Father’s Day thoughts, and Dad fears

Dad Fears, who says a Dad cannot be afraid?

Parents are always worried and concerned about kids’ welfare and development. Parenting is an ongoing Marathon, and there are always new chores and worries. (Argh more white hairs spotted!)

Besides Love, Fun and Laughter, Disappointments and heart-aches are part of the parenting package. ( The Mrs had it worse, she is a full-time housewife) 

Although some societies might expect guys to be the breadwinner, or to be macho and tough, But we Fathers will have our weak moments too. Even when we want to be our kids’ Superheroes, we are only humans and can be fragile.

Parenting expectations
Parenting expectations

I have been a Father for 14 years, and yet the kids never fail to Shock and Awe me. They keep on adding spices (sugar, chili, pepper etc) to my parenting journey, life would be pretty bland without the little ones.

Do not get me wrong, I would not change anything to savour the joy, pride and happiness of Fatherhood. I would continue to beam with kids’ milestones.

Me and Mengchoo’s lives would be incomplete without the kids. But if you ask the darn kids, their Perspectives will always be 180 degrees different :p

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Kids should know that their Dads (and parents) will have Fears too, and everyone will handle fear differently.

1. Some of my Dad Fears.

-Fear of height (including high elements and roller coaster)
-Health concerns, am I able to take care of my family?
-Am I providing enough for the family?
-Fear of unknowns
-Fear of things which are beyond my control

To give an analogy of Dad Fears, Fear was always staring at me when I was preparing for my first Marathon! Yet, I preservered and completed a milestone. (to challenge myself, I have signed up for another 42km in Dec 2017)

It is ok to be afraid, but do not let fear paralyse us.

Overcome your fear and you will be ready to face the next challenge in life.

2) Unknowns, expectations, and parenting wishlist
-Do our kids understand that family is always behind them?
-Am I living up to kids and family’s expectations?

Do the kids know that we parents love them unconditionally?

Or do the kids only lament “Lack of Freedom“, because of embargo on addictions like Whatsapp, Youtube and games?

-Is our parenting style conveying the intended message across?
-Are our kids independent, resourceful and resilient enough to face their own challenges?
-Will they grow up to be responsible adults?

How will they grade my parenting efforts? Band 1, 2 or 3 :p

The only legacy which I wish to impress upon the kids, siblings must take care of each other. With parents’ best intentions, we can never guarantee everything will turn out fine (que Lee Family’s 38 Oxley Road saga).

Siblings for Life

To my kids, you can always trust me to act in your best interest, even though I am confiscating your Xbox again :p

To my Darling, thank you for being the reliable pillar to keep our family strong. You are my best partner in parenting.

To all the Fathers out there, soldier on and Happy Father’s Day.

Dads need not shoulder everything ourselves, it is perfectly ok to experience Dad Fears at times.



Daddy Matters campaign #ShitDadHears

Daddy Matters have a series (hashtag #ShitDadHears) , highlighting society’s discrimination for involved Dads. Headover to fb.com/DaddyMatters

We all hope our kids will one day appreciate our efforts 🙂

Father’s Day – achievement unlocked

Since becoming a Dad, every action and plan we had was always centered around the kids.
This Father’s Day weekend, I have unlocked another achievement, Boon Xin is now 90% confident of handling a bike.

Yeah! This means we can indulge in our family outing on wheels around the neighbourhood.
Xin cycling

Video (Link) : She is cycling, almost.

Perhaps our sponsors know our lifestyle is a bit too mundane for Father’s Day :p
Our weekend was a bit more special thanks to their cake and toys 🙂

Thank you Cedele for their wonderful German Chocolate Cake.
Cedele father's day cake

Dads love Nerf Guns too, not only kids. They were grumpy when I ask whether I can own the Crossbolt gift from Hasbro wahaha. Hasbro knew I was the underdog during our last Nerfgun war at Sengkang.

Checkout Crossbolt video here.
Nerf Gun

Lego, Ninja = Ninjago. Lego always offer a Fun opportunity for parents and kids to bond. (From now till 28 June, pop by Raffles City Atrium for some Lego Fun)
Ninjago lego

To me, Father’s Day is just another day, Fatherhood need not be about Fun and excitement, and I do not expect anything in return. I just hope to be there for the kids when they need me.

Many Dads out there are performing their duty silently, I belong to the group who show their love and affection through their actions, not hugs or kisses.

This Father’s Day, while we celebrate, do spare a moment for the Dads who lose their child in the recent Sabah earthquake. Words cannot express the anguish of losing a child.

Pantry at the Stables – Father’s day dinner

Daddy was invited to a food tasting session at “Pantry at the Stables“. With a name like that, you would be expecting dining somewhere near to exotic horses?

During the drive in, you will feel a sense of “countryside”, right here in urban Singapore. The journey is made more authentic when we spotted some horse poo 🙂
(Daddy Kelvin has graciously offer a ride)

Located at the Fairways Drive Green. Daddy suspect this is one ulu (remote) destination which Taxi drivers might try to avoid.

Daddy ordered Cookies and Cream shake for his beverage. Who can resist Oreo dipped in chocolate shake? Indulgence at $9.

Pantry at the Stables had a special offer for Father’s Day set at $49.

#01 Starter : Crab cake on celeriac remoulade, topped with wild rocket and shaved fennel salad
If you love crab, you will love this starter. Rich Crab fillings will surround your taste bud.

#02 Mains : Linguine alio olio with crispy pork belly , mushroom and parsley parmesan chilli crumbs
The crispy 烧肉 (roasted pig) is so sinfully delicious. You can hear the crunchiness. Who would have thought of 烧肉 in a western restaurant?

#03 Dessert : Bitter sweet chocolate torte with poached figs and vanilla bean ice cream

We did not try the torte, but we went for “Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream” ($12). We heard this is Pantry’s all time favourite dessert since 1999 !

For $49, the above three dishes were offered as part of Father’s Day celebration.
There are more to share from the Stables.

Spaghetti Carbonara ($24)
Thick creamy sauce for those who love their Spaghetti sweet. We had to consume this while hot, or the spaghetti will taste bland and overbearing once it cools.

Mexican Chicken Salad ($22)
There are are so many ingredients in this salad, crispy tortilla, avocado,
spiced corn and salsa. They mess really well in our mouths. Hard to describe the taste, but Daddy love the texture and refreshing bites.

Steak and Eggs ($38) – on a skillet with smashed peas
Delicious! Daddy always prefer his beef well done, but he was tempted by the medium rare steak. We heard this is one of the popular dish at Stables.

Cupcakes ($4.50 each)
Although we were quite full already , we could not resist some dessert attacks. We gobble down an Elvis (chocolate banana cake with peanut butter frosting), Red Velvet (red velvet cake with coconut cream cheese frosting) and cupcake of the month (June banana and passion fruit cupcake).

Must admit the Red Velvet’s coconut sweetness won Daddy over.

More than the food, Daddy gives 8.5 for the ambiance. Sunday brunch at the Stables should be very desirable for families. Imagine dining in the “country side”, with the occasional sightings of horses.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks the nice people from FoodNews (Janice) and “Pantry at the Stables” for hosting us.

Pantry at the Stables is located at 55 Fairways Drive, Singapore 286846
For reservations, call (65) 6467 7748, or email enquiry.stables@themarmaladepantry.com.sg for more information.

Credit. Photos for Spaghetti and restaurant deco are from FoodNews.