, and $150++ per person with the seabass main course. This menu is also available as ala carte instead of a set.

Home made bread, so appetizing! This humble bread set expectations high among the parents.

#01 – Starter – Capsicum veloute with pan-seared lobster and truffle oil

The Capsicum veloute is actually made from bell peppers, but Daddy thought the lobster broth is mildly sweet but thick with lobster essence. Daddy is tempted to use his bread as dip.

#02 – Entrée – Tian of crab in garlic aioli, egg white, beetroot petal and chive with mille feuille of buttered brioche and passionfruit puree

Crab is filled with different sauces, it oozes different textures in our mouths. Delicious.

Look at Halia’s professional photos. Our dining experience is greatly enhanced by artistic decorations and layout.

(photo credit to Halia)

#03 – Main Course – Char-grilled Rangers Valley beef tenderloin with puree of butternut squash, cranberry beef jus, soft herb salad in green lime vinaigrette and edible flowers (photo credit to Halia)

Or Pan-fried line-caught sea bass fillet with yuzu orange reduction, siphon of truffle mash potato and lait de soja

Daddy chose the sea bass. It was crispy outside, sweet freshness inside ! We finished every morsel, leaving no scraps behind ! When fish is this good, you do not even need condiment to enhance the flavour.

The mash potato was too soft and spongy for Daddy, but if you love mousse, you will love chef’s potato creation.

#4 – Milk chocolate bar, orange caramel ice cream, blood orange gelee

Halia wrap up Mummy’s dinner with cool desserts. We order Milk chocolate bar, and it was heavenly to scoop up every drop of ice cream.

Another dessert would be Strawberry gazpacho, cocoa streusel, basil sorbet, black peppercorn snap.

In between our servings, we catch up on family stories and jokes.
We can watch the chefs at work through Halia’s open kitchen concept.

We got to sample Mother’s Day Weekend Brunch too. Available from 12 & 13 May, from 10am-4pm. Look at what Halia is offering to titillate our taste buds.

For oyster lovers, half dozen seasonal baked oysters for ($30)
They come in different flavourings, spicy, sweet, onion.

Parmesan and basil fregola, tempura of green asparagus and baby nasu, vine-ripened tomato and morel emulsion ($34)

This is actually a sort of pasta made from small beads.

Granny Smith apple salad, grape, yuzu walnut, raisin, parmesan & candied orange twist in honey mustard dressing ($20).

Poached eggs on brioche, dill hollandaise, roasted brown mushroom, spinach & tomato with crisp back bacon ($25).

Daddy can order this for breakfast everyday, love the crispy bacon with molten egg !

The ladies ordered ginger tea to end their evening. The warm beverage helps with digestion and was soothing. Daddy should know better than to order black coffee duh.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Halia and FoodNews’ Leroy for hosting us. Leroy’s rich food vocabulary and descriptives meant we parent-bloggers only need to concentrate on taking photos and enjoying ourselves. You need to know a bit of French to pronounce all the dishes, Bon appetit !

Do pop by for more foodies photos at our Fanpage.

If you are looking for a venue to make Mummy happy or an intimate corner with your spouse, try Halia at Botanic Gardens.

The Halia is located at 1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569. For reservations, please call 8444 1148 or email alicetang@halia.com.sg

Hair For Hope 2012 – Daddy to be botak head

For every guys, the defining moment is when we drop our hairs during NS time.
Yes, we dread looking at ourselves in the mirror, and Yes, we do not need shampoo, but given a choice, how many would opt to go bald?

For some sick children, who need to undergo chemo, they do not have a say. Their hair will drop off due to their cancer treatment.

So, on 28.29July (Vivocity), thousands will queue up to shave.
Through this symbolic hair-shaving event, organiser and participants hope to :

1. Create awareness of childhood cancer in Singapore
2. Show children with cancer and their families that they are not alone in their fight against cancer
3. Tell children with cancer that it is OK to be bald
4. Raise funds to help children with cancer and their families
5. Build a community of support for children with cancer and their families

More updates and details can be found at HFH website and fanpage.

Daddy’s inspiration and models come from two other lady friends :
1) Ruiting – If a gal can do it, I can definitely survive the botak days again
2) Irene and two kids ! – Kudos to family spirit. I could not convince my two boys to join me keke.

Oh, in case you need to compare Daddy before/after photo, click this link –> Gardens By The East. Anybody keen to join Daddy?

## Updated 2012Jul30 – the hair has fallen

A not-so-short walk along Sungei Serangoon

On Labour day, the kids’ pre-school organised a morning walk for families to get together. This should be fun, if our kids survive the 5km haha !

We start with a bang, as balloons float away and the occasional explosion, all the families gathered at the start line. We told the kids just follow the blue balloons.

Heng family’s Denver and Gladys were with us too.

..bringing our blue balloons into the green foliage of Punggol Park. Oh, are you aware Punggol park is not in Punggol?

We walk, and we walk and we walk, for a whole 5km ! There was minimum shelter along Sungei Serangoon, please bring your cap along.

Kids keep asking “Are we there yet” ?

We are only halfway to 1/2 way point (at Punggol Promenade), and kids are getting impatient and tired.

We took another 30min to reach 1/2 way point. Butterflies and dragonflies accompany us along the way. There were so many creepy caterpillars on the floor !

Ice cream and refreshment await participants at the 1/2 way point. Everyone is either tanned or melting from the sun.

5km for adults might take 30min to complete, but it took us 3 hours with three stops.
Xin and Yi kept grumbling under the hot sun, and we have to take turn to carry our girl.

They still make it to the end point, so Proud of the kids. Even Daddy had to keep his camera on the return trip, too tired.

Did you know an otter family of seven resides in Sungei Serangoon? Our friend, Peter, mention the otters usually come out after 4pm, it must be an awesome sight to watch them cruising down the river.
(photo courtesy from http://cartoon-pete.tripod.com)

At the end point, we just love bubbles, especially when Wei and Kang keep sticking the bubbles onto Xin and Yi’s hair !

It does not matter even if the younger ones cannot blow a proper bubble, as long as they have fun.

Daddy promise to bring the kids to cycle along Sungei Serangoon soon.
This stretch is highly recommended for families acitivities 🙂

Punggol promenade is a little enclave at Punggol, beside F&B outlets, it provides respite for nearby residents. Daddy did some night shots along Sungei Serangoon last year, love the iconic bridge too.

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