Cavalia Singapore Horse extravaganza!

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Cavalia Singapore’s horses have invaded Marina Bay, you see them everywhere! Posters, pony toys, and 2014 happen to be the year of the zodiac Horse.

What comes to mind when we think of Horses?
Majestic, grace and power, especially when the horses gallop with the wind.
The beasts’ handsome manes and tails (Cavalia’s horses got braids too!)

The horses at Cavalia Singapore are all tall and muscular, except for a miniature 🙂

What comes across our mind when we think Circus?
Acrobats, daredevil stunts, swings and somersaults. Whole suite of activities to entertain families.

Combine Horses with Circus and you can imagine what the neigh hype Cavalia is all about. Think musical interaction between horses and men, except the horses are the stars at Cavalia, not the humans.

To quote from Cavalia :
“All the way from Quebec, a show unlike any other, Cavalia explores and celebrates humankind’s longstanding relationship with the horse. The show is a harmonious celebration of beauty and nature, encompassing imagery that whisks the spectator’s imagination around the earth over land and sea. Supported by state-of-the-art multimedia, Cavalia can be described as an epic adventure transporting the audience into virtual environments. The large-scale production stars 50 horses and 46 acrobats, aerialists, dancers, musicians and riders from around the world, and has been seen by more than 4 million spectators worldwide.”

Cavalia tickets

Next to Marina Bay Sands, you must have noticed the huge white tent (Big Top) belonging to Cavalia Singapore. Standing at 110 feet tall and 160 feet wide, Big Top can accommodate an audience of up to 2000. The stables are stationed under another tent.

Last Tuesday was Cavalia’s premier and all tickets were sold out.
– 50 horses will be performing under this tent till 05Oct (extended from 14Sep)
– 16 of the horses are stallions, which is rare for so many of them to be housed under one roof (or horse breeder)
– 34 horses have been neutered
– We were surprised that there are no female horses at Cavalia Singapore

Click to learn more about the horses (characters, logistics and maintenance).

How to go to Cavalia Singapore

It is a breath-taking sight whenever the horses start galloping together in unison. We can feel the expression of free spirit, and your heart will beat slightly faster too, following the hoofs’ tempo, admiring the amazing and beautiful beasts.

Enter the human performers with their circus acts, non-stop flips and somersaults. There are gravity defying somersaults from horse backs too. You can imagine gymnasts going about their elements, the only difference is their platform is now Moving!

Cavalia Singapore performers display agility, balance, flexibility and power on a galloping horseback. They make the stunts look so easy and elegant!

** We took a moment to remind the kids that these are trained professionals (both human and horse), and kids should not try the stunts at home

Over 2 hours, we witnessed the close bond between the trainers and their horses.
A gentle whisper, and the horses proceed to execute the next choreographed sequence.
Be it galloping in synchronisation, walking sideway, or even standing on its hind leg.

Kids’ eyes were fixated on the stage, guessing whether another stallion will pop out from the left or right. Applause rings around the arena whenever horse and men (women too) executes another perfectly timed element.

(Image credit Cavalia Fanpage)

Cavalia Singapore’s 210 foot long backdrop is very impressive.
It’s projected landscapes draw the audience into a desert, forest or mountain range.
We even witnessed sunrise and Winter!

The backdrop heightens everyone’s experience. With special lighting, we are immersed into a different world. After Winter comes Spring, and the lush green meadow seems to extend from the screen onto the stage.

Cavalia left the best visual effects for the finale.
As “rain” cascade down slowly, we seem to be able to hear the echo of flowing-water riveting around the Tent.

Just imagine it is raining outside and close your eyes, it is that soothing.

We have seen media preview of horses galloping across a water body, and we eagerly watch the stage transform into a stream.

The horses seem to love their new water playground, gleefully prancing round and round the stage, as the audience soak in the spectacular display.

Video : Cavalia Singapore highlights

Tips to enjoy the show
– clear your bladder before the show starts. It is inconvenient to climb down and up the stairs when the lights are dimmed
– the show is 2.5 hours, and there is a 30min interval at the 1 hour mark
– the seats are quite cramped. Please try to be punctual, otherwise you will be inconveniencing others
– it is very tempting to photograph or film for memories’ sake, but please remind your neighbours “No Flash”

– photos – introducing the horses to Singapore
– pop by Cavalia website and Fanpage for tickets (last day 14th Sep) and promotions
– read our fellow horse-lovers’ reviews from Cheekiemonkie and PrincessDanaDiaries

Daddy would like to use a Hokkien lingo “No Horse Run!” to describe Cavalia Singapore. Translated literally, Cavalia is an epic two hours of pure adrenalin entertainment.

We would like to thanks URA and Cavalia for the kind invitation. Everyone from young to old was gleaming when they left the Big Top.

Wishing Cavalia a successful tour in Singapore.
一马当先, 马到成功!

** all images above (unless otherwise highlighted) credit to Cavalia

2014 iLight Marina Bay highlights

[ Media Invite ]

If you like to “Dance dance revolution” at Timezone, then iLight might have something groovy for you.

The kids can really hop and follow the rhythm but Daddy got hand-leg coordination issue.
Kids just need to bounce on the pad and different colours will beam.

Video : Mayhem as you see kids running in all direction, do hang on to the “small” ones 🙂

2014’s iLight theme is “Light+HeART“, and there are 28 art installations scattered all over Marina Bay. To quote from iLight :
“2014 edition is about creating unique, happy and heart-felt installations to delight the audience while driving home the sustainability message”

Last Thu, we hope onto a bumboat and was given a first hand tour of the various light installations.

Click here for the full display location and descriptions.

The Pool (A14)
Dancing pods ilight

Fool’s Gold (A13) (Chinese idiom 此地无银三百两) and the Floating Hearts (A10)

JouJou-Ours (A9) – bears for you to hug

Mimosa (A7) – you know how a mimosa plant works? You must not miss this Magical experience !

#WeHeartLight (A8)
ilight duration

Bibi (A4) – crocodile
ilight Crocodile display

Beat (A1) – watch the balls synchronised with your heart beat! Cool !
iSwarm (A3) – first time Light display goes under the water, the “sea creatures” will detect your presence and dance for you

If you only have 2 hours to spend, we recommend you to walk from A14 to A1 (or vice versa). Kids will easily spend 30mins at The Pool :p

Other exhibitions which we did not get to watch up close..
Cloud (B9) – it seems pretty interesting from the boat, children were pretending that it was raining and hiding under the cloud 🙂

Celebration of Life (B14) – 3D reflection off ArtScience Museum

(image credit

Giant Dandelions (B6) – 90 giant pods await

(image credit

1.26 (B10) – Singapore Fish net weaving. It has to do with an earthquake which shorten the earth’s Day by 1.26 s (thus the artpiece name)

(image credit

3D Tit-Tat-Toe (3D)

(image credit

It is always interesting to see how the world’s talents can come up with creative and ingenious ways to bring light to us in a different spectrum and form. We just hope the haze from Indonesia will not spoil iLight 2014’s pretty illumination.

More details about iLight 2014 can be found on their website.
Ilight will be turn on from :
– 7Mar to 30Mar
– 7.30PM to 11pm

~~~ ~~~

Fringe activities
– 29Mar – Spidey will be shutting down some of the lights around CBD (Earth hour)
– MBS Laser Light show – every evening 8pm and 9.30pm, Fri\Sat extra show at 11pm (read our experience)