Baking Fun at Creative Culinaire

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Everyone loves a cake, except my no2 Boon Yee :p
(he does not fancy ice cream too hee hee)

What is even better than tasting the cake, is baking it yourself.
We jump at the opportunity when Creative Culinaire invited us down for a baking class.

Looking back at the photos, the kitchen at Creative Culinaire offers families fantastic bonding moments.
Creative Culinaire

The smiling Chef Judy, is a big ingredient for our cheerful workshop 🙂
She is so motherly and passionate about her craft and Judy always has this smile.

Truly, a HAPPY baker will prepare the best pastries as everything comes from her heart.

After her Rainbow Cake demonstration, it was our turn to hands-on. And kids were super eager to stir their baking powder, break the eggs, and mold the dough.

I am sure all the kids at the baking workshop agree the best segment is getting involved in the baking process (making a mess of your table is optional). Before we start, Chef Judy reminded us the importance of being neat and organised so that we can find our ingredients and utensils easily.

Chef Judy jokingly mentioned if we make mistakes in our baking steps, we had to eat our own cake. She drew a parallel in life parenting.

Kids sometimes had to learn about mistakes the hard way, despite parent’s repeat reminders (不听老人言).

Layering one by one, love the vibrant colours.

Kids were amazed at how we can mix and match to get a different colour. Baking class was a good opportunity to refresh our science (Chemistry) understanding.

It was up to us to decide the tone of the colour (dark or light), hey who say Rainbow cake must follow a certain order? Freedom and creativity for families to explore.

Yellow + Red = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green
Red + Blue = Magenta

Kids’ eyes brighten as we create one more layer for our Rainbow cake.

Step by step, workflow in procession.

Video (link) : Fun baking session at the kitchen of Creative Culinaire

Our Rainbow cake forming up.

While adults do the piping and decoration, I caught the kids gleefully picking up all the cake crumbs. The bowl of stars (decorations) was depleting too fast :p

Enjoying a slice of their effort.

Thank you Chef Judy for the fun and interesting baking session. Thank you Alvin and Rosalind for all the help too.

We had a fun family baking session at Creative Culinaire.

I forgot to mention this, kids always look adorable in their Chef’s hat and apron 🙂

For more details and workshops, do follow Creative Culinaire on their Website and Facebook. Contact them at 6324 1663.

De Ren Tang myopia treatment

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We are familiar with “Western” approach for myopia treatment, lasik or eye drops (for juniors) to slow down myopia. But I had never heard of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment for myopia before.

Imagine my surprise and doubt when De Ren Tang (德仁堂) invited us for a trial 🙂
myopia treatment

Is it effective, is it harmful, are there any side effects? I got the same questions too when both me and Boon Yee went for our assessment. But I do know TCM has been around for thousands of years.

No medication, acupuncture nor herbal ingestion, thus there are no side effects. De Ren Tang offers age old practice of massaging the body nerves and 筋 (jin1).

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

The session will start with assessment of our eyesight, this is done before and after every session.

For the younger ones, Chinese TCM believes that posture and body plays an important part for eyesight well being. Thus massaging our back (spine), and nerves play a crucial part of treatment.

Structured massage will focus on accupoints (穴位) for eye improvement.

Massaging around the eye socket and scalp to relax our eye muscles. In modern society, when we are stressed or tense, we can feel uncomfortable (throbbing) at our temple.

We learnt how TCM use massage to disperse the negative energy and improve our well being.

Gua Sha (刮痧) around our eyes to relax any muscle tension and improve blood circulation (气血循环). Blood capillaries carry blood around our body system, Gua Sha would help to clear congestion (堵塞) along the paths.

We can see Boon Yee’s face flush after every Gua Sha session.

We were told above TCM treatments are very common in China, primary school going children have “eye exercises” in classroom twice a day to improve their vision too.

Have I improved my eyesight? Measurements are taken after every session, and you should see some improvements after a few sessions.

Myopia treatment effectiveness will be different from person to person. In Singapore, a myopic child most likely inherits the genes from parents.

TCM practices would still encourage good eye habits from young to preserve our eyesight (30cm from book, minimise prolonged screen time, avoid reading in dim lighting etc)

Yee looks forward to his weekly treatment. The doctor’s tender massage and soothing ambiance always lull him into a state of total relaxation. Soothing, and I felt happy for him too 🙂

De Ren Tang is recommending a minimum of 10 or 20 sessions to really feel the improvements. Each session for a child and adult are 60 and 30 minutes respectively.

Do take note that De Ren Tang’s treatment is more effective for kids as their corneas are still growing. Continual treatment will be possible to slow down myopia degree and even improve eyesight.

However, adults’ eyesight degrees have already stabilised, treatment will only control myopia from getting worse. TCM massage session will reduce tension around eye sockets.

De Ren Tang (德仁堂) would like to raise awareness for TCM method of myopia treatment. If you are looking for eyesight well being, do give De ren Tang treatment a trial. You may view De Ren Tang doctors (医师) certifications here.

Each package is $880 for 11 sessions, first time customer from our blog will enjoy up to 30% discount.

You may read up more details about De Ren Tang in article below.

De Ren Tang 德仁堂 address – 10, Anson Road, International Plaza, #02-81, S079903
Contact – 6534 8187
Website –

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