Family Cycling updates #SkbCycles

Our family cycling is pedaling further and further away 🙂
Bikes are getting bigger and we are getting fitter.

In July, we attended Car Free Sunday’s last ride in this series. We cherished the opportunity to cycle as a family on roads without menacing cars.
Family Cycling

It has always been my Dream to get whole family active in Sports. Be it cycling ,hiking, swimming, just do it together.

Final installment of Car Free Sunday (read our first ride here). We are eager for the next “season” to start.

Meanwhile, I am training for OCBC Cycle 2016 too. Casual cycling around neighbourhood in Uncle bike, is different from 23km category. Two smaller kids will join me in 20 minutes kids category.

Kids are generally fitter and more resilient, it is the Daddy who needs to kick-start his motor 🙂
If there is one thing which defines my cycling “orientation” journey, it is always full of adventures.

#Cycle Session 1 – Pasir Ris Park

Halfway to meeting Winston (Blogfather), my tyre’s inner tube burst, it was so loud I might have alarmed half the neighbourhood. Well, it is better to burst my tyre earlier than halfway through ulu farmway 🙂

Google map directions is embedded at this link, 15km one way. We start from Sengkang swimming pool to Punggol Jetty, pass by Coney Island, Lorong Halus bridge, Pasir Ris Farmway and uturn at Downtown East.

Roads in Singapore are always bright, and we might sometimes take this for granted. Try driving in Malaysia small towns where there are totally no street lamps, and lots of pot holes :p

We came across many eBikes and racers throughout the night. Fortunately, we did not run into any crazy wild dogs.

We started at 9pm and reached Sengkang after midnight, hungry. Supper perhaps?

I cycled with the undersized blue foldie and was struggling even before I reach Punggol! Back pain, stiff bum and calves which threaten to cramp. Fortunately Wei swap his 26″ mountain bike with me on the return trip.

I really over-estimated my fitness, one week of soreness followed after session 1 🙁

On the other hand, I am so proud of Boon Wee. This is his first night ride and he managed to follow our pace all the way, no complains. He has grown much and no longer “Ah Boy”, it was me who was struggling to catch up.

Really touched when he volunteer to swap bike with me for return leg hee hee.

#Cycle Session 2 – Woodlands Waterfront

Joined up with Winston again, we followed Npark Park Connectors North (PCN).

New bike for Woodlands, I upgrade to same 26″ bike as Wei ($159), but the cycling pedal shaft gave way after 35km! My cycling journey has not always been smooth Sailing pedaling :p

Our route, Sengkang, Seletar, Yishun Dam, Lower Pierce Reservoir (PCN), followed MRT track Khatib, Yishun, Admiralty, then another 20 minutes to Woodlands Waterfront (Map of Park Connector Northern Explorer Loop).
nparks-park-connector-northern-explorer-loop (image credit nPArks)

Just follow the PCN markings and you should find Admiralty Park and Woodlands Waterfront easily. Lighting is quite adequate and the main roads are illuminated. We must have missed a junction in the dark and detoured too far North to Woodlands MRT.


Reached Woodlands Waterfront after 30km (including detours), what we did not expect is the horde of Pokemon hunters at 12 midnight!

Suddenly on cue, everyone dashed towards the jetty, #WalkingDeadSeason7Premier :p

Google map direction is embedded at this link, 24km one way.
On hindsight, from Yishun Dam, we should have cycle along Yishun Avenue 8, 6 and 7 to link up PCN along Canberra Drive (towards Sembawang MRT)

This is Boon Wee’s longest ride to date, I hitch a cab at 35km mark hee hee.

Improving our health is the main outcome from more fitness activities (family cycling), having Fun is something tangible and valuable for us 🙂

Other feedbacks about cycling journey :

1) nParks Park Connectors (PCN) are cool, it allow families to cycle in safety, but we still need to look out for other park users. As PCN expands, we can cover various tracks, parks and nature in Singapore (and there are many in urban Singapore!). Looking forward to the day when all our parks are linked together 🙂

2) Why do some folks need SUPER bright blinking lights, impairing other cyclists’ vision. Please aim your lights down, everyone can see you from 100m away!

