T-Play at HometeamNS

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This is not Changi Airport, but an indoor playground in the West.
This is T-Play at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok.

The Jumbo jet greeted us as we step into the playground during the Mar school holidays. There were many kids already running around and exploring the playground.

T-Play at HomeTeamNS’s tag line is “Fun in Motion“, and you will agree that the Transport- themed indoor playground will keeps kids moving along (literally).

Immigration counters, train cabin and Space shuttles!

Get ready your Passport and E-ticket to a world of fantasy and Fun (socks are needed)

A lot of tunnels for kids to hide.

Kids could not keep still, they can Run, Jump, Bounce non-stop.

Look outside and you can see real cars (L-plates) and a cute Hometeam-themed swimming pool (Police car, fireman etc)

Although T-play space might not look huge, but cleverly designed floorplan allowed us to maximise Fun, and kids got a lot of space to run around.

As kids stay mobile, parents can remain static at one corner with a sofa couch and enjoy some free time.

My kids loved this swing inside the train cabin, and could go endless rounds.Β Had to remind my kiddos not to do zipline or monkey-swings in our real MRT :p

Mini rock wall.

Video (link) : Catch the kids inside the Playground!

Who say T-Play is only for kids :p
T-Play has a poster somewhere “Adults friendly” (I am serious!), so parents can try the slides and obstacles too haha πŸ™‚

The bigger “sister” (Admin) will entertain the kids by playing hide and seek or catching. At certain interval, they will organised games for the kids too.

Little ones can play with foams at this corner
T-Play at HometeamNS

T-Play indoor playground is very popular with families, especially during school holidays.

For more details about T-Play at HometeamNS, follow their Website and Facebook. Do refer to screenshot below for admission fees.

(image credit T-Play)

Opening hours :
Mon to Thu 1pm to 7pm
– Fri 1pm to 9pm
– Weekend and PH 10am to 9pm
– School Holidays 10am to 7pm

Address : 2 Bukit Batok West Ave 7 S(659003)
Tel 6705 9494/95

Celebrate Father’s Day at City Square Mall

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When I see Boon Xin smiles like this, it reminds me that our youngest child is still enjoying her innocent childhood (ie no homework!) Girl, do not grow up too Fast ok.

We were invited to City Square Mall’s Father’s Day celebration, where we get to enjoy a day out with City Square Mall’s offerings.

20150530 City Square Mall Father day13

Building a terrarium for yours truly at Far East Flora, kids get to choose their own decorations πŸ™‚
20150530 City Square Mall Father day2

One thing good about Terrarium is low maintenance, just one spoon of water every day.
More “Table Gardens” selection can be found on Far East Flora website.
20150530 City Square Mall Father day1

It took the kids just 15min to complete one Terrarium!

Fun N Laughter has a minimum age, but they did not indicate any maximum age. I had fun chasing after the kids.
20150530 City Square Mall Father day4
20150530 City Square Mall Father day3

Actually I thought they purposely slow down for me, after witnessing how I had struggled to navigate through the maze. Indoor playground is back-breaking for adults!

Love the giant snake and ladder game, throw the huge dice.
Fun N Laughter indoor playground

Changing room for toddler and a multimedia interaction room for toddlers.
20150530 City Square Mall Father day6

Admission rates can be found on Fun N Laughter website.

After working out an appetite, Italian lunch at Super Dario. Outlet might be narrow but very cozy.
20150530 City Square Mall Father day12

Sweet lasagna fragrance constantly lingers from the kitchen, and we are not sure why Ketchup is illegal?

Even the boss, Dario, is from Sicily Italy. How authentic can you get? πŸ™‚

Chill. Cheers.
20150530 City Square Mall Father day11

“Piranha” really means Tuna lasagna and it is nice!
You will see Bak-Kwa, Luigi, Dino in the menu too haha.

