Singapore Flyer’s Land, Sea and Sky adventure


For this June holidays, Singapore Flyer has a special “Land Sea and Sky” promotion for families. Thanks to Singapore Flyer, selected parent bloggers and one child get to enjoy a complimentary package.

Adults and Kids pay $29.50 and $20.65 respectively for this three-in-one package.
Do take note this 海陆空 package is only available on weekends, until 24June.

Click for Flyer’s Promotion details.
— Singapore Flight
— Entry to Journey of Dreams Interactive Gallery
— Singapore River cruise (from 5pm – 8pm)*
— cultural/heritage open-top bus tour (from 7pm – 10pm)*

We start with a River cruise ride in Marina Bay. It feels nice when kids are so near to Merlion, we can even feel her splash.
Kids are not so curious about Singapore’s Icons and landmarks, but they definitely love cruising along Marina Bay !!

Take a peep at the usual landmarks around Marina Bay, it feels different to photograph them from a boat.(MBS, Fullerton, Esplanade, ArtsScienceMuseum etc etc)

Downtown Singapore definitely got an amazing landscape, and we are sure the view at night will be splendid !

Are they working on NDP’s structures?

On to part TWO of our journey, the kids dashed out immediately after we moored. Is Singapore Flyer so alluring for kids ?

Look who we found, DJ Chong Qing. Yi and Xin recognise Auntie Lucy, but they are confused about his/her gender keke 🙂

At Flyers, there is an interactive gallery. (Journey of Dreams)

We have been on the Flyer a few times. Nevertheless, our kids are always excited when we reach the top. “I can see THIS, I can see THAT !!  They will always shout Merlion ! ”

Xin found a new friend. Jayne (from jBabies) is older by one week 🙂

More views from our Flyer cabin 🙂

Kids can even catwalk and pose for Daddy.

It is always challenging to get everybody together for a family pose 🙂

Third Stop, open top bus. Our kids rushed to the front rows on the upper deck.

The windy bus ride offers yet another perspective for us to enjoy Singapore’s skyline, and cultural enclaves.

Did you notice the moon is following us 🙂

If you are thinking of bringing your family down for 2 hours of fun, do consider Singapore Flyer’ Land, Sea and and Sky package. We love it !

Do pop by Klessis, Paula and Cendrine‘s experience too 🙂

More information on Flyer’s three-in-one package can be found here. We would also encourage you to drop by our fanpage for more Fun photos of our Singapore Flyer trip.

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Army Open House 2012

We were invited to AOH 2012 (Army Open House) media preview last Tue.
Kids had wanted to see the Leopard e-Brake.

The tanks and battle boats are rolling right in the heart of our City ! Imagine riding a Bionix, with the city skyline in the background. Fight your own Urban warfare, and choose your vehicle from Terrex, or Light Strike on 26 and 27th May from 9am to 8pm !

Sorry, Leopard is too heavy for our roads :p
Click for Your Playground !

Rides are 1.2m and above, and no sandals allowed. If you only have time for two rides,
go for FCU (Fast Craft Utility) and Light Strike !
See our Video clip for proof of FUN !

No worries, Army will not ask you to dash down the ramp Private Ryan style !

Catch CyberPioneer’s video coverage

You must catch the D3 show (Dynamic Defence Demostration), featuring all the Army’s Hardware, and we even get to activate Apaches and Chinook ! This show is not complete without the Red-Lions.

Timings are listed here.
And there are pyrotechnics on Sat and Sun from 7pm to 7:45pm !!

Kids who do not meet 1.2M equirement will have plenty to shout about ! We were so glad Ayd and Ash from CheekieMonkie came to demolish enjoy AOH2012 together.

(Photo credit : Kang’s Jeep is from Dawn)

Among all the andrenalin, NS45 is about 45 years of National Service.
The theme “From Fathers to Sons” aptly describe how generations of boys have become men, and now fathers will proudly see their sons go through the same journey.

Daddy told boys in Hokkien slang, last time where got IPAD in our bunks :p

Expect a hugh turnout, as AOH2012 is easily accessible.
That means long queues for rides and events.
Please drink plenty of water and apply suntan, as it can be very hot under the afternoon sun.

If are interested to spot Daddy’s 3Tonner from higher up, SingaporeFlyer is offering 45% discount for the month of May! Bring your 11B along.

One FCU can ride 100 personel (one company), or carry 18 tons of goods.

Now, who want to be Soldiers?

Kids have a problem now. To be Red Lions or.. Divers.

Please visit official AOH 2012 webpage and fanpage for more event highlights !

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We would like to thanks Mindef’s PR team for hosting us. What a B.L.A.S.T !!!
We will share more of our experience in Part 2, meanwhile
click for more photos at our Fanpage.

D3 performance – Neutralize the enemy !

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