Hong Kong Day 3 – Ocean Park

Before DisneyLand landed on Lantau, Ocean Park (海洋公园) was the only themepark in Hong Kong. It still pack in the crowds today, 34 years after it’s opening in 1977 !

The map below indicates that Ocean Park has been growing over the years too. You need one full day to cover the attractions.

Two main sections of the park are The Summit and Waterfront. Cable cars are available to bring you between the sites.

From our hotel near Jordan MTR, we need to take the ferry to Central, follow by a 25 minutes bus ride on 629. We recommend that you buy tickets online (Adult HKD280 and child 3-11yrs HKD140) beforehand to avoid queues.

We start with the Grand Aquarium, that Blue iconic building.

You are immediately greeted by all sorts of marine creatures, the tanks allow visitors to get close to the marine creatures.

Turtles, Rays, Sharks, Nemos, you name it, Ocean Park got it !

The giant fish tank captivates everyone.Both kids and adults enjoy their close encounter with fishy friends.

Look at the map above, this Themepark is hugh and featuring a few worlds. Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals (Pandas) and DO NOT miss the latest attraction Polar Adventure.

We strongly recommend parents to rent a stroller for the kids.

Next, we pop by the Pandas, both original and red ones. Both are cute, but the Red Panda looks more approachable.

Panda meat anyone? Daddy joked. Kids are horrified that Kungfu Panda (Po) can be butchered for food ! Actually, we are going to Panda cafe, and there is no Panda set-meal on the menu 🙂

We pop by a nearby Gold Fish exhibit.

Did you know that a Submarine connects Ocean Park’s two sites? It is named the Ocean Express. (Refer S11 on the map)

The Submarine looks futuristic, but the interior is packed with multimedia effects. The 5min ride was an experience 20,000 leagues below the Sea.

Arctic and Antartica awaits us at the Polar Adventure (冰极天地). The weather has turn warm, so we should enjoy the Cold Polar exhibits 🙂

The cool polar bear and whales displays at the entrance never fail to amaze the kids. Watch out for some special lighting mimicking the aurora waves !

Arctic consists of three zones, North pole, South pole and Arctic fox den. Smaller kids might need to wear an extra sweater to keep warm. The South pole is maintained at 8 degrees and North pole 15 degrees.

Arctic fox is new to us, they are very active, always running here and there.

The walkways allow us to watch sealion and even walrus in action underwater. Our kids are already in love with the aquariums.

Mummy pretending to feed Boon Xi to the Leopard seal !

The swimming penguins beneath our feet blow us away ! Look at the video to catch our kids running after the swift penguins 🙂

The staff working in the North and South pole really have to wear thick thermal wear and ear muffs. Why is there no Polar Bear at Ocean Park?

In case you need more adrenalin, Arctic Blast will send you screaming “TITANIC” through the icebergs !

Ocean Theatre promise to thrill us with the dolphin and Seal’s performances. It was full house, and as Xin was sleeping, Daddy stayed with her at the top terrace.

We got a bird’s eye view of the rides.

Kids love the performances from the hardworking dophines nd the cheeky sealions.

Everything turns up well, until the PRC visitors start packing the venue. They will keep shoving you to get a better view. Very irritating, Daddy has to keep pushing them one side otherwise they would topple onto Boon Xin’s stroller !
(disclaimer… not all PRC visitors are rude)

We pop by the giant China Sturgeon.

The adventurous ones keep going for the high energy stunts. Daddy and Mummy say “No thanks”.

Meanwhile, we brought the younger ones to enjoy some arcade and funfair fun. They throw darts and balls, and won stuff toys 🙂

More photo opportunities.

With that, we end our Ocean Park tour. Daddy and Mummy is happy that this themepark still manage to capture everyone’s imagination through the years.

Dinner was some simple noodle dishes around the corner of our hotel. The humble noodles (not unlike maggie mee), but it tastes so nice. We order beef, chicken and yun2 tun1.

Do click on this link for more information about Ocean Park.
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Our 6D5N itinerary.. do come back for more updates.
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Day 1 – Dim Sum, Ferry, Goose
Day 2 – Doraemon!, Tram, Ladies Street
Day 3 – Ocean Park
Day 4 – Buddha, ThePeak and Madam Tussauds
Day 5 – Street food, Disneyland !
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Hong Kong family itinerary

You know SengkangBabies’ itinerary is always packed with awesome Fun factor.
Our recent Hong Kong (香港) trip was another milestone !

[ Daddy is self advertising again ]

Our Hong Kong trip could very well start with ” Once upon a time, we went to a place called Pearl of the Orient (东方之珠), Hong Kong is a dreamland. We saw sleeping-beauty and snow-white …. ”

We are not only talking about egg-tarts and Char-Siew-Bao or that juicy goose-drumstick (yummy!). It seems like every street corner got a Micheline chef !