During our visit, we saw a steady stream of customers ordering takeaways.
Super Dario’s Vegetarian lasagna is another popular choice.
20150530 City Square Mall Father day8

You can order a full tray for your party too. Our favourite is “Super Dario” (cheesy minced beef) and “Brick” (generous fillings of pork ham, egg and mushroom). Grab a few sparkling juices from Italy too πŸ™‚
20150530 City Square Mall Father day7

Lasagnas at Super Dario love to do the disappearing act πŸ™‚
One moment they are in front of us, the next moment, plates are empty!
Super Dario Lasagna

No wonder kids are full after finishing 6 to 8 slabs of delicious lasagna.
However, they can still accommodate tasty Tiramisu and ice creams!
20150530 City Square Mall Father day9

If you need authentic home-made Italian lasagna, go for Super Dario Lasagna :
website and +65 3159 0682

TimeZone YES! Kids’ were already anticipating their games early in the morning.
20150530 City Square Mall Father day15

I guess since school exam is over, no harm letting the kids engage in some electronic fun. We had to pull them away for our tea session.
City Square Mall timezone

What shall I order at Milk & Honey, every cup of yogurt parfaits looks good!
Milk & Honey

Cool and yummy yoghurt. Even Daddy who does not take sour stuffs, enjoyed his cup of Chocolate Divine πŸ™‚
20150530 City Square Mall Father day18

More sweet deserts chocolate and mango, kids are happy munching on pop-corns and pinching their macarons ( I love the green tea favour)
20150530 City Square Mall Father day17

Satisfy your sweet cravings at Milk & Honey website.

Although event was supposed to celebrate Father’s Day, kids seem to enjoy themselves more haha.
As long as they are happy, we parents are contented. Thank you for hosting us, City Square Mall!

More shopping, F&B and entertainment options await families. Do visit City Square Mall website and Fanpage for the latest updates.
Square Mall F&B

Barney (the purple dino) will be on stage from 06 June onwards.
City Square Mall Barney

Disclaimer. All meals, gifts and entertainment listed above were sponsored by City Square Mall.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport staycation

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24 hours every day, 365 days every year, Changi Aiport never sleeps.
During our Crowne Plaza Changi Airport staycation (read Day 1 here), we could literally walk the Airport Terminals in our pyjamas but we are too conservative :p

As the world buzz around us, it feels serene for us to enjoy our slower weekend pace. Yup, as fun as relaxing (and delicious) as Boon Yee’s donuts πŸ™‚

We started the day with a marvelous breakfast at Crowne Plaza’s Azur.

Family time, bonding over fresh juices, omelette and muffins.

Kids help themselves to multiple servings of Azur’s delicious Tim Sum.

As we explore Changi Airport Terminals (1,2 and 3), this airport is always buzzing. Fantastic connections, both domestic and international, bring everyone to Changi Airport, inbound, outbound and transit. MRT, Skytrain and Taxis mean Changi Airport is always accessible.

We landed at Canopy, an indoor playground at Terminal 1. Entertainment and lifestyle options are listed at this link, and Canopy playground is Free πŸ™‚

After Canopy, we met up with our Disney friends back at T3. As it was the Christmas month, we had toy soldiers, Mickey and friends to raise the festive spirit. There was a giant bouncing castle to thrill the kids too!

Do pop by our Changi Airport Christmas review at this link.

Happiness is easy to achieve for our kids, just buy them a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Mummy and Daddy will be contented with just a cup of warm coffee πŸ™‚

Boon Kang is happy spotting the airplanes land and takeoff. He was telling us that the Jumbo planes make more splashes (and mist) when they land on the wet runway.

For those who like shopping (not necessary Mummy), iShopChangi offers you shopping experience from your keyboard. It certainly helps that Changi Airport absorbs 7% GST too!
Shopping at Changi Airport

Did you know that Free Wifi is available at Changi Airport too? Social Media addicts Digital Influencers will be busy updating their Online persona.

Our Fun 3D2N staycation on Instagram.

One more thing about staycation at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, everything is self-contained within the “lifestyle hub”! Entertainment, food, shopping, our itinerary was never affected by the weather πŸ™‚

Dinner at Paradise Inn. Simple cuisines to make our tummies happy.

Posing at Singapore’s Tourism office. Do take note this is not exactly a playground but the friendly staff allow us to pose with Ah Meng’s descendents and other famous Resorts World Sentosa attractions.

Kinetic Rain day or night, is always soothing. We end the evening with more slides at T3 πŸ™‚

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2014 Disney Magic at Changi Airport

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