Arts Festival 2012 is here…

From 18May to 02June, Arts Festival is upon Singapore again.
More details here –>

We blog about 2012’s theme “Lost Poems” and 80 years old “Young@Hearts” earlier.
Daddy is a pen pal with one of the choir member, Claire. She must be Daddy’s oldest friend πŸ™‚

– catch the Free Young@Heart movie on 24th 10pm
– Ticketed concert will run from 23-25th May

To quote from ArtsFest website
=== === === === === ===
Young@Heart is a chorus of senior citizens averaging 80 years. This documentary showcases courage, determination and true grit as the group prepares for a concert in its hometown of Massachusetts, spending two months learning new material…
=== === === === === ===

Tomorrow, Daddy will be attending the media preview of Festival village at Esplanade park. Arts Festival organisers want you to remember Ten numbers πŸ™‚

If there are too many events (80 to be exact with 500 artists!), fret not, we will recommend that you drop by “Festival Village” from 18th onwards, just to soak in the arty spirit. We heard most of the events within the village arena is FOC. There will be kids friendly events too.

Expect to see Centaur (1/2 man 1/2 horse), you might have spotted them at Chinatown or Raffles place. The Bridge Cafe project seems interesting too

More information can be found here, some events are free :
All event photos

Our boys’ Chinese compositions are so imaginative

There are dogs, death, puppies and Wen Wei even imagine himself becoming a father one day, and giving dogs to his children ! Mummy and Daddy are very proud of his creative mind, but we are also intrigued and amused haha πŸ™‚

The compo theme is “Tears swell in my eyes“, we did not know Primary schools are now training kids to express their Emo and EQ keke.

Wen Wei writes until “Got dragon got tiger” (Hokkien dialect ζœ‰ιΎ™ζœ‰θ™Ž, meaning very flowery). No wonder his teacher make special mention to his essay.

But do you know what is amazing?
We do not have any pets, but that did not stop Wen Wei’s imagination.
Our big family must have rub off on him. He even dreams about his grandchildren having puppies for pets wahaha.

Wen Kang will catch up soon.
He dreams about having a motorbike in our house. We told him motorbike can only sit two (unless you are in Vietnam, where one bike takes Six ! ) Kang nods his head, he still want his motorbike.

Charly T’s for Mother’s Day celebration

We went for an early Mother’s day celebration at Charly T’s 112 Katong branch.

Daddy had earlier won a tweeter contest, which entitles us to a whole Rotisserie chicken. The staff at this outlet is super friendly, and keep our kids entertainied throughout, thumbs up πŸ™‚

This is Charly T’s signature dish. The chicken comes with a a tad bit of herbal and maybe pepper dosage. But our kids love the chicken, leaving no skin or shreds behind. Not too oily, and one chicken with side-dish can serve three adults.

We thought their Jumbo Schnitzel Burgers look impressive on their LCD screen, and since the kids need more fries, we went ahead to order a Jumbo Schnitzel burger.
(Wiki mention Schnitzel is an Austrian way of preparing boneless chicken fillet)

Love the breaded chicken burger style, with crispy bacon on top, enough juicyness to make two person happy πŸ™‚

Happy Mother’s day to ε₯Άε₯Ά (Nai Nai) and our Mummy, and all the wonderful mummies out there !

Love the food, love the mall, but the only negative feedback must be the horrible traffic jams in and and around Joo Chiat and East Coast road. Carpark is always full at 112 Katong, we recommend you to cater 20min for evening jams.

If you feel like dining at Charly T’s, our fanpage is running a $30 voucher giveaway.
Do pop by to support πŸ™‚

Contact Charly T’s at :

Click for more wholesome chicken photos at our fanpage.