Christmas Merry Medley at Flower Dome

[ Media Invite ]

Christmas is around the corner and Merry Medley aims to bring in the festive spirits. Last week, Flower Dome extended its opening hours for us and we literally had Flower Dome all to ourselves πŸ™‚

Before our event, we walked around and were mesmerised by the Violet landscape across Super Tree Grove.
Crowd was gathered to wait for the next “Garden Rhapsody” performance.

I was fascinated with the details at “The Wonders of the World”. Especially Loch Ness, kids were asking whether the monster really exists πŸ™‚

Our event started at 9pm, and the whole Flower Dome was empty! You would know how difficult it is to take a family photo without getting photo-bombed, but we suddenly had so much space to maneuver and kids even did a mannequin challenge with director Uncle Kelvin!

This is the view which greets you when you step into Flower Dome. A Snow globe with a ballerina. Look down and you will see a bigger snow globe, surrounded by Christmas trees and toy towers.

A bigger Snow Globe awaits at the Flower bed.

The lightings inside Flower Dome are glittering, we are ready to celebrate a White Christmas in Singapore
Christmas Merry Medley

Love love love the reflections off Flower Dome’s glass roof, really felt like gazing into the stars and galaxy. So mystical and surreal πŸ™‚

Towers guarded by Nutcracker toy soldiers, I believed they would be just as illuminating in the day. So many folks were queuing to take selfies.

No matter from which angle, you can still get a splendid view.

Complete with angelic figurines too, Christmas is near πŸ™‚

Whether they are playing hide and seek or crafting, everyone had a lot of fun.

Kids had fun diy their own doggy snow globe and mini snow men too πŸ™‚

The theme for this year’s Flower Dome Christmas setup is “Merry Medley”, and campaign will run from 11 Nov to 05 Jan 2017. For the latest updates, head to GBTB website and Facebook. Our Gardens events are all documented here.

In addition, the popular “Christmas Wonderland” will be back for the third year, from 02 Dec to 01 Jan 2017. The Luminarie, Santa’s Cottage, Festive Market, Ice skating and regular snow will be available. To have better crowd control, we understand there will be a ticketed entrance (unlike previous editions). More details available at this link

* Do take note Christmas Wonderland tickets can only be purchased online
** Merry Medley is the event within Flower Dome and Christmas Wonderland around Super Tree Grove, Meadow etc

We would like to thanks Gardens by the Bay organisers for the invitation. It was fun to mingle with fellow blogger friends and families again. Read their “fun” outings here :
Life’s Tiny Miracles
A Million Little Echoes

Gardens by the Bay Mid Autumn and Tribal Tempo (Africa)

[ Media Invite ]

We are not in a zoo, but Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) had been run over by African animals πŸ™‚

Tribal Tempo, Flower Dome’s first African-themed flower display, is in town till 30 Oct. This event also coincide with Mid autumn activities around GBTB (ending 18 Sep).

At the entrance, Giraffes and jeop are camouflaged in the safari.

What other animals can you spot πŸ™‚

Flower bed blooming after the spring rain. This is the center piece of Tribal Tempo, we love the colourful carpet of flowers.

Desert is not always dry and cold, there is spring and rain too.

Waterfall at the flowerbed, Simba? We heard the waterfall is inspired by the real one in Northern Cape.

Exotic flowers, all the way from Africa πŸ™‚

“King Protea” on the left is South Africa’s National flower.

No need to know the names, these daisies are absolutely stunning, look at the delicate and pretty petals πŸ™‚

Some caveman scribbings spotted too πŸ™‚

Aloe Vera relatives?

Flowers and decorations from the fringe. These are not the real exhbits but I always find them fascinating (similar to the role of a supporting actor or actress), love at the creepers going up the hydrant.

Many more lions dot the exit of Flower Dome.

Seafood dinner at Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant, love the fried crispy bass and Kopi (coffee) crab. We heard the Kopi crab is a signature dish.

After dinner, it was time to explore the lanterns around Gardens by the Bay. Do take note mid-autumn festival light up (and lanterns) will end on 18th Sep.
If time permits, do visit “RON ARAD’S 720Β°” at the meadows too.

Lanterns Big and Small.

Luminious and attractive lighting and lanterns line SuperTree Grove.

Stories from folk tales are animated over huge lanterns, Chang Er and her bunnies πŸ™‚

Wish to see more lanterns, climb up OCBC Skywalk for a top-down view. Garden Rhapsody played γ€Šε€œζ₯香》, γ€Šη”œθœœθœœγ€‹οΌŒ’Bengawan Solo’, ‘Dayung Sampan’, ‘Sukiyaki’, and ‘Singapura, Oh Singapura’!

