5 Star Black Pepper stall at Hougang Central

Every time Mummy bring the kids for their haircut at Hougang, they will pass by Hougang Central Block 805.

Without fail, she will always noticed the sizzling hot plates served to every table.
You cannot miss the Black Pepper aroma drifting around you,
you cannot miss “5 Star corner“.
Budget western food hougang

It was only a matter of time before Daddy is roped in for some Black Pepper lunch 🙂

Fish & Chips (3.5/5)

Normal, but for $5.50, you get two slabs of codfish (?), toast, beans and side dish. Value for money. Boon Wee and Boon Kang’s favourite western food is Fish & Chips.

Chicken Cutlet (4/5)

We all love our Chicken Cutlet. Crispy skin, not too oily. Everyone loves the juicy and tender meat.
5 star chicken cutlet

Black Pepper Pork Chop (3/5) – $8

Meat is too tough, even Daddy had problem chewing. We are recommending that you order the Black Pepper steak instead.
recommend pork chop hougang central

Black Pepper steak (4.25/5)

From the moment the sizzling hot plate reach our table, the spread of onions and Hot black pepper around your face. Black Pepper fans would be sold already.

Unfortunately, Mummy order well-done, so there was not much beef flavour to savour already. At $9, this is the best selling dish at 5 Star Corner, go for it !
5 star western food stall hougang, recommend black pepper western food

Price is very reasonable, waiting time is less than 15 mins. If you are a Black Pepper fan, do drop by Hougang Central.

Everytime Mummy bring the kids for their haircut at Hougang, she will pass by this biscuit shop. (we will talk about biscuits another day)
Hougang biscuit shop, where to buy old school biscuits

Shop Name : 5 Star Corner
Location : Block 805 Hougang Central

ps.. are you hungry? We have added some nice Singapore Street food in our album 🙂

Birthdays, Christmas, New Year and P1

When the kids are in a good mood, all the photos turn out super Fun and comical ! And they was how they spend their school holidays 🙂

The last two weeks were packed with activities, alas school holidays is always too short!

We have two Birthday boys in Dec, Boon Wee (25th Dec), and Boon Yee (27th Dec), and we always make it 3-in-1 with Christmas 🙂

Boon Wee’s surprise party at KSL, we brought him a cake on Day 2 of our Johor Bahru Holiday.

Back in Singapore, we love Nai Nai’s banquet, her Curry is always so delicious 🙂

Brothers and sister, always loving siblings!

Rewind to Boon Yee and Boon Xin 4 years ago 🙂

Party 🙂

Cakes, Yummy !

Birthday songs with cousins 🙂

Christmas Presents always bring out the smiles.

Boon Yee was happy to see his Durian face appear on Okto Birthday page.
How to add birthday photo okto, okto birthday celebration

Swensen’s free ice cream for birthday kids, one serving is never enough 🙂
birthday cakes swensens; free ice cream swensens birthday

We spend the last minutes of 2013 at a multi-storey carpark overlooking Anchorvale Swimming pool. A good spot for watching the fireworks, and no crowds 🙂

We start the New Year praying for Health, Happiness and Peace 🙂

Then we swallow some snails for dinner, Daddy told us it was chicken 🙁
End up, we love Saizeriya’s Escargots !
Escargot at Saizeriya, popular restaurant Saizeriya, Saizeriya popular menu

End of school holidays, Boon Yee, are you ready for P1?
Happy parents of Primary 1 kids

Mummy and Dady are impressed with Boon Kang (No2). He was very patient in teaching life skills to Boon Yee (no3).

Tying of shoe lace and counting money are very important traits for school going kid 🙂
skills for p1 boys, how kids learn to tie shoe lace

Mummy gave Boon Yee a Star for bravery award haha 🙂

Boon Yee’s day 1 orientation so far so good, only short of one tooth :p

We hope you have a fruitful start to 2014 too 🙂