2015 Golden Jubilee NDP

We celebrated Singapore Golden Jubilee NDP in advance last Saturday, and we can already proclaimed 2015’s NDP the best one so far.

The storyline, the vintage parade, the jets, helicopters and tanks rumbling mere meters away from our Grandstand. There is something for everyone. Fireworks, oldies goodies songs, and the spontaneous audience.

We feel you, Singapore!
NDP Chinook National Flag
(Chinook Time 6.51pm)

Last Saturday, we joined countless other families (and a cohort of Primary 5 students) to celebrate National Day at the Padang.
Patriotic families NDP

One People, One Nation, One Singapore. Does not matter race, religion and language, we were all wearing Red and White last Saturday.
ndp 2015
ndp NE34

Families waited in anticipation, as segment after segment of performances kept us engaged. The Sam Willows, and sometimes Mexican waves help too 🙂

Motivators and performers lead the audience to “Chan Mali Chan” yesterday’s favorite Singapore songs.
ndp NE31

Red Lions(Time 5.52pm) always attract the crowd’s attention from the moment they leap off. The clear blue sky captured their trails and speedy descent. Audience chorus “OH..oH..Oh..” as Red Lions touch down so gracefully onto the tarmac.
NDP Red Lions

SAF Military Tattoo performance (combined Military Band and Precision Drill Squad) entertains with their formations and synchronisation. Look out for the classical instruments (Gu3 Zheng1) at the rear.
ndp NE35

Meanwhile, Boon Yee and Boon Xin eagerly posing with one of the motivators, who were busy giving away balloons and cheering the audience.
NDP Padang

As the Black Knights (Time 6.15pm) flew a Five Stars tribute for MM Lee, we remembered Singapore’s outpouring of emotions in 2015 Mar at Padang. This is also the same spot where we first heard Lee Kuan Yew shout “MERDEKA!” from the steps of Cityhall.
Black Knights tribute

An empty seat, a stalk of flower, a tribute to MM Lee.
Since Singapore’s independence, MM Lee has never missed a single NDP Parade before 🙁

Thank you MM Lee. One People One Nation One Singapore.
ndp NE36

The integrated show leads us through Six chapters, from Singapore’s early beginning to her future aspirations. Details at this link ndp.org.sg.

Chapter 1 Beginnings
A prince from Sumatra, Sang Nila Utama first discovered our island, followed by Sir Stamford Raffles.
ndp NE37

As the story unfolds, our forefathers (early immigrants from China, India and archipelago) streamed to Singapore to start their new lives. Hawkers, rickshaw pullers, coolies, and other professions came to our shore (Durians too!)
ndp NE38

Vintage parade must be one of the highlight of NDP 2015. As 2015 is Singapore’s Golden Jubilee NDP, some of the participants had marched in Singapore’s National Day parades from the 60s! The audience clap especially loud when our Vintage parade (Grandpas) filed past.

So nostalgic to see Police wearing khaki shorts, è­ŠćŻŸç©żçŸ­èŁ€! (just like Ch8 period dramas)
ndp NE39

Chapter 2 Progress
Parade form up, comprising members from Statboards, private enterprises, Hometeam and SAF.
ndp NE311

Took the opportunity to share with the kids, Red berets are the Commandos and those smart guys in all whites(shoes too) are Naval divers.
national day parade 2015
ndp NE310

One second, we see the “50” F16s (Time 6.53pm until 7.08pm) on the LED screens, the next second they flew over MBS towards Padang. The crowd goes Wow as the first wave of F16s approaches.
Singapore NDP Flypast

Non-stop action from the fly past! Plane and helicopters roar overhead, afterburners full blast! We have never seen such a huge gathering of RSAF assets in Singapore’s history. Formidable sight!

Do look out for the Airbus A380 on 01 and 09Aug!
is NDP Flypast loud

This F15 pilot wants to say Hello to you! Click on image below for RSAF F15SG’s cockpit video.
F15SG says Hi
(image credit RSAF Fanpage)

Love how the screen seems to extend performance to audience!

– 25pounder Gun (Time 6.57pm) (estimated)
– Feu-de-joie (Time 7.02pm) (Guard of Honor contingents firing into the sky)

Defence Minister, flanked by CDF and Parade Commander waving to the crowd. During Dr Ng’s Guards of Honour inspection, the 25pounder ceremonial guns were firing away near Merlion.
ndp NE314

Marching past, making way for the Mobile Column. We can already hear the 60 tons engines rumbling from a distance!
ndp NE316

Chapter 3 – Strength
Boon Yee liked the Mobile column segment, he remembered all the special vehicles from an earlier media event at Kallang Leisure Dome.
patroitic kids Singapore National Day

Mobile Column gif!(Time 7.21pm until 7.35pm) Love the endless vehicles passing by, we are impressed with SAF and Hometeam’s capabilities!
NDP 2015 Mobile Column

Stephanie Sun and Kit Chan will be performing our favourite songs on actual day, I am looking forward to “Home 柶“.

