What is SG50?

To Boon Xin, it means Fun.

Maybe imitating a Karang Guni’s morning call “TV, spoilt Radio, or Ipad”?
Who has seen such a cute rag-and-born man girl before?

Video : … or maybe peddling “ice cream”. It comes with bell too !
Probably not a good idea as Boon Xin might consume too much Wall’s Chocolate wafers!

What about a plate of Yummy Chicken rice ?

Maybe revisit the Dragons, Pelicon or Seals?

Daddy hates the dreaded ERP ! Every motorists are at it’s mercy.

What is SG50?

Singapore will be 50 years old in 2015, do pop by http://www.singapore50.sg and Fanpage for more events updates.

You are invited to share how you will celebrate SG50 in 2015 πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, do bring your kids to SG50 booth outside NLB (National Library).
It will definitely bring back some sweet memories (not only Teh Tarik) for the parents too.

Or you can pop by Channel U’s 100% Singapore η™Ύεˆ†η™Ύζ–°εŠ ε‘. Tonight Ch U 8pm will showcase episode 7 (featuring tissue paper chope!).

(Self-advertising, did you catch us in Episode 1 “Nostalgia playground”?)

Family friendly restaurant Saizeriya

In the first picture, Boon Yee and Boon Xin are discussing their favourite snacks, Escargots!

Everytime we go shopping at Hougang 1, we will pass by Saizeriya. We know it is a Japanese Italian fusion restaurant, and we never fail to miss the alluring fragrance of pasta and pizza from the diners.

Somehow, the name Saizeriya is quite hard to remember for Daddy πŸ™‚
By the end of this post, you will remember Saizeriya for two things,
Escargots and Value for money (read wallet friendly).

saizeriya set meal

Escargots is a must try at Saizeriya, because of novelty, because it is tender and sweet, and because it is $5.90 only! In a French restaurant, it would be easily ten times that amount.

Still, Escargots as food is not the same as snails for pets. Daddy bluff the kids that Escargots are some chicken meal. They try it, they liked it, after the last morsel are in our tummy, Daddy revealed Escargots are snails πŸ™‚

“No Yikes, no eeeew!” we will definitely order this plate again.
We give the snails a high rating of (4/5).

(Daddy suggest that parents should not be too eager to share Escargots = slimy snails)
kids eating escargot, affordable escargot, wher to eat escargot

Creamy Mushroom soup for the younger ones. $2.90 only! (3.5/5)

Grab some appetizers while you ponder which main course to order. We recommend the juicy chicken wings (ratings 4/5) and maybe Cheesy Chicken sausage (3/5). The wings are good, but we would prefer to have more cheese in our hotdogs.

Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese for $3.90! Mummmy ordered Seafood Pasta (3/5).

Pizza are always popular with our kids. Bacon Pineapple Pizza (3.5/5) and Salami Pizza (3/5).

Grilled Salmon for Boon Wee (3.5/5).
Value Grilled salmon

Table full of yummy food, Bon Appetit!
saizeriya food photos, saizeriya happy customer, saizeriya happy family

We will like to try more Western fare next time. A few tables have ordered their sizzling steaks and the price seems very affordable.
Afordable western food, recommend western food Saizeriya

We are almost full already, but we could not resist ordering some desserts. Yummy Oreo Cheesecake (3.5/5).

Did you notice that our Boon Xin always has the first bite with pastries and sweet stuffs ?

All prices are Nett ! No service charge, no GST !
saizeriya family friendly meals, recommend value for money restaurant

Our experience with Saizeriya has been superb, we would rate it 4.75/5 overall!
Service is fast, food is good, and prices are wallet friendly.
We are recommending Saizeriya to our friends.

Did we mention drinks are free flow?

More on Saizeriya :
More food photos on our Fanpage
– Our pet snails (not for consumption)

ps.. A concerned Mum wrote in to highlight that her daughter’s escargot experience did not end on a pleasant note. She was allergic to Eggs and had to seek medical consultation immediately. More tips on allergy and prevention here and here.