Ocbc Cycle with Family

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We participated in OCBC Cycle with family last weekend. It was another fun opportunity for families to bond and encourage kids to be sporty πŸ™‚

We first participated in OCBC Cycle in 2016, read our experience here.

Ocbc Cycle with Family
Ocbc Cycle with Family

OCBC Cycle was a two days event at Singapore Sports Hub. Saturday for young families and Sunday for individuals (23 and 42Km).

There were carnival activities at event venue, some fun stuffs are related to bikes, and smaller kids are fascinated with bubbles.

At the appointed time, we got into our race lane and get ready to roll off. Boon Yee and Boon Xin were supposed to be in two different age category, but I managed to combine them into the one session (save on logistics, and it would be more fun to cycle together).

We have Xander and Winston from BlogFather to join us in this section.

Image credit Winston, BlogFather


Overall, the event is very well organised. No rush, and everyone file to the front in an orderly manner. Parents were smiling and chit chatting with the kids as we cycled slowly, some would inevitably be in race-mode.


The road was wide enough for everyone, but some of the road marshals were standing too close to the lanes.




Fortunately, the dark skies did not pour, we were very lucky as the weekend had a thunderstorm forecast! It might be a different ending if we are all soakedΒ  πŸ™‚


It was a fun and easy 20 min loops for us.

Well done kids, time to upgrade your bikes for 2018. Boon Yee was complaining that our pace was too slow and he confidently ride infront and overtook us once.

As the kids were warming up in the carpark before we start (maybe too much rounds(, Boon Xin struggled to compete the last 2 laps.


But she persisted to cross the final line, and earn her finisher medal πŸ™‚

Love this photo from David, look a bit like OCBC Cycle poster :p

Image credit David, Life’s Tiny Miracles

We would like to thanks OCBC for the Fun invite. Many families enjoyed the riding opportunity. You may read more about OCBC Cycle Family category (Mighty Savers) on their Website and Facebook.

Do pop by our 2016 OCBC Cycling here and more stories on our blog tag “Cycling” and Instagram hashtag #skbCycles


We will share more about Day 2 OCBC Cycle Family (with my No1 in 23km) soon.Β Meanwhile, you may wish to read up how Dana (Life’s Tiny Miracles) did in her sole category πŸ™‚


Car Free Sunday for Families

Car Free Sunday for Families and this is our third trip, click for our trip One with 6 bikes and Two Telok Ayer experiences.

This time round, we brought everything except the bikes πŸ™‚

Ok, someone is a bit emo and refused to pose, but we put our shoes, skateboards, blades and scooters to good use. Mommy took the opportunity for some pre Chinese New Year hair treatment hee hee.

Boon Xin is still trying to roller blade, and I end up being her pillar around Padang! (not that I mind).

Sports and Market, souvenirs and F&B options. Love the various activities and sports try out, dodge ball and tennis was especially popular πŸ™‚

As CNY was near, there was a handicraft section too.

Electric ride has a nominal fee, but rickshaw is free (please provide own leg power).

We were there when round 2 of #CarFreeSundaySG was launched (photos here), visited the alleys of Telok Ayer, temples and even Ang Siang Hill. You can do mini cafes hopping too, as some shops were opened earlier to add to the vibes.

Beautiful Blue Sky and white fluffy clouds, a few panos to capture Civil District’s stunning skyline.

Kids love Car Free Sunday SG, where else can we “jay walk” safely, without getting summoned :p

We truly enjoy the “freedom” on the roads, safe from vehicles.

Car Free Sunday has a lot of activities for Families. You can run two loops for 10km, stretch with Yoga or pump up with Zumba too. Lunch at Maxwell Market always sound tempting.

Car Free Sunday Singapore normally occurs on the last Sunday of every month, and the next session will be on 26th Feb (details http://ura.sg/carfreesundaysg ).

Hope you will enjoy Car Free Sunday for Families and some car-lite moments too πŸ™‚

Millennia Kids Challenge 2016, cycling

[ Media Invite ]

We did not hesitate when we got an invitation to join Millennia Kids Challenge 2016, we had enjoyed our 2015 5km ride experience πŸ™‚

Millennia Kids Challenge 2016 was both fun and sporty, and it offered another opportunity for families to bond through active lifestyle. It helped that the events was organised in our neighbourhood.
Millennia Kids Challenge 2016

Families and bikes are ready !

Let’s go! 9 km around our neighbourhood. Overall a nice fun cycling gathering, but I would have prefer more marshals (or perhaps closure of one lane).
Some kids struggle up slopes and bridges, and might stray into another lane. It can be hard to manage the group when we are crossing traffic junctions.

Perhaps we can consider PCN (Parks Connector) to Waterway Point and back next season (8km)

Someone had to detour and left us after 6 km :p

Spidey was part of the convoy, and he was very popular for selfies πŸ™‚

Millennia Kids Challenge 2016 allowed families to participate in obstacles challenge (confirm less tiring then Spartans) or go for a 9km cycling route. The “obstacles” include tennis, soccer and Aqua challenges too!

Sengkang Sports complex was filled with enthusiastic families.

Nutritional meals, Sports and tobacco free, these are good starters to keep fit and stay Healthy. I always tell the kids cigarette is super expensive, they can buy a Happy Meal (ok, perhaps fast food not the healthiest too, everything in moderation hee hee )

Active Lifestyle everyone, Move It Move It πŸ™‚

Video (link) : Biking around Sengkang Neighbourhood, boy scouts cheer for us when we return

Thank you Sengkang Health for the fun invite, so glad to see many families enjoying themselves too πŸ™‚
In case you love cycling too, do follow our Cycling posts, and watch out for upcoming CarFree Sunday 27th Nov.

The Millennia Kids Challenge is an event co-organised by Sengkang Health, Sport Singapore, Health Promotion Board and Tobacco Free Generation 2000. Event photos can be found on Sengkang Health Fanpage.