Super melodious, and everyone was mesmerised!

Plenty of activities and food to keep everyone happy πŸ™‚
Boon Xin crafted her own rabbit.

As we are FOG (Friends of the Gardens) members, we always enjoy discounts and promotions at Gardens by the Bay. The quarterly Flower Dome change-of-theme is worth the membership fees πŸ™‚
gardens by the bay membership

Queues are expected over the last weekend for Gardens by the Bay Mid autumn displays, do buy your tickets online. Do ensure your driving route is not affected by F1 road closures.

Do get the latest updates about Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) from their website and Facebook. Signup as a member to enjoy more benefits.

You can visit our Gardens by the Bay activities here -> link
We have uploaded more photos on our Fanbapge album.

2016 Singapore Garden Festival

[ Media Invite ]

2016 Singapore Garden Festival (SGF 2016) blooms till 31st July. Let flowers, Plants, Landscapes and creative ideas indulge your senses smell, taste, and visual πŸ™‚

We look so small under the CHAIRS.
Chairs of the Giants Singapore Garden Festival

Those parking at Meadow or near Flower Dome will enter via Entrance D and C respectively. Those taking MRT will enter via Entrance A (Market Place).
20160724 singapore garden festival5

Three sections of SGF 2016, we only visited Meadow and Bayfront. Do take note only Market Place is free entry, but we had to skip due to time constraint.
Singapore Garden Festival map
(Image credit SGF 2016)

[ Meadow Stage ]

Kids acting behind the tea cups.

Indulge in some “Fantasy Gardens”.
20160724 singapore garden festival12

Maui culture anyone?
20160724 singapore garden festival1

Upsize down fantasy.
singapore garden festival photos

Flower fields and a huge Bee hive.
20160724 singapore garden festival7

Inter school competition
20160724 singapore garden festival6

There are 15 landscape and garden designers from around the World.
You can imagine the long queues as I suspect this corner has the most photogenic landscapes.

I love Kyoto!
20160724 singapore garden festival4

.. even Sugarcanes maze is quite fascinating. We were half-expecting a sugarcane drink stall at the corner :p
20160724 singapore garden festival

The fringe flower displays are amazing and beautiful in their own patterns and lights.
20160724 singapore garden festival3

Beautiful Orchids and sculptures in “Secret Gardens”.
20160724 singapore garden festival8

A stalk dedicated to our founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Is the red ruby flower (on the right) also know as itchy-powder? We used to disturb each other during our primary school days!
singapore garden festival parking

Get up close (yes Wefie) with huge bugs πŸ™‚
singapore garden festival with family

Complimentary buggy ride for ticket holders.
singapore garden festival buggy rides

[ Bayfront Plaza ]

If you are coming from Entrance C or D, the path to Bayfront Plaza area (8 minutes walk) is next to Hospitality Pavilion.

Gardeners’ Cup with 60 community gardening groups. Kudos to these volunteers, my neighbourhood “garden” is definitely not so fanciful!
2016 Singapore Garden Festival

Intrigue your senses.
20160724 singapore garden festival21

My personal favourite section at 2016 Singapore Garden Festival could be the Amazing Bonsais! So delicate!
singapore garden festival bonsai

Miniature landscapes. Life like humans and buffalo.
20160724 singapore garden festival13

Cool! Chinese characters of Dragon and I Love Singapore πŸ™‚
20160724 singapore garden festival14

Tables? Not sure whether practical but they sure look nice πŸ™‚
20160724 singapore garden festival17

Some designs are very abstract!
20160724 singapore garden festival18

Edible displays.
20160724 singapore garden festival19

Sushi are all made of plants! (and wasabi too). Check out the “flower bento” sets too. Edible?
singapore garden festival Sushi

More details about SGF 2016 :

– Opening hours : 10am to 10pm
– Ticketing Adults (Local resident): $12/$16 (Weekday/weekend), Child(3 to 9 years) and Senior citizen: $6/ $9
(Do buy tour tickets online at SGF 2016 website to avoid the crowd!)
– Each ticket allows one entry to Flower Dome (Orchid Extravaganza at Flower Dome). You need not cover Flower Dome on the same day.
– Weekends will be crowded and carparks will definitely be full.

For the latest updates, follow 2016 Singapore Garden Festival on their Website and Facebook, or Instagram #SgGardenFest

More flowers loaded on our Fanpage album πŸ™‚
Click link to view our GardensByTheBay visits.