Fiji day 3 – Speedboat Sigatoka river

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Day 3 packs more adventure into our itinerary, speedboat up Sigatoka river! (Read Day 1 and 2 here)

From Radisson Blu Resort, we drove south about 1 hour plus. Sigatoka River Safari will be taking us into Fiji interior for some spins.
fiji map

Standard Red riding hood jackets for everyone, get really to be splashed 🙂
Note : Cap will easily fly away, and those wearing contact lens might wish to wear goggles (I know it is not cool). But the speeding boat will throw water droplets into your face, and it is piercing cold! (it was drizzling during our ride)

Captain Mike, he is the first guide to share Fiji’s man-eating history ! Human tastes like chicken and if you believe him, the indigenous people prefer caucasians.

Along our travel, we get to hear many more cannibal folk tales from different guides haha.

Sometimes, we do not know whether he is spinning or telling a fact, but we enjoy his stories haha!

Anyway, the beautiful landscapes over the horizon will always calm us down. The mist makes the whole panorama so picturesque!

有山有水有云! (Look at the hills, river and clouds!)
Fiji Sigatoka River spedboat

The speedboat experience itself was beyond my expectation. Love the adrenaline but the chilling raindrops was pelting hard and freezing us haha 🙂

I was shivering so much my fingers and teeth were chattering.

Three passengers on the last row, three expressions. Love Yina’s Zen look!

Captain Mike navigating another shallow and sharp corner, grip TIGHT!

Even at hairpin 30 knots (estimated), remember to grin and wave to the friendly villagers. We see buffalos and horses along the riverbank.

Welcome to Magua Village.
fiji day 31

Friendly kids, they will shout BULA! BULA! BULA! (thrice) enthusiastically to all visitors.
fiji day 33

Kava drink. Some concoction made from root, it might cause mild tingling sensation (or numb) to tip of tongue. Folks normally get a bit high after the 5th or 10th cup (depends on your ability).

Just treat it like Milo with slight herbal tinge, obligatory one cup is enough hee hee 🙂
Fiji Kava drink

Village feast, are these the chicken we saw earlier?
fijian village

Ready to party. Gals would have to wrap themselves with sarongs, as a sign of respect. Village folks might still be conservative.

Splash! Water drifting is fun and wet !
(image from Nuffnang)

After the village, Captain Mike speed us back. And he threw in a few drifts and hairpin turns to make our trip memorable, Shiok!

Video (link) : Thrills!

Victory lap, can we encore and go for more DRIFTS!

Our stay for the next two nights is the luxurious The Pearl Resort and Spa. Opulence is an understatement to describe the grandeur, resorts looks more like an arts gallery 🙂

A view to kill for, Marina view from our balcony!

Rainy season, the sky will suddenly turn dark without any warning. Miss the clear blue horizons.

We got a tour of the suites, romantic and exquisite. Every suite has a different design, much like a boutique concept. Need to impress your spouse or darling, your success factor will be very high at The Pearl Resort and Spa!
fiji day 35

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Fiji itinerary

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Our trip is sponsored by Fiji Airways and Fiji Tourism. Vinaka!

Kota Tinggi Waterfall

Selfie infront of Kota Tinggi waterfall, just in case kids thought the one at Bird Park and Cloud Forest is real :p
Kota Tinggi Waterfall

Entry fee for visitors and vehicles (Weekday rate, Adult Child RM7.50 and RM3.50 respectively)

Before there were themeparks, waterfalls were the main source of entertainment. It was definitely less crowded 30 years ago when Daddy visited. Condition was more pristine and natural then. It was free too :p

Initially, everyone was hesitant. What if I slip, why water so cold?
It is easier to navigate the rocks by crawling or even swimming gently over the boulders.

Never jump into Kota Tinggi waterfall (like those in movies) as your ankle might land in a rock crevice and get twisted. Strong currents might be hidden under pool of water.

But after getting soaked, the smiles and splashes never stopped. Daddy encouraged everyone to nudge themself under the running water. Shiok and rejuvenating!

Wow, Cool! (literally) The cold water really jolt us hard 🙂

Floats can be rented to ride the slides. We skip this as there was enough fun hiding under the torrent of waters.

