2017 Chinese New Year cookies

Christmas is not even here, and we are planning to welcome Chinese New Year 2017 on 28/29 Jan. Our homemade 2017 Chinese New Year cookies (from our baker friend Ah Thong) are ready for ordering.

2017 Chinese New Year cookies ordering is now available till 11 Jan 2017.

You may browse our 2016 CNY cookies post for comparison.


Email your order/enquiry (Subject:2017 CNY Cookies) to teo.mengchoo@gmail.com

–> Orders above $100 get free delivery in Singapore
–> We need a deposit of $20 for every order of $100
–> Listed price is Singapore $nett
–> Last Order date is 11 Jan 2017.

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If you are a first time customer, we would recommend our Love Letters and Pineapple tarts. (Apologies, but we do not cater for sampling)

This is our Chinese New Year cookies catalogue.

Pineapple tarts
CNY Pineapple tarts,Pineapple tarts pricing

Spring Roll

Kue Bangkit

Honey Corn Flake
Chinese NEw Year Honey Corn Flakes

Kue Lapis
Chinese NEw Year Kueh Lapis

May Prosperity and Health follow you in 2017 !

Chinese New Year 2016

Before we know it, Chinese New Year will end in a few days πŸ™‚
I hope you had a good time with your family and friends, and 2016 will be better.

From Reunion to Food, snacks and Bak Kwa, Ang Pows to Mahjong, visiting and gatherings.
These are the usual stuffs we do from Day 1 to 15 (εˆδΈ€ 十五), year after year.


Kids counting Ang Pow (not packing!). Good harvesting for them :p

We have shared more stories on our Darye account.
Meanwhile, wishing you Health and Happiness the Year ahead πŸ™‚

Chinese Zodiac animals sequence and Chinese New Year

A few more days to go before the GOAT gallops to the 15th day of Chinese New Year (CNY). Thanks to the kids, Daddy now know GOAT ranks Number 8 on the Chinese Zodiac animals (εδΊŒη”Ÿθ‚–).

This CNY, the kiddos show us a few other tricks too. They know how to play Mahjong! It was hilarious watching them “grab” their tiles, just nice we got four kids (θ„š) to start a game :p

Just in case you are wondering why SengkangBabies is promoting gambling, kids are actually playing Jenga haha.
Chinese New Year Mahjong

Daddy always forget the Zodiac animals sequence, except first is Rat and last is Pig. Fortunately kids came to the rescue with a catchy tune. The only downside is kids insist parents sing 100 times with them every day.

Video : How to remember the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals

Lastly, when did Boon Yee pick up Piano? Although he is banging the notes, he got some “pattern” right?

Traditionally, this is what we do during Chinese New Year. On the first day, kids will start queuing for η΄…εŒ… (red packets). We insist each one come up with a different Chinese New Year greeting πŸ™‚

Sort of a rehearsal for them before we go visiting.

OOTD for our family, not sure what is OOTD, ask the kids :p

Wishing Good Health for everyone πŸ™‚

Feasting always start with ε›’εœ†ι₯­ (reunion dinners), followed by endless meals (and snacks) at relative’s homes.

Kids love the selfie stick! They are taking turns to take wefies πŸ™‚

Enjoying cousin’s company. Eating, playing, chit-chating. Having Fun!

Along the packed schedule, we celebrated Mummy’s Birthday on CNY day 2 (初二).

Other Chinese New Year activities.

A few more sunsets, and just like that, Chinese New Year 15th will be this Thursday. Just 12 months ago, we instagram our daily activities (click for story).

A new start, a period to appreciate what we have achieve together as a family and to collectively appreciate our blessings. To everyone, 新年快乐 εΏƒζƒ³δΊ‹ζˆ πŸ™‚