Tulipmania at Gardens by the Bay

[ Media Invite ]

Tulips are the one and only reason for us to visit Gardens by the Bay (GBTB)’s Flower Dome (read our Tulips plantation in 2013).

And now KLM is giving you another adorable reason to visit the Tulips. Miffy !

Tulipmania runs from 14Apr to 04May, and we suspect Tulips and Miffy will be on everyone’s lip πŸ™‚

First, the media group got a chance to pluck their tulips into their planters. Does not matter if our Tulips is not sited perfectly, kids had fun digging the compost.
Planting Tulips in Singapore

(Image credit Juliana)

The planters will then be laid out onto Flower Dome’s flower bed.
Three little divas (from L to R), SengkangBabies, InTheWeeHours and Cheekiemonkies.

Kids believe their efforts will transform Flower Dome into this splendid Tulips field.

(image credit GBTB)

Daddy only told them a bunny will be hopping by, but they are amazed at the giant but friendly Miffy. Smiles and sometimes shrieks follow Miffy, she is one popular Bunny!

It was so sweet when we witness some kiddos giving Miffy a tight HUG πŸ™‚

Crowds swarm Miffy with request for photos, selfies, but a pity the KLM female staff needs to be in every picture. (KLM is sponsor, and they flew Miffy to SG in style)

Miffy is everywhere, Big and Small, come catch him again on the 20th and 26th.
We have to thanks our sponsors for the cute KLM-uniform mini Miffy too.
Miffy schedule

Even Daddy adults are impressed.

The ground might look a little barren now, but we are anticipating Netherlands’ famous bloom next week.
Remember the giant clogs and windmill, they will be back.

Video : Tulips splendor (akang datang)

You might recogonise some Holland landscaping in the background. GBTB hopes to replicate some “Madurodam” magic in Singapore (something like our Taiwan 小人国)

(Image credit GBTB)

On our way to a higher vantage point, we came across a unique Rose, this one belongs in the desert.

Flower bed looks marvelous from any angle, we cannot wait for the tulips to bloom.

*hint hint* It is rumoured that the Tulips field will experience full bloom on 14th and 16th, but please double check with Gardens by the Bay Fanpage before popping by.

We bid Miffy a reluctant Tot Ziens (goodbye!)

The latest Tulips update can be found on Garden by the Bay (GBTB) Website and Fanpage.

Pop by our 2013 Tulip experience, or catch more tulip photos on our Fanpage.

If you have a Instagram account :
– hashtag #ilovetulipmania (official), or #tulipmania for more tulips
– follow @Gardensbythebay

KLM Sponsor tulips for Singapore
(image credit KLM Singapore)

Other Fun tulips stuffs :
– Tulipmania will blossom at Flower Dome from 14Apr to 04May, from 9am to 9pm
– Miffy will pop by again on 20Apr (Easter Egg Hunt, pre-registration required) and 26Apr (timings published here)
– KLM’s Fanpage will be running a contest from Friday (11Apr) onwards, stand to win Miffy souvenirs and Tulipmania tickets
– bring the grandparents along too, as senior citizens enjoy 50% discount Flower Dome admission ($4 only) during Tulipmania period (Cloud Forest no discount)
Canon Tulip photography competition

Thank you Gardens by the Bay for the Fun planting experience !
Read all about SengkangBabies’ Gardens by the Bay stories here.

Activities at Gardens by the Bay

[ Media Invite and Tickets Giveaway ]

We can always find something new at Gardens by the Bay (GBTB). Read our previous explorations here.

Last Sat, we pop over again to view some cactus at the new Sun Pavilion.
gardens by the bay

But, what caught our attention was the sounds of laughter and fun, kids were having a field day at FEO Children’s Garden!

Video (Link) : The water playground is always packed during weekends

Siblings went for the slides, countless times.

Spins and spiderwebs, you need to pop by the tree-house too!

Sun Pavilion is just next to Children’s Garden, and it house all sorts of cactus.

Cactus, round one, short one, tall one, curly one, brainy one haha.

Are they going to reach the ceiling fan soon? The tall ones are easily 5m in height.
is Sun Pavillion free

Wildlife seems to be coming to GBTB too (including otters).

The brothers spend a good 20min following him foraging in the lily pond. We have not seen him before but it was a joy to watch him navigate the pond tiptoeing across the lily pads.
Cactus Garden Gbtb

Skywalk was well, a windy experience. We can feel the OCBC Skywalk sways at it’s narrowest stretch. Boon Kang is not impressed and wish to go down quickly :p

Daddy’s selfie with Yee. A pity the haze is shouldering part of the CBD skyline.

Video (Link): Check out our cooling Mist timing at 8pm Cloud Forest !

(** Cloud Forest mist timings are 9am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm)

5,000 Roses await you at Flower Dome. From now till 06April, “War of the Roses” will transport you back to old England.
Roses Flowerd dome
(Image credit GBTB)

We suspect our favourite flowers (start with T) will be back in May yeah !
Meanwhile, more activities await your kids during the March school holidays.

(Image credit GBTB)

For more updates about Gardens by the Bay, do pop by their website and fanpage.
More photos on our Fanpage.

We wish to share our Tulips planting experience and why FEO Children’s Garden scores 10/10 !

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Thanks to our Ch 8 人气滑屋2 project, and HeyBaby engagement, we have two pair of tickets to giveaway πŸ™‚

Tickets are for entry to both Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, and consist of one adult (worth $20) and one child ticket ($12). Tickets must be used by 12Jul2014.

Click for ticketing details.
Ticket promotions Gardens by the bay

Contest Details :
1. Contest is on our Fanpage
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