Kota Tinggi Waterfall still retain its charm.

Do climb to the top tier of Kota Tinggi Waterfall. It is less crowded, more peaceful and the falls are more scenic and dramtic. Hold on tight to the kids as pathway is narrow and can be slippery.

We will recommend Kota Tinggi Waterfall if you have not been to one before. There are better waterfalls in Malaysia and elsewhere.

Video (link) : Waterfall is fun! But be careful of strong currents

Tips to enjoy waterfall :
– No running or jumping on the rocks. Walk slowly (or even crawl), it is very slippery. If kids slip, they might just pull adults down!
– Avoid waterfall after heavy rain, water from the top might gush down and sweep visitors away
– Water depth is shallow near the cascading waters but deeper in the man-made pools
– (Just in case) Tell the kids not to drink from waterfall water, Google “rat urine waterfall” effects

– No shower facility, only small cubicles to change
– No swimwear policy but locals will wear everyday clothes (jeans too) into the water 🙂

– Food. There are some side stalls selling street food near the waterfall entrance, and nearest shopping mall (Kota Tinggi Plaza) is about 15km drive away. Pack some light food (picnic) to the waterfall.

– GPS for Kota Tinggi Waterfall – N01 49.81 E103 49.96
From Woodland customs, drive 58km towards Kota Tinggi direction

Useful Malaysia Waterfalls blog –

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Do you want to be a Gopro Hero?

[ Daddy wants to be a Hero ]

SengkangBabies enjoying some water moments at Legoland Waterpark.

Thanks to our new GoPro Hero 3+ camera, our Fun factor and perspectives (video and photos) just went up a notch.

GoPro camera was designed for adrenaline junkies. Daredevils who like to skydive, surf and rock climb, or bungee jump, BMX and skateboard stunts. You get the dRiFt.

Holding the GoPro Hero 3+ in my hand, this fella has a small footprint (smaller than EZ-link card)! There are only three buttons, and everyone can start recording within a few minutes.

Ours is the GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, which cost $389 in June, and we got a free 32Gb microSD (worth $90) during the promotion. Mummy brought it for Daddy as a Father’s Day gift 🙂

Although our family’s activities are not really “adrenalin pumping”, our capable GoPro has been following us on our adventures.

Our multitasking GoPro Hero 3+ Silver:
– underwater camera (comes with underwater casing)
– in-car camera
– selfie camera

Although the GoPro is cool, there are a few things which our GoPro Hero 3+ Silver cannot perform :
– GoPro can capture everything with fisheye lens, but cannot Zoom
– Night vision photo is not ideal and subject to shakes (like any other Point & Shoot cameras)
– There is no LCD for playback, and you can only aim and shoot (practice makes perfect)
– Themepark staffs might prevent you from GoProing on slides and rides, cover and concealment please :p

Gopro fisheye

The first accessory you need will be a stick, for stability and wefie (grab a 18″ or 36″). Once you are familiar with GoPro functions and your own requirements, more poisoning shopping available at GoPro website. Anyone need a drone?

Mount your GoPro on your stick, your dashboard or your running cap, even your snorkel mask 🙂
Where to buy Gopro accessories

View your Videos and Photos wirelessly through GoPro app.

GoPro Hero cameras are really outstanding when it comes to videos!
Checkout some of our actions.

Legoland Waterpark on GoPro

All our Legoland posts

NDP rehearsal RHIB ride POV

Cloud Forest Waterfall

In car recording

Not sure whether Daddy will be skydiving or bungee jumping in his lifetime, but swimming with whalesharks seem easier to achieve. We say GoPRo Hero is ideal for family adventures.

Checkout this Oslob whaleshark link from the Philippines.

Checkout our favourite GoPro teacher MicBergsma. This chap has hundreds of tutorials and he is deaf (amazing how he conveys his instructions across!). He GoPros his pets too.

Be a Hero, grab a GoPro, Hero4 is already available.
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..updated 2014Nov – Just heard Xiaomi will come up with a budget Gopro camera before end of 2014. It looks so identical!