Mooncakes from Golden Peony

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Earlier, we got to enjoy Golden Peony’s signature Sweet Potato mooncakes in Crispy Filo Pastry.

Sweet and savoury, I love the sweet potato while kids love the crispy skin.

Even the packaging looks exquisite!

How do I know the mooncakes are good? There will be little left for me after I reach home 🙂
We hope the Haze will not join our Mid-Autumn Festival this weekend.

Golden Peony’s (Conrad Singapore) mooncake ordering details can be found at this link.

Mid Autumn Festival at the Gardens

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Mid Autumn Festival at the Gardens promise to be one Fun and Spectacular event. We get to see lanterns from multi-religion and ethnics, and you can travel around the world too!

From now till 14th Sep only, the lanterns at Gardens are set to dazzle. Bring your family down to Gardens by the Bay to celebrate Mid autumn festival (中秋节).

八仙 (8 immortals) against 7 kiddos from SengkangBabies and Cheekiemonkies.
Children at Mid Autumn Festival

Hungry? Maybe some famous Taiwan tofu will suit your palete. Otherwise cover your nose and quicken your pace when you reach “tofu” stall haha :p

We love how the stalls are brightly decorated too.

Chinese, Indian and Malay, the multiracial context for Singapore.

We got Lanterns depicting European icon and landmarks too. Boon Xin finds Spain’s bull too fierce, she prefers Netherlands’ cows.

Japanese Sumo or African Tribe?

Big Ben and Leaning Tower.

Opera house and Koala.

Tons of opportunities for families to revel under the “moonlight”. Go ahead, take a selfie or two.

Hunt for your own Zodiac animals.

Daddy still prefers the traditional Chinese big-head or Dragon/Lion dance lanterns (got more “feel”).

Love the lively cartoon animations.

Spot the green Giant Peacock soaring to the sky near the entrance. Many families were trying to pose under the vase.

It will easily take you one hour to cover the exhibits. If you are going to pose with every lantern, minimum 2 hours! (every lantern is life like 栩栩如生)

Sports Hub is nice too, as kids try to identify their favourite sports.

We had a lot of fun posing with the different lanterns.
Mid autumn Festival Gardens

花好月圆, give the “Moon” a kiss 🙂

Video : Not sure which Lantern is the kids’ favourite, but we know they love their own little Lanterns

Do pop by the Supertree Grove during the evenings (around 8.45pm) for Garden Rhapsody. The SuperTrees and special effects will bedazzle you (do check with Gardens staff for actual timing during Mid Autumn period)

For those who wish to learn more about Chinese culture, a range of activities will be available.

Mid Autumn Festival Gardens will illuminate until 14 Sep.
( Timing Mon-Fri 6PM to 11PM, Sat-Sun 3PM to 11PM)

Avoid weekends as carpark will definitely be packed. More details about Gardens by the Bay’s Mid Autumn Festival can be found on their website and Fanpage.

Try to catch Zheng4 He2 (郑和)’s boat and walk under the blinking purple bridge too, it feels like walking under the stars.

(image credit Gardens by the Bay)

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Temporary Local
– Our 2013 MidAutumn exploration at Gardens

The best thing about Mid Autumn Festival Gardens (滨海湾花园庆中秋), this event is Free. Do pop by our Fanpage album for more lantern photos.

Mid autumn Celebration at Gardens by the Bay

[ Media Invite ]

For this year’s Mid Autumn festival, Gardens by the Bay (GBTB) has something impressive lined up to wow visitors ! From 13-22Sep, there will be a 15% discount for tickets to Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Outdoor displays are FOC, thanks to the generous sponsors!

Besides Photography contest, you can also catch Fireworks on 17th Sept 8:45pm and 21st Sept, 8pm (Meadow). Details here.

We started our tour in The Flower Dome. As usual the seasonal change at Flower Bed never cease to amaze us ! (Read our Tulips experience)

(image credit GBTB Fanpage)

We spotted dragonflies everywhere !

Layers upon layers of colourful blooms melt our hearts, we cannot help but feel jubilant with the riot of colours.

Even the kids are mesmerised by the blooms, they are so Cooperative posing for photos. Thank goodness the Giant predatory dragonflies behind them are long extinct.

No Mid Autumn celebration will be complete without lanterns 🙂

Harmony 家庭圆满 🙂

The outdoor poster tells us that we need at least 1 hour to cover the whole Lantern exhibitions !

Take your time, enjoy the sights and reflections. You will spot a lot of bats fishing too.

As we went on a Sunday, a lot of families were also out in force at Gardens by the Bay !

Kids will love ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘World of Fairy Tales’.

The Sakae Sushi frog above is spotted all over the GBTB compound, count all of them correctly to win Sakae vouchers 🙂

Pandora 3D is highly recommended. If you like Avatar, all things blue and dreamy, you will love Pandora ! Kids could not contain their glee once they wore their 3D glasses !

School competition, children portrays all things associated with Mid Autumn. We found modern Chang Er, and we suspect some of the less docile looking bunnies might be recycled for Halloween :p

From Boon Xin and Ale’s smiling faces, it pretty much sums up our joyous experience 🙂

(Image credit GBTB)

Thank you team Gardens By the Bay for the evening’s itinerary. We believe Garden by the Bay’s Lantern exhibitions is the best in Singapore. 中秋节快乐 to everyone !

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** Remember, this Sunday 22Sep will be the last day of exhibition.