SengkangBabies love Pasir Ris Park

That’s us on Zaobao (早报), playing at Pasir Ris Park two Sundays ago. We love the great outdoors and the feature was on the various parks, gardens and playgrounds in Singapore.

Singapore might be small, but there is a lot of greens (both flora and fauna) to explore! Most are free too.

Ironically, being a blogger means we have less weekends to really enjoy the parks and gardens. We shared why Pasir Ris Park is one our favourite park.

Open and shady park, families can always have a picnic here and enjoy the sea breeze. This was also our no1 spot for our 人气满屋 filming last year.

Sand playground, ropes, and rocks to entertain the kids. Boon Xin really loves the swings 🙂

Video : Having Fun at Pasir Ris Park

Kids do not mind the additional treat after our run.

You can read 早报’s full report from picture below.

(image credit 早报 newspaper)

Another favourite park will be Bishan Park. Besides catching longkang fish, the Dog Run is always popular with our kids. Endless running, and so many friendly dogs to play “catch”.

(image credit 舅母 Sharon)

For more Green activities, do pop by our “Places of Interests” link. We have listed more than 40 fun places, sorry no SG50 :p

SengkangBabies family featured on The New Age Parents

Have you always wonder why we wanted four kids?
Or perhaps where do we find the energy to cope with our brood?

The kids at SengkangBabies are always smiling and their weekends happening, but we have our fair share of parenting challenges and sibling rivalries too.

Our family was recently featured by TheNewAgeParents.
Thank you team for providing another platform for us to share our story 🙂

** The full link ->

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