NDP 2019 Mobile Column form up at Suntec

NDP 2019 Mobile Column form up outside Suntec City. This will happen every Saturday until 09 Aug Singapore’s National Day.

And the best place to grab a selfie would be right at this junction.

NDP 2019 Mobile Column
NDP 2019 Mobile Column

Traditionally, Mobile Column only occurs once every 5 years. But 2019 being Singapore’s bicentennial celebration, NDP 2019 Mobile Column is happening one year in advance.

NDP 2019 road closures
NDP 2019 road closures

Nicoll Highway would be their staging area, before the tanks and vehicles roll to Padang main stage.

One of the most convenient spots to watch the drive through would be at Esplanade MRT Exit A (Suntec City).

I thought these kids had the best seats for NDP 2019 Mobile Column (at Suntec City). Imagine the thrill as the tanks roar to life, and thunderous F15 flying overhead.

Best spot to watch NDP Mobile Column rehearsals
Best spot to watch NDP 2019 Mobile Column rehearsals

If you want to impress the kids, memorise the vehicles (link here). There are a total of 171 vehicles (and missile arsenel)!

Image credit ndp.org.sg

Let us share more photos of the vehicles from Armed Forces and HomeTeam. Take note these photos are not in order.


Singapore Army Hunter
Singapore Army Hunter

The new Hunter. This ride is fully digital, guns and missiles can be fired without the crew exposing themselves. The Hunter is much bigger that the Bionix (not in picture).

The foreground flowers seem to camouflage the Leopards.

This uncle could be one of the pioneer tankee from Merdeka generation 🙂 

Once you see the chinooks with the National flag, this is the cue for the vehicles to rolloff.

Belrex towing scout bikes.

Light Strike vehicles, only the Guards can play with this buggy.

Himars always look so docile, but packs a devastating payload.

Pegasus howitzer

Are these the radar trucks? Too many configurations.

Airbus A330 refuel tanker escorted by F15s. They replace the old KC-135.

This should be the harpoon.

Is this Aster 15 or 30?

Navy seems to bring out all their toys.

Navy divers on their RGIB.

Remote controlled Protector keeps our sea lanes safe.

My bike infront of the Navy special craft. Normally, the boat is very stealthy.

Bridge (M3G) under a bridge.

Heavy duty tow truck. Who call for Bob the builder? On a serious note, this monster will clear a path for others!

Advance and Overcome!

TP has many variants too.

There are many more HomeTeam vehicles(ambulances, police petrols, fire engines etc), a pity I had to rush home.

Hope to bring the kiddos back for more NDP 2019 Mobile Column vehicular actions.

Nicoll highway was still closed as I cycled home.

In case you are interested, you can follow my rough Google Map (URL) to cycle from Sengkang to Nicoll highway. It took me 1 hour through PCN (Park Connectors).

If your kids love army or HomeTeam actions, they will be thrilled by NDP 2019 Mobile Column.

For the rehearsal,  I would recommend that you arrive at around 6pm (or earlier for good spot). Be prepared to stay for up to 1 hour. The vehicles will move off around 1845 during rehearsals.

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NDP 2018 is one of the best National Day Parades

NDP 2018 is one of the best NDPs! The best NDP could still be SG50, when LKY Singapore’s founding Father passed on. (Visit our NDP blogs here)

We have star powers like Joanna Dong, the usual fighter jets, but it was the poignant story-telling which touched our hearts.

The whole NDP has a Cinematic effect, human to human connections, stories of how we overcome hardships and strive for our Goals. As the Singapore story slowly unfolds infront of us, there is a segment for everyone.

NDP 2018 Moments for us  (YouTube link)

Let us share our favourite moments from NDP 2018.

We had not been successful with balloting (for 6 pax) for the last 8 NDPS. But we were very lucky to be gifted the NDP tickets, thanks to Daddy’s previous Accord engagement.

Watching National Day Parade together as a family at the venue is an awesome feeling. It is different from watching behind a television screen. You need to be at the venue to feel the raw emotions.

NDP 2018
NDP 2018

For NDP 2018, We noticed songs were more youthful, and we did not know most of the bands. But our teenagers liked the renditions.

As the bands led us through the favourite NDP songs through the years, we heard beatboxing too.

Before we proceed, NDP 2018’s theme is “We Are Singapore”.

Image credit Ndp.org.sg


Let our story unfold on the big screen (50m wide!), we noticed the LCD “panels” can swing and reveal “Arts Museum” in the background too, interesting (feels like a transparent mirror).


18 tote bag designs, crafted by special needs students. This can be a collecter item 🙂

..with the usual goodies and NDP props.

