Thomas & Friends at City Square Mall

[ Media Invite ]

Last Sunday, we were invited to view Thomas the train at City Square Mall. You can imagine the joy and anticipation from our kids.

While waiting for the Blue No1 train to roll into station, Rusty and Dusty kept us laughing at their antics.

Everyone learn about recycling, and there was even a sneaky cat trying to steal the show !

Smoking funnel ! We are still waiting for our favourite steam engine locomotive.

It was not long before Fat controller and Thomas came out to greet everyone. Kids were all eager to see their Thomas.

Another highlight for City Square Mall visitors must be the snow (indoor). Everyone tries to grab a piece of the snow foam.

He sees snow… (Boon Yee is too excited to shout)

Party confetti spew out and rain down on us, kids eagerly picked up different strips of colours 🙂

Video : watch Thomas burst out onto the stage

We could not resist popping on stage to take a photo with our favourite train.
Thank you to City Square Mall for the choo choo invite 🙂

We had wanted to carry on the Fun at the Christmas carnival. Outside the mall, light and snow show (including carnival rides) continues to bring joy to kids, and families.

A pity the relentless rain refuse to go away! Do pop by City Square Mall’s video and our friend BPDG’s review.

Indoor – Thomas and crew’s last day will be on 15Dec, they are performing on (Sat\Sun 1pm, 4pm, and 7pm), and (Tue\Fri 2pm and 7pm).
Outdoor – Christma Carnival will run till 29Dec, expect snow to fall daily at 8pm and 9pm.

More details and Christmas activities are available at City Square Mall’s website and Fanpage.

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From now till 29Dec, snap and win attractive prizes at City Square Mall !

Lettuce, Cabbage, Tomato, Strawberry at Gardens by the Bay

You heard us correctly. Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) is selling displaying daily fruits and vegetables in it’s lush Flower Dome, themed “Sugar Mountain”.

Normally, we will associate cabbage and tomato with wet market (read our AMK trip), what a refreshing change 🙂

Christmas Sugar Mountain tells the story about a pineapple boy and straweberry girl 🙂

To quote from GBTB and designer Kazuyuki Ishihara:
Stemming from Ishihara’s belief in the power of food to bridge the disparities in society, the display features two characters – a pineapple boy called “Ananas” and a strawberry girl “Berry“. Both have to live apart because of their different growing conditions until one day when they stumble upon a garden with a special mountain that provides for all their needs. In this paradise of theirs, they build a home and live happily ever after.

Fruits everywhere, if we had come a few days earlier, we might be tempted to pluck the strawberries :p

We found a cosy corner near California, our Lollipop corner 🙂

Peep-a-Flyer, behind thick foliage.

Christmas accessories and salad-ingredients side by side, where is our salad bowl?

Kids were busy trying to spot the next Tomato, Pineapple or green capsicum !

Next to us was a group of senior citizens on a community visit, and all the aunties were happily remarking about Gardens’ rich produce.

Love this plot of green leafy lettuce. Is it organic?

We can smell Christmas spirit everywhere.

This cute truck is the center of attraction.

Let us tell you more about Ananas and Berry 🙂

Reindeers were spotted ushering in the festive month.

Hello Maple leaf

Families would enjoy celebrating Christmas at GBTB.

We pop by Cloud Forest again, whose Waterfall never fail to amaze us.

From the top, we can spot Far East Organisation (FEO) playground ! FEO playground is slated to open in 2014Jan, and we will share why this playground rocks in another post.

+5 Degrees, kids have a better understanding of global warming and it’s effect.

Gardens by the Bay is celebrating “12 Days of Sweet Treats” from 13 to 24Dec. Visit GBTB Fanpage daily from 13Dec onwards to win great prizes !

More photos of our FEO playground and Sugar Mountain trip are in our Fanpage.

SengkangBabies are proud to be a Gardens Angel, click on the logo to smell more Tulips from our previous experience 🙂