SengkangBabies family featured on The New Age Parents

Have you always wonder why we wanted four kids?
Or perhaps where do we find the energy to cope with our brood?

The kids at SengkangBabies are always smiling and their weekends happening, but we have our fair share of parenting challenges and sibling rivalries too.

Our family was recently featured by TheNewAgeParents.
Thank you team for providing another platform for us to share our story 🙂

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Talking about Love and Affection

Sunday Life interviewed us about how we demostrate “Love and Affection” at home, now and then.

During Daddy and Mummy’s childhood years, our families are the conservative and traditional type. Openly Kissing and hugging are just not us. Our parents display affection in other ways, cooking your favourite food, bringing you to a show etc.

Daddy told us that it was awkward when 奶奶 hug him after he scores well in his PSLE :p
That could be the only hugging memory from his childhood.

Maybe, what he lacks during his youth, he tries to lavish on the kids.
Daddy is very comfortable kissing the kids (cheek not lips), and he believes holding their hands reinforce parents’ love and reassure them that we care.

It is definitely ok for spouse to kiss and embrace each other infront of the kids.
Outdoors is another story, we are still shy 🙂

The full article is here, checkout how other families show their affection at home.

Some of the questions posed to us :
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– Growing up, did your parents use to show you physical affection? Or did they rule solely with feather dusters and canes?

– What was your relationship like with your parents on that front (physical affection), and did it change as the years went by? Eg they became more expressive in your adulthood?

– What kinds of physical affection (kisses, hugs, etc) did they show or not show?
Any anecdotes on this front that you can recall? Be they embarrassing ones, moving memories, etc.
(Eg: When was the first time your mother/father hugged you, and what was the scenario/circumstance like? How did you feel? Awkward, embarrassed?)

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Above family photo is from the post When Mummy and Daddy kiss, we had volunteered to summit another kissing photo

Video : Catch Daddy kissing Boon Xin

SG50 Jubilee Baby gift

Singapore celebrates it’s 50th birthday in 2015, and someone thought we should welcome 2015’s babies with a Julibee Gift, something like a good old traditional goodie bag.

Over 6,500 entries were submitted for the Baby Gift/s.

Singaporeans are pragmatic, Daddy suspect the most popular items should be free medical check, free education, free milk powder, cash and vouchers.

But the committee wanted something which falls under the categories “Care, Celebrate and Commemorate” ( ie cash and vouchers not applicable :p )

From now till 15May, the shortlisted 15 gifts are ready for your selection.
What gifts for babies

The nation has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 50 years.
All babies are important, but maybe those born in 2015 are more symbolic.

Those born in 2015 will perhaps lead Singapore into the next 50 years.

Daddy was invited to go on air (95.8) to share his ideal Jubilee Baby Gift. He only wish more parents will spend more time with the kids. They are only young once, and they outgrow their childhood like, overnight!

If we parents make the effort to connect and go through their childhood together, there is a higher chance that the family will be more integrated, stronger, and happier.

Video: Happiness in our Family (credit TheHappinessRevolution)

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* poster and image credit – HeyBaby