When Daddy and Mummy kiss

When Daddy and Mummy smooches, kids always crowd around to see-show. Somehow, they think it is fun, but we always remind the older boys not to kiss any girls who pop up !

The smaller two will feel jealous that we are not kissing them instead haha.
Have you kiss infront of your kids before, Daddy guarantee you there will be a lot of giggling and funny moments.

Another pose which we like is the I-am-Angry look. Kids will always try to grin and look angry, but the comic effect is so hilarious. Just look at No3 bad boy Boon Yi.

You will not see many families lug their own props outdoor. SengkangBabies brought our own chairs to Sengkang Riverside Park last weekend.

After our own photos, Danny (http://www.dannyst.com) joined us for round two. We introduced him in an earlier post, and we cannot wait to share his photos with our friends πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, Danny is looking for more local families in his portfolio, you can book an appointment with him at DannySantos@gmail.com

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Essilor OptiFog lens, no more foggy moments


Lens fogging is common everywhere. In humid Singapore, when there is a sudden change in temperature, fogging will occur (due to condensation).

Some day to day examples will be sipping of coffee, or when we alight from an aircon bus. When parents are cooling down after chasing the kids, our breathing will cause lens fogging again.

Look at Essilor’s video clip for more fogging scenarios.

Now, the kids might find it cute for Daddy to be “blind”, but Daddy finds it an inconvenience. You cannot do anything until the fog wears off. When Daddy knew about Essilor’s new OptiFog len, he was curious about how lens fogging can be minismised.

Essilor has made a spacial anti-fog lens, they call it OptiFog. Together with a special solution (Activator), Essilor claim it takes only three steps for anti-fogging effect to last for one week !
To be practical. that one week claim is only possible if you do not clean your lens.
Yes, only if you leave the stain and smudge on your lens :p

Daddy chose a half-frame to go with his new lens. In addition to anti-fog, Essilor’s len come with features like anti-glare and anti-scratch too.

After collecting his new specs and lens, Daddy went to Pulau Semakau for some nature adventures. His new lens did not disappoint, there was no fogging for one whole day! You can perspire, you can go in and out of aircon coaches, or navigate the forest walk, no more fogging Yeah !

For our fans and friends, they know Sengkang’s Babies are super active. We enjoy running in our parks, and now with OptiFog, Daddy can safely say lens fogging will no longer be an obstacle to Fun (hello Starfish) !

Daddy would like to thanks the nice people at Vibescomm for giving Daddy an opportunity to review the OptiFog lens. More information is available atΒ www.optifog.com
OptiFog lens will be available at leading opticians.

By the way, Daddy is sure this barbie-cooking scenario will not be happening soon :p