PIKA PIKA Changi Airport

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Pika Pika Changi Airport has landed!

When Changi Airport changed their social media profile to Pokemon, you know something big and cute is coming!
Pika Pika Changi Airport

There is a 7m Pikachu in T3 plus countless Pokemon Christmas trees all around.

Changi Airport’s social media platforms were blasted with adorable Pikachus, runway too!

PIKA and friends have literally invaded Changi Airport!

I brought two smaller kids to Changi Airport to catch the highly anticipated Pikachu parade πŸ™‚

The crowd went wild when PIKA PIKA waved to us !

PIKAs just need to shake left and wriggle right, and crowd would chant “So CUTE! Kawaii!

I am not a fan of PokemonGo. The kids play the game, just not on my phones (kee kee), and I was swayed by Pokemon vibes.

At T3 Departure Hall, Snowflakes, Christmas trees and Gingerbread house rings in the festive spirit. Do peep into Santa’s workshop and Mrs Claus’ Confectionery too πŸ™‚

Pikachus were ambushed by Pokemon Fans everywhere.

Kids were eagerly waiting to selfie with the PIKAS.

Video (link) : Pikachu Parade dancing

I tell you, some Parents are even more Excited than the kids.

More Pokemons and Pokestops around Changi Airport, some are in Transit.

Meanwhile in T2, the Snorlax is having a chill time πŸ™‚

Every $60 spent, entitle you to grab a cute Pokemon plush toy for $9.90 . Do take note of Plush toys hatching (schedule)

You can experience Z-Moves and Face Painting kiosks, do remember to download your QR code from this link beforehand.

There will be No bouncing castle this year, besides Pokemon, you can still enjoy some fun photo posing (and of course the slides).

All “Pokemon At Changi” activities are listed on this website, participate in the games and win some cute souvenirs.

* Pokemon At Changi display and exhibitions will run till 11 Feb 2017
** Pokemon Fans can meet and greet Pikachu weekends 6pm and 8pm (except 3 Dec) till 01 January 2017.
*** Trainers who take at least three photos at the Poketrail sites and share with hashtag #PokemonAtChangi stands to win a premium (details here)

For those searching for more photos and videos of Singapore’s first Pikachu parade, do pop by Cheekiemonkies, MummyEd and 3WheelingTots πŸ™‚

(image credit Changi Airport)

Last year was Star Wars (we love X-wing fighters!), and Pika Pika Changi Airport for 2016, Cool!

Follow Changi Airport on their Facebook and Website for the latest updates.

Starwars has landed at Changi Airport

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Force is strong at Changi Airport, queues are longer!
Not piloting today, but standing so close to our dream X-Wing fighter is already epic.

Those in the queues can actually cosplay in Starwars costume and take a cockpit photo too, how cool!
(You can dress as a Chewbacca or Imperial Stormtroopers or rebel and pose in the cockpit.)

Never mind if this war did not happen in a galaxy far far away, the Starwars exhibition is happening in the East, at Changi Airport. Starwars Fans are turning up to get up close with X-Wing or TIE fighters.

A life size X-Wing! Look at the fans surrounding the fighter, second floor is packed too.
Changi Starwars Crowded

Pretty cool premiere before Starwars 7 is released. If only the fighter can open its X πŸ™‚


Similar to previous traditions, a bouncing castle has appeared at T3 row 11. This lighthouse is super easy to surmount, just hit the button and see the lights . Did you noticed the Northern Lights (Aurora) backdrop?
20151114 Changi Starwars2
Changi Airport bouncing castle

Kids can try navigating their BB-8 through obstacles too. First come first serve, and slots fill up pretty fast!
20151114 Changi Starwars5

Norway is not only about Vikings and Salmons, there are pretty awesome landscapes and alps.
20151114 Changi Starwars4
20151114 Changi Starwars

Whenever Starwars characters appear, you can bet fans will swarm around.
20151114 Changi Starwars1

Long queue just to pose with Stormtrooper! Can you spot his white helmet under the pillar?

Every Sat 4pm, from now till 02Jan, Stormtroopers will battle Imperial guards around X-wing fighter. This is the most crowded period! Other than 4pm, you should have a lot of opportunities to selfie with X-Wing or TIE.
Family photo xwing Changi

Changi Airport xwing

TIE fighter at T2 (next to BK), protected by stormtroopers. Where is Darth?
stormtrooper Changi airport

Whichever angle you look at the TIE, it sill looks menacing and impressive. Perhaps I am a fan of the Dark Side πŸ™‚
Changi Airport TIE fighter

Video : Behold, The FORCE is strong at Changi Airport!

Starwars plush toys will be released over the coming weeks. For hardcore collectors, I might recommend using “Changi Rewards”. Just consolidate $1500 worth of receipts to get all 8 cute Plush toys.
Changi Airport Starwars plush toys
(image credit Changi Airport)
changi Airport rewards

Master Yoda will be the first plush toy from 17th Nov onwards. Collect all eight toys, you must!
how to buy starwars toys changi airport

Starwars exhibit runs from now till 05 Jan 2016, catch inter-galactic battle between Stormtroopers and Rebels every Saturday at 4pm. More details on Changi Airport Website and Fanpage.

Tips to enjoy Starwars at Changi Airport :
– There are more interactions behind the X-Wing wall at T3, perhaps we can find “Harison Ford and Princess Leia” (We had to skip due to the crowds)
– Starwars exhibition ends 05 Jan 2016
– Every Sat 4pm, Stormtroopers will battle rebels (you need to squeeze to the front, easier for kids than adults)
– Avoid peak hours to get decent selfies with X-Wing or TIE fighters
– All Starwars fans must make one journey to Changi Airport

More photos have been uploaded on our Fanpage album.

Changi Airport Home spots

As part of SG50 celebrations, Changi Airport Home Spots showcased 50 icons around Terminal 1, 2 and 3!
Look out for your favourite Food, campaign icons, dragon playground, and even SAF mobilisation.
Changi Airport SG50 memories

Kids checking their Changi Airport Home Spots map to identify the next icon.
changi sg503

At T3, we saw cardboard models of old Kallang Airport and Seletar airport.
changi sg501
changi sg506

Love the creative Luggage Tags! Everyone can pen their wishes and greetings and hang them on the Merlion, Singapore Flyer or Airport Tower.
changi sg504

We do not get many opportunities to wefie with Changi Aiport’s iconic Tower!

Durians! This variant does not emit any odour fragrance! Very popular with locals and visitors alike.
changi airport sg50 durian

This is the actual size of the Durians, someone even place their baby on the durian pulp for some thorny backdrop!

The most courteous boy and Lion.
changi sg505

Posing with Singa πŸ™‚

Frankly speaking, this Green Soldier (Mob Man) flashing means we have to report to camp! Say bye bye to your happy weekends and partying. Our boys always complained that parents are strict and restrict their freedom. They will soon understand what is “2359” hee hee.
Changi Homespots SAF Mob

Even the skytrains have been decorated with pretty motifs!
changi sg502

Video : Do lookout for the decorations along Airport Boulevard too!

SG50 and Changi Airport Home Spots. Have Fun exploring and learning about Singapore and Changi Airport’s history. A pity the Chicken Rice, Satay, and Chili Crabs are hidden in the Transit sections πŸ™‚
Changi Home spots location

The Home Spot map can be downloaded here. For the latest updates about Changi Airport, do follow them on Fanpage and Instagram.