Families all deck in Red and White. Although this is only a “rehearsal”, it is as real as it can get 🙂


Introducing the mascots from yesterday, how many do you remember?

Funny host Gurmit was seriously late for Singapore’s biggest party. For some reason, he met Mr Brown and hitchhike in his pickup, help Macik with groceries until IMM (Jurong), and was eventually lifted by some muscled seniors to reach NDP at the Floating Platform (also known as NS Square).

If not for the Red Lions and Navy Divers, Gurmit’s zodiac boat entry should be the most stylish.


We love this placard gimmick, just listen to command Up/Down and the audience will form “We ♥ SG”!

Families love flipping the placards 🙂


NDP 2018 is the Naval divers’ first free fall event in National Day Parade. How did they jump and land with 50kg of load and flippers! The way they land in the water looks graceful and slow motion too.

The Red Lions has been jumping since 1989! And their wing-suit antics raised the bar, imagine soaring 200kmh+ through the air!



Above All, RSAF’s Heron is providing a sustain oversight for us.

As audience HooHah and Oh Oh Oh, our elite soldiers gathered to salute the spectators.

Military tattoo is a usual crowd favourite. Not easy for band members to march and perform at the same time, and the MP’s rifle-swinging drills are SPOT ON!

Commands for the contingents.

Many families were clearly enjoying the atmosphere.


The traditional National Flag flypast and us singing Majulah Singapura 🙂   

Some other interesting sights at NDP 2018.

“Simulation” MP, DPM and even “Mr Goh” paying their roles. Audience like to cat call and disturb the part-time ministers haha. A gentle reminder to pack our rubbish before leaving the parade venue.

We did noticed there are some spectators along Benjamin Sheares bridge, hope they get a bird’s eye view of the NDP performance, and fireworks too.



As Defence Minister inspect the contingents, our RSAF assets flew overhead and 25 Pounder rock the skyline.

In case you are wondering why every air assets are displayed, it is RSAF50 #RSAF50. Singapore Air Force celebrates its 50th anniversary 🙂

Come 11, 12Aug, catch more planes over Marina Barrage!

As the jets soared pass, the last beam of Sun set behind CBD. We got ready our special light bulbs and heavy Techno blasted “Majulah Singapura”, quite COOL! especially with the special effects lightings.

There are no Army military convoys at NDP 2018, we only have a few trucks to pickup the Samsui women 🙂

Our pioneers build our towns and industries. These are the folks who left their countries and sink their roots in Singapore.

Watching the scenes unfold before us, we sometimes wonder is the theatre set Under the Sea, or in the Galaxy above us?

It does not Matter, just use our imagination and enjoy the scene.

Wow, got Joanna Dong too, NDP 2018 got the concert FEEL 🙂

Our Hopes Our Aspirations floated from Singapore River.


Tears well up in my eyes when I heard 93 years old Uncle Tan playing the violin. It felt so good and I was super proud to be a Singaporean, kids did not see my tears under the blue hour.

Secretly, I am wondering whether our kids understand how much Singapore has gone through to reach this stage? So much sacrifices from our pioneers.

Sharing the same stage was Jazz musician Jeremy Monteiro, and a beautiful backdrop.


Themes like Home and Family kept coming across, from the patriotic songs too. Kit Chan’s (Home) always raised our spirits during sing-along sessions.

We all know about NDP 2018 theme song (link), watch the MTV played out on the Floating Platform stage. (Composer Charlie Lim and Creative Director is Boo Junfeng)

Honour the everyday heroes! Really touching when we see how everyday Singaporeans overcome their own challenges, and reach out to help each other. Quoting the Samsui Ah-Ma ” 有饭吃饭有粥吃粥”.



The volunteers did a good job, kudos! They were waving Good Nights and shouting “Thank you” to all the spectators 🙂


We hope your family will enjoy the story telling behind NDP 2018 too 🙂

Singapore is only 53 years old, we can be proud of our achievements, and we must strive for higher peaks. Do not leave anyone behind.

Additional tips:

-No1 tip, do not drive to Marina Square and Flyer area. We got stuck in a jam (in carpark) and along Raffles Boulevard  for 1 hour, and this was after we had our dinner! You may wish to park at Kallang Stadium and take the train to NDP venue.

-Do visit our previous NDP experiences here http://sengkangbabies.com/tag/ndp

-How to take Fireworks photos tips

–Visit NDP Website and Fanpage for the latest updates

-Baby and toddler will need individual tickets too, you will not be able to bring your stroller into the venue

-For those with young kids, do not rush to exit after after the event. Stay for 20 minutes  before you make your way out. The stairways around Floating Platform can be quite narrow and congested.