Penang Day 3 am – Butterfly Farm

Our Penang Day 3 subject could be “caterpillar and the princess”. Boon Xin bravely let the creepy crawlie wriggle on her palm, but ran away when the butterflies came too near ?

It is our third day at Penang, and before we head for the butterflies, we took some additional photos to promote Penang Hard Rock.

Even our blog’s header photo is taken when our kids were enjoying themselves at our favourite swing. This is one of Daddy’s favorite family photo as it showcase everybody with an element of Fun !

Check out Day 2 post about Penang Hardrock’s pool.

Daddy introduce the Beatles to our kids. The kids do not know how BIG and Popular were the Beatles when they reign the 60s and 70s ! (Kids thought Daddy is talking about insects and reptiles). Daddy told kids Beatles were as popular as Kpops in their era.

On to Penang’s famous butterfly farm for some insect explorations. Entrance fees are RM27 for adults and RM15 for children.

We now understand the butterflies life cycle, from mating, laying eggs, hungry caterpillars, and morphing into pretty Butterflies.

We even allow some caterpillars to tickle our palms ! (Warning some caterpillars are poisonous, so do no grab any caterpillar you lay eye upon !)

..Love the golden cocoon, so classic !

Fruits and honey-laced flowers are used to attract the butterflies, allowing kids to go real near to them. Kids are always amazed at the butterflies hovering all over our heads. But Daddy remember there were more butterflies 10 years ago.

Besides Butterflies, we can also see millipedes, iguanas, spiders and scorpions in the enclosures.

The hugh insect posters makes your hair stands !

We bid farewell to the insects world..

** Our 4D3N Itinerary
Day 1 – Adventure Zone at Golden Sand Resort, dinner at Long Beach
Day 2 – Swimming and Club house (Lil Rock venture)
Day 3 – Butterfly Farm and Toy Museum
Day 4 – Sight seeing (Second bridge and Penang Sakura)

More butterflies photos can be found at SengkangBabies Fanpage.


Mythbusters needed to whack HP’s Folio 13 notebook

Are you a techie, or shopping for a new notebook, maybe you are a fan of Discovery Channel’s MythBusters? If you answer YES to any of the questions, HP is inviting you to test HP’s Folio13 at Marina Square, Central Atrium on 14/15Apr.

Brought to you by HP and Discovery Channel, this roadshow wants consumers to be Mythbusters, and challenge pre-conceived myths about Ultrabooks
(and maybe break some notebook myths too).

You are invited to discover HP Folio13’s hi-tech features and performance.
Daddy, for one, know that Ultrathin notebooks are lightweight, but suffers from short battery life. HP claims Folio 13 can last 9.25 hours !

While whacking testing the Folio 13 ultrabook, you can stand a chance to win one Ultrabook for yourself :

• Take a photo posing with the HP Folio13 at any of the HP Booths at the event
• Tweet the photo with the following format
[YourCaption] @SengkangBabies #HPDiscovery

Credit.. images extracted from HP.