Emicakes Push ‘N’ Pop cakes

At first glance, we cannot tell whether Emicakes’ Push “N” Pop is an ice cream or a cake? In Daddy’s younger days, there was an ice cream with similar design, and kids naturally love the “Push” design.

Anyway, Boon Yee kept pestering his bro for a bite.

Push ‘N’ Pop cakes have four flavours to satisfy your craving, each stick is retailing for $4.20 only.

(image credit Emicakes)

No matter which flavour you choose, it is always more Fun to share !

You can choose to finish everything in one go, or you can keep it in fridge for a second round. However, Daddy suspects the cakes would be hijacked would be too hard to resist haha πŸ™‚

Every layer has a different texture and taste. All delicious.
emicakes Push 'N' Pop cakes, new cakes from emicakes, Push 'N' Pop

If the portion is really too big, share it with your siblings or best friend.

All you love birds out there, this is your opportunity to smooch !
你一口, ζˆ‘δΈ€ε£, so romantic β™₯
kids love cakes, emicakes birthday cakes

Boon Kang feeding Boon Yee, this is a rare sight, as Boon Yee is not a cake lover.
Yes we know he is weird, Boon Yee is the only one who do not like ice cream and cakes.

Do not throw away the container, refill with Ribena or Milo, make a cool popsicle πŸ™‚
milo popsicles, kids love popsicles

Once Boon Yee saw the cool milo popsicle (sng1 bao1), he could not resist bugging his bro again !

More Emicakes promotions can be found on their Webpage and Fanpage.

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We have 5 pairs of Emicakes’ Push “N” Pop cakes to share with you πŸ™‚

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Emicakes Push n Pop fun

4. The 5 most Fun captions will each win a pair of cakes on 20 Nov 11pm

Thank you to our sponsors Emicakes πŸ™‚

No3 Boon Yee has graduated from K2

Last week, our preschool held a graduation celebration for all the school leaving kids.
K2 Graduation

There was even a bonfire. Cool but dark clouds had earlier threatened to spoil the party but it eventually flew away.

The performance from the K2 batch was top notch ! Seeing the kids perform and sing confidently and with so much passion, how can we parents not feel proud πŸ™‚

What we do not see is the amount of coaching and efforts from the teachers and staff.
Thank you Teachers !

Video : The singing program was easily 30 to 40 minutes, how did they memorise all the songs and choreography.

Daddy believe all the parents at the concert must be touched and proud of the kids’ dedication. We all love the Finale, so colourful, so passionate, so much gusto !

Daddy is now even more convinced that Kindergarden graduation need not be a big ticket item. No need for expensive props or 5* hotel booking, custom costumes or even ticketing. We had blog about our previous K2 experience here.

As long as kids enjoy themselves, parents will LOVE the performance.

We have to say our heartfelt thanks once again to all the wonderful teachers. You have all help to nurture Boon Yee into a confident young chap.

Along the angelic chorus, our No3, our Boon Yee will be stepping onto another milestone.
Ah Boy, Mummy and Daddy will always support you πŸ™‚