3) On the other hand, many folks are still cycling without illumination.
Some of the lights cost less than $3, good for safety.

4) When I was young and reckless, I used to race around town in my racer bike, with just a cap (no helmet). Kids must wear helmets if they are going for rides further from home.

5) Check out some Fun cycling routes recommendation here.

6) We are waiting for next season of Carfree Sunday to start again

7) Follow our cycling journey here –> and our Instagram #SKbCycles

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to the following cycling activities:

– 01/02 Oct OCBC Cycles (Registration closed)
– (Free) 15 Oct OCBC and Nparks Ride Safe campaign (Punggol Promenade)
– (Free) 05 Nov Millennia Kids Challenge 9km ride (Sengkang Health)

Perhaps Pulau Ubin for next Family Cycling 🙂

Car Free Sunday Singapore is cool!

We want to join the next Car Free Sunday Singapore Singapore event!
That very much sums up the Fun that we had on Sunday morning 🙂

After all, how often do we get to cycle under F1 route, floating platform, Anderson bridge, or even Singapore’s Business District.
Car Free Sunday Singapore

Setting off at 6am was a struggle (getting the kids off their beds!), we drove towards Gardens By The Bay before cycling leisurely towards Padang area.
cycling fun Singapore

Video (link) : Car Free Sunday Singapore, cycling from Gardens by the Bay to Padang

Blue sky, windy condition, we cycle past the usual tourist spots (take note no cycling in Gardens by the Bay)
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday1

Before we reach the venue, you can already feel a sense of anticipation. Every jogger and cyclist around the area seem to be heading in the same direction, everyone wish to experience a car free weekend.

We even caught a sneak peep of the Sun rising from behind the Flyer (and MBS).
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday2

Car Free CBD and Padang yeah! I am sure all the cyclists and joggers would agree too!
No need to stop for Red light too, Freedom!
Car free Sunday Sg families
cycling Padang

Our convoy of six bikes took us around the central business district, down Fullerton and Robinson road, we could even stop in the middle for some selfie (safety first). Kids would try to pedal faster to catch up with biker who has poodles in his basket!
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday8
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday7

No ERP today, feels so good to see so many pedestrians and cyclists occupying the lanes. Families and friends were all smiling 🙂
No Erp Sunday Free SG
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday5

Cycling like kings on the road, feels like the road belong to our 啊公 (Grandpa)!
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday4

A special shoutout to the marshals and cheerleaders, #CarFreeSundaySg would not have been so successful without all the volunteers 🙂
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday3

There were a lot of family friendly activities at the fringe. Nparks’ “Cycling clinic” was interesting for the little ones, “Slowest win” (About balancing) and they did some donuts too :p
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday10
Padang Npark cycling clinic

Rugby anyone?
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday11

Food trucks for hungry folks.

Family portrait infront of the Padang, with majestic Supreme Court and City Hall (now National Gallery) in the background.
Car Free Sunday photos

After about two hours, we headed back home. Kids were unanimous in their response when I ask them whether they want to wake up super early to cycle again 🙂
Cycling in CBD

This is Singapore’s first Car Free Sunday, and we hope it will be extended indefinitely. A good avenue for families to do sports together.

Kids might only relate the cycling event to fun, but I wish to encourage all road and park users to respect one another, we can all co-exist. Sometimes, a simple give-and-take will make everyone happy.

More updates about Car Fee Sunday Singapore :
– URA website #CarFreeSundaySG
– We recommend this fun group “Love Cycling SG” for your cycling exploration
– Minister Lawrence Wong’s blogpost about Car Free Singapore
– Pedestrians and joggers kept to the left and cyclists on the right, the event was quite orderly
– You can rent bikes at the venue, or bring along your your blades and scooters (non electric )
– Pop by all our cycling adventures here
– More Fun cycling photos uploaded on our Fanpage album.

I had to spend 30 minutes just to mount the bikes, and another 20 to dismount, but the effort is worth it. I had to squeeze 3 bikes in boot and another 3 on our bicycle rack.
20160228 cycling Padang carfreeSunday

I need to remind myself to take less photos, kids were annoyed that I keep disturbing their cycling haha!
Meanwhile, three cheers to the next Car Free Sunday Singapore 🙂