Kids love their animal friends and adventures at Ocean Park. 小叮噹 Doraemon stole our hearts 🙂

We try every transport system (ferry, train, tram, parachute, cable car, roller coaster), but why Hong Kong so few motorcycles? And who say Disneyland is for kids only?
奶奶 (Grandma) and Auntie had so much Fun driving Autopia !

The Ferry and Tram are classics, must try 🙂

We rub shoulders with the rich and famous like Andy and Leon. Obama even ask Boon Xin to dabao (takeaway) Mango pudding !

It is not all play for us, we worship Buddha at Lantau.

HE did not tell us the Ngong Ping‘s crystal-cabin (昂坪水晶) is so CooL !

As the Sun sets in Hong Kong, the city never sleeps. You still see people everywhere. Does the double-decker buses ever stop? This city is so FULL of life ! And we are not talking about SOHO and Lan Kwai Fong yet :p

We spend the last two days to cosy up with Mickey and Friends 🙂

Boon Yee kept shouting for his idol “POoh Bear, PoOh Bear” while waiting in the queue. And we did not know Minnie’s hairband is unisex 🙂

This is THE only restaurant (Disneyland Hotel) where parents will not scream when kids skip breakfast. Even the adults scramble to hi5 Pluto, share DimSum with Daisy and touch Goofy‘s whiskers. All the kids love super-friendly Mickey 🙂

Maybe Boon Xin is not used to seeing her cartoon characters so BIG, she got a bit intimidated hehe. Truly a Magical experience !

Stay tune as we invite you to tour Hong Kong 6D5N with us 🙂
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Meanwhile, our photos are up and ready in our Fanpage. Our friends BPDG (Heng family) was in Hong Kong too, do pop by their albums for more sights (Sky100, Lamma island).

Our 6D5N itinerary.. do come back for more updates.
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–> Our 6D5N summary

Day 1 – Dim Sum, Ferry, Goose
Day 2 – Doraemon!, Tram, Ladies Street
Day 3 – Ocean Park
Day 4 – Buddha, ThePeak and Madam Tussauds
Day 5 – Street food, Disneyland !
Day 6 – Breakfast with Mickey, DisneyLand (part ii)

All photos from Day 1 to 6 are available on our fanpage.

Hong Kong family itinerary – Bloggers’ review

1999, Daddy can still remember his delicious mango pudding from a decade ago.
Daddy and Mummy came to Hongkong (香港) 13 years ago, and SengkangBabies were not manufactured yet.

Our kids will be shopping and eating and enjoying themselves (we hope) this Sep holidays. Daddy ask a few friends to share the happening spots in Hong Kong (HK).

Daddy would like to show the kids why Ocean Park is still happening, even though it was constructed in 1977 !

–> If CheekieMunkies love it, we should too 🙂

Be it shopping in the malls or in the famous Temple or Ladies’ streets, some degree of bargaining helps.

–> We have printed Ai Sakura’s instruction menu :p

When we arrive 13 years ago, the airport was brand new !
Who would have thought a cable car (Ngong Ping 360) would be constructed to reach Buddha?

–> Kelvin (nivlek) and family likes see-through cable-car thrills !

Why did Mickey and Minnie follow Disneyland to Lantau, which is a remote island?

We heard Toy Story has invaded the island too !

–> Listen to Daphne (MotherInc) and Edmund (EdUnloaded) tell us why Disney is a dreamland, where kids (and sometimes adults) live their dREAmS !!

Talking about remote, a Rockstar told Daddy there is a happening wetland_park deep inside New Territories !

–> Aileen’s kids (RaisingRockStar) love the idea of outdoor edutainment.

Did we mention our friend Mr Goose is also waiting for us?
Beef noodles, por-loh (pineapple) Bun, Daddy is salivating already.

Daddy’s No 1 list on the itinerary is actually a Robot cat, who is only supposed to arrive in the year 2112!

–> Yes, Grace (Working with Grace) told us Hong Kong is celebrating Doraemon’s birth 100 years before ! Click for Doraemon Fanpage.

If you have spare energy, climb The Peak and visit Madam Tussaud‘s residence. We can hug Lady GaGa, and say hello to the other famous Mr Lee (MM). If weather permits, we hope to catch the magnificent “Hong Kong and Kowloon skylines” flanking Victoria Harbour.

Thanks to our blogger friends, we can already anticipate the FUN awaiting us in Hong Kong ! Thank you for sharing your photos and magical experiences 🙂

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**updated 2012 Sep 14 – our 6d5N itinerary is up
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