As night falls, love how special lightings are casted on National Gallery’s facade. Cityhall’s Dome looks especially mesmerizing (and colonial) under the moonlight.
NDP Padang photos

Chapter 4 – Unity – Many Cultures, One Nation
Folks from Soka and others will form up words on the Padang like “Majullah”. This chapter hopes to showcase that Singaporeans are united in common ideals and goals of building a home that belongs to all of us, regardless of race, language or religion.

From our seats, we noticed new LED screens forming an arc from left to right. There is a theater-feel as we watched the “story” unfold from one end to the other 🙂

Chapter 5 – Identity – Uniquely Singaporean
Can you recognised some of the icons from our growing up years? Expect to see some Singlish too, and kids did not understand “Blur like Sotong” haha.
ndp NE317

Chapter 6 – Onwards – Bright Future
Love the dancing light tubes from 600 students. When the performers are in sync, it is pretty amazing and adorable sight. We had a few giggles when someone forgot to “change” colour hee hee 🙂

Quite cool to see the colourful stickmens.
ndp NE319
Golden Jubilee NDP performance

Grand Finale (Time 8.12pm)
Fireworks leading to the climax of 2015 Golden Jubilee National Day Parade.

Our happy family, super proud to be Singaporeans.

We heard around 200,000 people will be crowding the Marina Bay area to celebrate 09Aug.
After all, how many times do we get to celebrate a nation’s Golden Jubilee?

Kudos to all the organisers and performers! They have sacrificed so many weekends to present Singaporean’s Golden Jubilee show.
NDP rew and performers
(image credit ndp.org.sg)

Thank you Mindef (Accord and NEXUS) for the invite, 2015 Golden Jubilee NDP is the best NDP performance thus far.

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What made our experience more memorable this year is our kids got an opportunity to pack some Funpacks too!
packing NDP Funpack

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NDP Parade 2013 NE3

At last Sat’s National Day Parade (NDP Parade) NE3 event, we sang our hearts out.
It will be hard to find a better occasion to profess our love for Singapore.

Mari kita rakyat Singapura
sama-sama menuju bahagia;
Cita-cita kita yang mulia,
berjaya Singapura

We were invited to participate in 2013’s NDP NE 3 (National Education).

The ceremony colours are Red and White 🙂

The four hosts kept the audience entertained and laughing. Afterall, it is a 3 hours show, and some kids might become restless 🙂

5.55PM – Red Lions start free falling from above ! Always a crowd favourite, love the colourful trails they leave behind.

The little boy (with his remote control) dispatch Apaches and Leopard tanks to our Stage !

Our hometeam helps to secure the perimeter. We need to let the terrorists know that Singapore is not an easy target.

In the event of industrial incident, we can always rely on our SCDF team.

6.16PM – We are not done with dynamic display yet! Look towards the direction of Merlion and spot our CoastGuards and Navy as they hunt down the bad guys.

Ah Boys to Men. So many kids in fatigues dash to the stage.

We love the Singapore tattoos, they bring up an additional element of Fun, and Pride !

Kids are definitely fired up, and anticipating more FUN.

An overhead camera gave us a bird’s eye view of the parade. Splendid atmosphere !

6.50PM – Singapore Flag fly past on Chinook escorted by Apaches. We sing our National Anthem with gusto.

6:52PM – F16 Starburst, followed by F15 afterburners ! Very LOUD !

6.53PM – 21 Guns salute as Minister (or President on actual day) inspects the contingents.

7.02PM – F15 returns !

** Make sure kids clear their bladders before 6.30PM, factor in hugh Toilet-jams. You do not want to miss the fighter jets ! **

As the sky darkens, we get ready our lightings 🙂

Love the Flashcards, everytime they synchronise, Singapore’s folk tales are displayed in vibrant colours ! Hello Redhill, Sister Islands and Singapura !

This fits into NDP 2013’s theme “Many stories..One Singapore” perfectly.

Some creative 3D lasers transform floating platform into soccer field or basketball court ! Our sportsmen and women show us their touch.

8.14PM – Fireworks (photo recycled from 2012)

Boon Kang(2) was singing out loud the National songs, Boon Xin(4) was busy dancing and Boon Yee(3) waves his light sabre like a young Jedi (be careful the spectators infront !)

Boon Wee(1) was deep in thoughts, what does it mean to be a Singaporean?
When we sing our National Anthem, when we recite our pledge, what is the significance?

He will be joining his Primary 5 kakis in next year’s National Day NE session.

Performers gather back at the stage for the finale. If you ask us which is our favourite segment, we all love the jumping\swimming\singing Merlion !

We will sing together, scream at the fireworks, and Majulah Singapura again 🙂

Good harvesting for the kids, the Funpack is really well stocked with drinks and biscuits. There is no need for us to bring our own snacks.

This is our fist NDP parade after five failed ballot attempts. We really treasure the opportunity to celebrate the Nation’s birthday (upcoming) together, as a Family.

We hope more families will get to experience the sensation. We do not even need 09Aug to feel the pulsation, any NDP Rehearsal (NE 1 to 3) will be good enough to drum up our patriotic feelings 🙂

Video : NDP 2013 NE 3

Happy Birthday Singapore !

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